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As part of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World’s strategic plan, it is welcoming research submissions in five key areas
06.04.2022 by Dave Cross
Most vape research is flawed and in need of urgent critical reform according to the Centre of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction
01.04.2022 by Dave Cross
The latest Briefing Paper from the GSTHR project has been published and estimates there were 82 million vapers worldwide in 2021
16.03.2022 by Dave Cross
The UK E-Cigarette Research Forum has released its latest quarterly update which aims to provide an overview of new studies looking at electronic cigarettes and vaping
11.02.2022 by Dave Cross
A survey conducted on behalf of Dutch trade association Esigbond and consumer organisation Acvoda finds that three quarters of Dutch e-cigarette users would still smoke without the e-cigarette
01.02.2022 by Dave Cross
The Smoking in England research team at University College London have released the latest findings about vape trends in England
01.02.2022 by Dave Cross
Australian study delivers evidence that electronic cigarettes work to reduce smoking rates – yet remain illegal to buy over the counter
24.01.2022 by Dave Cross
Dr Sharon Cox has spoken to the Society for the Study of Addictions on a podcast about her trial looking at helping people experiencing homelessness to switch to vaping
20.01.2022 by Dave Cross
Another study from the University of California purports to find a negative result, but even a staunch opponent of vaping downplays the finding
20.01.2022 by Dave Cross
Researchers at the University of South Carolina have been looking at Twitter again and decided harm reduction advocates are Big Tobacco shills or automated bots
18.01.2022 by Dave Cross