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TECC Arc Impact Kit

TECC have nailed it with the new TECC Arc Impact Kit, a superb starter kit that really hits the spot

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Supplied by TECC for review
£44.99 with 2 free E-liquids

TECC Arc Impact Kit first look

Before I get stuck in, here was my honest reaction to the Arc Impact when it was offered up for review: “Is it 2018 again?” as there appeared to be no innovation and it just seemed old tech with new clothes, but I agreed to take it as I generally trust TECC and I still love old-school mods. It turns out that if it was 2018 again, it would have saved me a lot of time, trouble and money, THIS kit would have done me nicely when I was fairly new to all this vaping malarkey!

  • Tank capacity: 2ml
  • Coil resistance: 1.2ohm
  • Battery capacity: 2600mAh integral
  • Wattage range: 1-40W
  • Maximum charging current: 1.0A
  • Dimensions: 125mm x 33mm x 24mm
  • 510 Connection
  • Slide Top-fill tank

Not a lot jumps out in the specs apart from the large 2600mAh internal battery in such a small mod and the very welcome 510 tank connection.


TECC certainly know how to leave a great first impression with their packaging, the Arc Impact comes in a fancy three piece box with the outer sleeve displaying the colour choice on the front and the specs/contents and legal bumf on the back.

TECC Arc Impact Kit unboxing

Once removed you get a posh 2-piece box, once you remove the lid you are greeted with the kit nicely presented in white foam with the accessory box to the side.

The kit includes the Arc Impact mod, the 510 GTL Pod/Tank, 2 x 1.2ohm coils, the user manual, and a good quality USB-C charging cable. Essentially there is all you need other than e-liquid to start vaping out of the box as the mod already has a partial charge.

TECC Arc Impact Kit ready and set

First Impressions and Overview

Honestly? I just LOVED it right from the start, the compact size and the clean/classic look really appealed to me. If I had to sum it up in one word, I would say ‘Classy’, the mixture of materials are well balanced and it all contrasts together nicely.

TECC Arc Impact Kit classy

I’ve always been a sucker for chrome finished mods but they are such a fingerprint magnet, but not so on the Arc Impact mod, just the top and bottom which you barely touch and the small buttons that have more contact but fingerprints don’t really show up. The piano black front panel also seems to resist fingerprints and stays clean looking.

TECC Arc Impact Kit leather grip

The leather wrap is nicely done and the embossed branding is subtle, the base has some of the legal bumf etched on and has been shaped to allow battery ventilation.

TECC Arc Impact Kit weigh in

As mentioned earlier; the size and weight are one of its main strengths. Weighing in at 131g with a full tank, it is quite light considering the metal and a large 2600mAh internal battery, the 125mm x 33mm x 24mm size includes the rather tall tank which is 49mm due to it being a 510 mounted pod style tank, but that height works well proportionally.

TECC Arc Impact Kit screen

The screen is quite small and horizontally mounted, it displays quite limited information but it keeps it simple so you see the only info you need; the wattage, ohms and the battery bar. Although limited, it should appeal to new users more.


The chipset is pretty simple and only offers a few options, basically it offers variable wattage or voltage and the option to turn the screen off.

TECC Arc Impact Kit modes

  • 5 x Fire = Turns device On/Off
  • 3 x Fire = Enables options (+/- to scroll and Fire to confirm)
    • POWER = Variable Wattage (1 to 40W)
    • MODE VOLT = Variable Voltage (1.1 to 7.2V)
    • SET SCRN = Turns screen On/Off
  • Press + & - together = Locks adjustment buttons

That’s your lot. In reality I don’t think many users will need to fiddle with the options as variable wattage and locking the adjustments will be all you need really. Turning the screen On/Off is a preference if you need to stealth vape. Overall the simplicity is clearly an advantage for beginners, it also appears to set the wattage to suit the coil but at the top limit, for example; I set the wattage to the maximum 40 watts then popped the pod in and it set the wattage down to 20 watts which should prevent new users going over the max wattage for that coil, but 20 watts is on the absolute high end for the 1.2ohm coil, I would have preferred it if they set it to the minimum or middle range.

My recommended settings for new users would be:

  • Mode = POWER (variable wattage)
  • Wattage = 10watts
  • LOCK Adjustment Buttons (press +/- together)

The lower wattage will still give you a high quality vape but your coil will last a whole lot longer.

TECC Arc Impact Kit tank/pod

The mod all feels pre-2018 but the tank brings the kit up to date with the pod style, I’m pleased to see that it has a 510 connection base and a magnetic pod which makes it very convenient but you have the option to use your own tanks on the mod if you prefer, this gives the mod a much longer lifespan and versatility.

The diameter of the tank/base is just 20mm but you could easily use a 22mm and still keep the overall looks. It will take a 24mm but it starts to look silly.

TECC Arc Impact tank airflow

TECC have kept the tank as simple and convenient as possible, if you intend to only use the included tank and coils you will only ever need to pop the pod out when you need to change the coil.

