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Elf Bar ELFLIQ E-Liquid

Si wants to lick an elf? That can't be right...oh wait, he has reviewed the new Elf Bar ELFLIQ e-liquid. That makes more sense!

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Supplied by TECC for review
£3.99 each or 4 for a billy bargain price £10

Sadly I have never licked an Elf before but if an Elf tastes anything like this e-liquid range, ‘Licking an Elf’ is firmly on my bucket list! I don’t usually test the e-liquids prior to photographing them but after a sneaky test I knew this range was going to be a winner, easily the best ‘disposable’ based e-liquids and much better than those nasty chuckables.

ELFLIQ Nic Salts bottles

I am going to shamelessly copy-n-paste TECC’s overview here as it sums them up perfectly, I will go into a bit more depth after though.

Elf Bar ELFLIQ E-liquid Overview

ELFLIQ E-liquid provides the same great flavours from the Elf Bar in a 10ml bottle. Previously, the only way to experience the most popular flavours on the market was through disposable devices. Now with ELFLIQ those flavours are available in a 10ml solution that can be used with your favourite devices.

Choose from 12 delicious flavours including the most popular Elf Bar flavours such as Watermelon and Blue Razz Lemonade. Plus, they come in 10mg and 20mg strengths to suit most nicotine preferences. Each bottle provides the equivalent to 5 Elf Bars which makes it even better value. It is also much better for the environment than using disposables while offering the same flavour.

My Comments

The two main things to take from this are that you can now experience the ELF Bar’s superb flavour in your own proper device guilt free, the other factor is the price benefit, 1 bottle = 10 Elf Bars, if you take advantage of the 4 for £10 then it’s a huge saving.

Who Should Buy ELFLIQ E-liquid?

This e-liquid is specifically designed for Elf Bar users who want to switch to an open tank device but don’t want to miss out on the great flavours found in disposable vapes. For the best experience, pair this liquid with the Elf Bar FB1000.

My Comments

I love the fact that ELF are aiming to switch users off their own disposables and I commend that, obviously they still need to make dosh from hardware but I disagree that the FB1000 is the best experience, far from it as they made it closer to an RDL kit with its low ohm coils and big gob-piece. The good news is that there’s a wealth of better alternatives and TECC have been doing a lot of work in the background by stocking tried and tested devices suitable for this type of sweet e-liquid, I will list a few later.

  • Bottle Size: 10ml
  • PG:VG Ratio - 50:50
  • Nicotine Strength - 1.0%, 2.0%

ELFLIQ Nic Salts packaging

There are twelve flavours to choose from, disposable users should recognise most of them and the variety means there should be something for everyone, including tobacco which isn’t very common in disposables. The names are nonsense free and you get an accurate sense of what they should taste like from the name alone:

  • Apple Peach - Apple, Peach
  • Blueberry - Blueberry
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry - Blueberry, Sour Raspberry
  • Blue Razz Lemonade - Blue Raspberry, Lemonade
  • Cotton Candy Ice - Cotton Candy, Menthol
  • Cream Tobacco - Cream, Tobacco
  • Elfbull Ice - Energy Drink, Menthol
  • Kiwi Passion fruit Guava - Kiwi, Passion Fruit, Guava
  • Pink Grapefruit - Grapefruit
  • Pink Lemonade - Raspberry, Lemonade
  • Spearmint - Spearmint
  • Watermelon – Watermelon

See what I mean? No nonsense or confusing names, and I can tell you that during testing I found the flavours very authentic.

ELFLIQ Nic Salts dropper

The bottle comes boxed in a shiny, classy looking style and hold all the legal TPD bumf, a box is just a box right? But these ones indicated the quality of what’s inside. I liked that the box had the flavour on the top as well as the front. I rarely get excited over a bottle style but the ELFLIQ comes in a superb little bottle, it is plastic shrink wrapped to ensure there’s no leaking during shipping, the plastic is good quality but I especially liked the super narrow tip as it makes filling certain pods and tanks that much easier.

