Health & Studies

Leaving it until the year is almost over, Bucknell University has gone public with the single worst piece of vape-related junk science of 2019
28.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Research claims breakthrough that could lead to a future free of batteries catching fire and double the capacity for Li-ion cells
28.11.2019 by Dave Cross
A group of Americans claim to have reviewed the evidence on the effects of e-cigarettes on respiratory health but it’s a pretty poor effort
27.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Researchers at University College London are on the hunt for people to assist with a new investigation
26.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Eyes up, Stanton Glantz, this is how you conduct valid research into the impact of vaping on heart function
18.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Experts from Cancer Research UK and the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies looked at a recent study examining youth perceptions of vape advertising
15.11.2019 by Dave Cross
New research published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research journal finds teens who initiate vaping share the same risk profile as teens who smoke
15.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Vaping is now the number one quit smoking method in Wales according to the latest data published by Welsh Government
13.11.2019 by Dave Cross
ASH UK has released its report “Progress towards smokefree mental health services” that includes findings about how vaping is treated across NHS Trusts
11.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Cancer Research UK has released a report detailing worrying levels of ignorance about vaping within nurses and doctors
28.10.2019 by Dave Cross