TECC Arc Impact tank parts

The new GTL coils are interesting, they have a gunmetal finish to them which makes them look quite good in the tank and a bit different. The coils ticked the boxes for me, the ohms suit MTL vaping, and the wicking ports (cotton slots) are nice and big which should handle most 50/50 or nic salts including the newer disposable types.

TECC Arc Impact coil fitting

Changing coils is simple and they are easy to remove without a tool, simply pull the old one out and push a new one in. There are no fiddly edges to align, the simplicity of this kit carries on throughout, and I really cannot see any new user struggling with this kit.

TECC Arc Impact Kit filling

Even filling the tank is made simple, there’s a little arrow indented on the top cap, simply slide the top across to reveal the filling slot, there’s plenty of room for standard 10ml bottle tips to fit and I had no issues with airlocks or visibility. Everything about this pod/tank impressed me, I could only hope that the adjustable airflow delivered!

TECC Arc Impact Kit airflow

I was waiting for a down-side and I suspected the airflow would be it, but I needn’t have worried as TECC absolutely nailed it! The airflow range is superb, it goes from a tightish RDL right down to a super-tight MTL draw, this is a rare thing on a magnetic pod and was such a relief to me. The TECC Arc Impact only had to deliver a good vape now……..

TECC Arc Impact Kit with salts

To really put the kit through its paces I went straight in with the ELFLIQ Nic Salts as I know TECC sell them and they are easily the best ‘disposable-like’ e-liquids out there, see my review:
If the Arc Impact can handle them, then this kit will be a total no-brainer to help people to move away from disposables.

TECC Arc Impact Kit montage


The TECC Arc Impact is great.
The End.

Need I say more? Okay perhaps I should, right off the bat I got a superb vape, the flavour is right up there with the best, the airflow adjustment was easy to tailor to my tastes, and the smoothness of the draw combined to satisfy my fussy MTL needs.

I was genuinely chuffed with this little beauty, even at 10 watts the flavour was intense and the warmth was decent, upping it to 12 watts gave me a more saturated and warmer vape but I soon found myself back at 10 watts in the hope of prolonging the coil lifespan.

There was only one thing that I wasn’t keen on; the drip-tip/mouthpiece was a bit large for my tastes.

TECC Arc Impact Kit drip tip

But TECC even had that covered as the pod has a removable drip-tip and it’s a 510 fit so I was able to use one of my own narrower ones. That was it for me, the Arc Impact had certainly impacted me as one of my favourite mod/tank MTL kits, it’s old-school in functionality but modern in its vape quality and ease of use.

Thankfully the coil lifespan was equally as good as the rest of it, even using the highly sweetened ELFLIQ, they lasted around 15ml with ‘normal’ nic salts, but I was well into 20ml before the flavour dropped off too much.

The battery life was as good as you should expect from a 2600mAh cell, it easily lasted me two full days at 10watts, this made up for the basic battery bar icon which has you guessing a little. You are also left guessing when it comes to recharging as the charging screen is pretty basic with a 5-bar animated icon, there’s no percentage or time displayed and it only charges at 5V/1A which took a good 90 minutes from flat, this was a minor inconvenience due to the long battery life though and didn’t dent my pleasure of this kit.

Talking of pleasure, the Arc Impact was an actual pleasure to use, I loved how it looked and felt, it was nice and compact to lob in my pocket and light enough to not be a burden. I knew I could trust it to deliver a top-quality vape and last me a couple of days.

TECC Arc Impact Kit under the spotlight


New users have never had it so good these days with the vast selection of starter friendly kits out there, it’s almost hard to find a duffer these days. The TECC Arc Impact is a mighty fine choice though, it has the appeal of old-school mod/tank vaping but with an up to date flavour. TECC have made this kit as easy to use as possible and, better still, they have nailed most aspects to satisfy experienced users such as myself, as much as I like my rebuildables I do love a good stock coil mod & tank combo. The coils are plenty good enough for me to stick with using the provided tank.

The Arc Impact is just one of those vape kits you end up loving, to be honest it was love at first sight and the performance matched its looks.


  • Classy styling
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Huge 2600mAh battery
  • Simplicity throughout
  • Very effective airflow control
  • GTL coils deliver a superb flavour
  • 510 tank connection
  • 510 drip-tip


  • Mediocre battery status/charging info

I almost felt guilty that I found a con, it’s far from a deal-breaker and the long battery life does make up for it, but it’s still a flaw in my book. Had it had a percentage or time remaining, the Arc Impact would have been close to perfect. I would say don’t let this put you off at all.

Final Thoughts and Score

The Arc Impact is the very best MTL vape that TECC have produced in my opinion, it might not be ground-breaking or innovative but it has an old-school charm with a very modern vape experience due to its simplicity and latest coil technology.

Score: 8.75/10 – High Impact

TECC Arc Impact Kit blue's clues

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