ELFLIQ Nic Salts range

Going back to the hardware; it was only less than a year ago that you would struggle to find a pod or tank that could handle sweetened e-liquids like these, but vape manufacturers soon developed new coils and pods to cope with them. The main developments were wider wicking ports and lower ohms, the traditional MTL coils and pods were between 1.0 to 1.2 Ohms, by their nature they were very narrow and sweet e-liquid tended to gunk them up quickly. It wasn’t long until we saw many manufacturers moving onto 0.8ohm pods and coils which proved very successful in handling modern e-liquids, TECC themselves did a lot of testing in this area and now stock numerous options to suit them.

ELFLIQ Nic Salts compatible kits

I will chat with TECC and list some suitable hardware at the end of the review, in the meantime I will be using a few that I have verified myself: VooPoo Argus Pod (0.7ohm pods), UWELL Sculptor (0.8ohm pod) and the Freemax Galex and Galex Nano (0.8ohm coil).

Where possible I used a fresh pod/coil to avoid cross-contamination, if in the case I didn’t have enough new pods, I used other suitable alternatives (including TECC’s Joyetech Evio C2 and Evio Pod which use the tried and tested EN 0.8ohm coils).
(Reviews of both coming soon)

ELFLIQ Nic Salts Apple peach, Blueberry sour raspberry, Cream tobacco, and Kiwi Passionfruit guava

Apple Peach

Well it obviously tasted of apple and peach but the balance of the two was superb, they felt like 50/50. It was fairly sweet and had a very subtle menthol side-note that carried the flavour better and left a pleasant aftertaste. This was only the first one I tried, but I knew it was going to be a favourite and a safe bet to re-order multiple bottles.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

I’m not a fan of sour in foods or sweets but I am slowly coming around to it in e-liquid flavours as it adds a different kick and without that ‘Bulldog licking piss off a nettle’ feeling, but this one is bloody lush! The blueberry was quite dominant but the sweetness toned it down and had a raspberry side-note, the ‘sour’ I couldn’t quite describe but it appeared to bind everything together nicely, my anti-sour bias no longer applies to e-liquids.

Cream Tobacco

Considering I smoked ciggies for nearly forty years, I didn’t really bother with tobacco flavours with vaping, with the wealth of more enjoyable flavours out there then why would I go back to that 'orrible fag smell? I had to give it a try though, and I’m afraid I didn’t like it one bit. It was authentic enough but the sweetness and lack of a throat hit just made it unpleasant and nothing like smoking if that makes sense, others might like it for that if they prefer tobacco, but it’s not one for me.
(It is also one that lingers in your coil)

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

And we’re back in the room! I bloody loved this, this was one I tried as a sneaky preview. These three exotic fruits always work well together and the balance felt equal throughout the vape. The aftertaste was the best part and left you wanting more, this is a perfect example of an accurate title, you get exactly what you expect. Another I will be re-ordering in multiples.

ELFLIQ Nic Salts Blue Razz Lemonade, Elfbull Ice, Pink Lemonade, and Blueberry

Blue Razz Lemonade

One of the best-selling disposable flavours and EFFLIQ have it nailed, think disposable + 50% and that’s what I felt. The two fruits make a slightly odd flavour but in a good way, the lemonade is dominant and accurate. The raspberry side-note leaves a really nice aftertaste, there’s an ‘ice’ element which makes it more refreshing.

Elfbull Ice

The only flavour title that doesn’t do what it says on the tin, but that’s for obvious copyright/trademark reasons, but I do like their wordplay workaround. I don’t think there’s any limitations on a reviewer saying it tastes like Red Bull, soooo it tastes like Red Bull. It’s quite sweet but the ice kick tones it down into a moreish flavour, it lacked a kick of Vodka for me as that’s the usual way I drink it.

Pink Lemonade

Think lemonade, think a pinch of raspberry, and that’s what this one tastes like. The lemonade is dominant in a good way, it’s one of the closest lemonades I have experienced, but that hint of raspberry makes it taste even better and you pick it up in the aftertaste. The ice improves it into an overall lush all day vape, another one to go onto my shopping list.


