Health & Studies

Action on Smoking and Health has spoken out to counter misinformation as latest findings show four in ten smokers wrongly believe that vaping is as or more harmful as smoking
08.08.2023 by Dave Cross
New research looking at the impact of stop smoking text messages finds success through supporting smokers’ flavour choices
03.08.2023 by Dave Cross
The Social and Behavioural Research team at Cancer Research UK has is commissioning work “Understanding the use and appeal of disposable e-cigarettes for adults who are attempting to or have quit smoking”
20.07.2023 by Dave Cross
The George Institute for Global Health has published research findings and concludes that the United Kingdom needs tighter regulations to discourage teen uptake of vaping
18.06.2023 by Dave Cross
Rutgers University has conducted a survey looking at attitudes towards vape products and discovered that ignorance about vaping facts remains worryingly high
06.06.2023 by Dave Cross
£14 billion a year up is going up in smoke according to the economic toll of smoking in England produced by Action on Smoking and Health
24.05.2023 by Dave Cross
New ASH survey finds no significant change between 2022 and 2023 in the proportion of 11-17 year olds currently vaping or smoking
22.05.2023 by Dave Cross
The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) has updated its vaping guide for health and social care professionals
05.05.2023 by Dave Cross
A new GSTHR Briefing Paper has been released that addresses the tobacco harm reduction potential of nicotine pouches
14.04.2023 by Dave Cross
Dr Riccardo Polosa is associated with yet another study showing the positive impact of switching from tobacco to vaping in COPD patients
21.03.2023 by Dave Cross