Guess what this one tastes like? Bananas! Okay, perhaps not. It is a punchy all blueberry flavour but sweet like those chewy ‘Chewits’ sweets. It’s nice but a bit too intense for a vape for my tastebuds, there appears to be a subtle ice kick which does help tone it down which results in a milder and pleasant aftertaste. I would say it’s one for the blueberry addicts.

ELFLIQ Nic Salts Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Spearmint, and Cotton Candy Ice

Pink Grapefruit

Do I want a Grapefruit? Do I f**k! It’s my least favourite fruit and I avoid it like I avoid a coughing person…. Perhaps I might like it as a vape though? Turns out I didn’t, but it’s not ELFLIQ’s fault as it was so accurate that my mind couldn’t get passed it. A slight contradiction is that I will still keep it instead of resigning it to down the sink as I usually do, I will keep it for emergencies as it’s still quite vapable. I still think grapefruit loving weirdos will like it though.


From my least favourite fruit to my all-time favourite fruit – I could wolf down watermelons till I burst, I’m the type of person that scrapes every last mm of it to the bare skin. I had high expectations for this but it didn’t quite deliver, the real fruit is quite mild but this e-liquid was a bit over-flavoured and intense. It also has a sweetened ice element that made it even less watermelony. Although it let me down in expectations, it was still quite nice to vape. I just couldn’t nail down the flavour, watermelon was there somewhere as I could taste it more as the aftertaste softened.


Prior to disposables, spearmint e-liquid could go do one as far as I’m concerned, I tried too many and they all sucked. Around a year ago I was sent a Smok Spearmint disposable to test and I bloody loved it, could the ELFLIQ bring back that memory? Indeed it could and then some, minty and sweet like those chews (Mentos I think they are called?). Even the aftertaste was great and reminded me of a fresh chewing gum without the nasty fade. Surprisingly I will be re-ordering this one too but more as a change rather than bulk.

Cotton Candy Ice

I promise you that I jumbled the bottles and tested them in random order, the Cotton Candy Ice came out last, was that fate? Or did I leave the best till last? Actually, neither, pop it somewhere in the middle would sum it up. The flavour is sugary sweet but with a hint of whatever they shove into candyfloss to give it flavour, but it was the ice that didn’t quite work for me, it screwed with my head as frozen candy floss didn’t compute. The mix of the two wasn’t all that distinct or special either, at a push I could describe it as a sweetened icy chewing gum, not my thing but it could be yours?

ELFLIQ Nic Salts Apple Peach

Out of the twelve flavours, I only found two I wouldn’t personally buy, that’s a good ratio in my book, but that doesn’t do the rest justice. The ones I did like were the best ‘disposable’ like e-liquids I have tried so far, yes they were all sweet but nowhere near as sweet or thick as some others I’ve tested, one brand even got rejected to review as it killed my coil after 2ml and went straight in the bin. These ELFLIQ are the polar opposite and I trust them in my favourite way to vape, an MTL RTA, the above Oumier Wasp Nano was ideal for such strong flavours.

ELFLIQ Nic Salts ready to go

Finally there is a 100% solution to sway users away from disposables, the hardware is out there and now there are the ELFLIQ range that I would happily recommend over a disposable, pair it with a VooPoo Argus Pod 0.7ohm for example, and the vape quality is so much better, let alone the environmental and money savings along the way. Here’s a few TECC pod kit links that will work well with the ELFLIQ range:

These are the ones I can vouch for that the coils or pods can handle this e-liquid, there are others but the main thing to watch out for is the Ohms of the pod or coils. Aim for 0.7/0.8ohms and you should be fairly safe for the coil lasting a decent length of time.

In theory you could get going for under 20 quid with a cheapo pod kit and 4 bottles of ELFLIQ, that’s the equivalent of twenty disposable! Surely that’s worth a punt?!

Liq an Elf today

Elf Bar ELFLIQ Cotton Candy Ice

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