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Naja Vapes ReGo

Naja Vapes stick another nail on the disposables coffin with their fantastic ReGo kit

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Naja Vape may not be a name you’ve come across before, but the folks behind the brand have been around for a long time under a different guise and they know a thing or two about what vapers want. They come from a background in high end vaping and their new range of exclusive products really does reflect this. I can’t directly speak for the other two Naja Vapes products, I’ll leave those to my co-reviewers, but I got to try out the ReGo, and to say I was impressed would be a bit of an understatement. 

The ReGo is squarely aimed at disposable users who are looking to a more sustainable way of vaping. We all know that disposables are hideously wasteful, and with the government sticking its beak in and hoping to ban them soon, now is the time to start finding an alternative system so you can continue to live a smoke free life. Thankfully we are well served in the e-liquid department with disposable style juices really taking off, but the hardware can be a little trickier. There are plenty of pod kits around already, but not all of them are super simple and even fewer are better long term when it comes to your carbon footprint. Once the battery dies, and these are not finite, you have to through away the whole thing and start again. The Naja ReGo addresses all of these hurdles, and manages to provide a top class vape whilst it is at it.

Unboxing and Specs

The ReGo comes in a slimline box with a clear window so you can see your new kit rather than having to rely on a picture on the front. Opening the side flap gets you into the contents, and a nice touch is the little pull tab which makes getting your hands on the kit so much easier. I have little patience and I hate it when packaging fights back, so this definitely started me off in a great mood. Sliding this out of the box, you are presented with a tray which holds all the pieces, and these are a unique body/coil, a removable battery, and an e-liquid container. Underneath the tray, there is a simple instruction manual which also includes an authenticity/quality control certificate. You don’t get a charging cable, but you will almost certainly have a USB-C cable at home already so that is less waste already.

The parts of the kit are all very light, and even assembled, it would happily sit on a lanyard without dragging you down. It also feels nice to hold as the width is perfect in your palm, and the rounded edges encourage your fingers to mould around the body instinctively. It is all plastic, but it still feels well designed. All the parts fit together snuggly too and this helps the visuals as the contrasting sections make it much more interesting.

There are five colours to choose from, and I was sent the black and yellow versions. You can mix and match though as you can select different colours when it comes to stocking up on new coils. Some look together better than others, but it is always fun to experiment.

  • Coil Resistance: 1.2oHm
  • Coil Type: Mesh
  • Wattage: 9.5W
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh

The Set Up

There is a bit of prep you need to do before you can start vaping, but it is very straightforward, and you shouldn’t really need the manual to work out what to do. Take the battery and slot it into the bottom of the body, fill the tank section with e-liquid and then slide this into the side. It may sound oddly counterintuitive to fill before you put things together, but if you don’t, you risk dry hits as I found out when I went charging in and I ruined one coil purely by rushing the process. This part is worth taking a little time over, and it will be worth the wait, trust me. Once everything is slotted together, you will then need to let it sit for a few minutes for the e-liquid to fully soak in properly. Whilst you can’t see what is happening inside the main body, I suspect it is packed with wicking material as you can literally see the juice level drop as it soaks in, and before you start vaping, it is worth topping up the juice container again as it will be nearly empty. When I first filled mine up, I got everything ready, stuck it in my pocket and headed out to the shops. Driving to where I was going, I had a few puffs on the way and by the time I was parked, I was really surprised to see I had no juice left, or at least that is how it looked. I was concerned that the kit was really thirsty, but the reality was that the e-liquid had just soaked in to the cotton, and subsequent fillings lasted really well. When you need to refill, you can just use the generously sized fill port without having to take everything apart, so it gets easier.

There are no other steps you need to take as there are no settings to play with and the airflow is fixed to satisfyingly tight mouth to lung draw. It is not the kind of device you will want to take massive lung bursting drags on, and the resistance is just right for the kit. You simply just vape, and the auto draw activation works brilliantly.

Other than keeping an eye on your e-liquid levels, the only thing you need to keep an eye on is the battery. There is a light on the base that should flash five times when the battery hits 10%. I say it should because you can’t actually see it unless you vape in front of a mirror, which is the only part of the design that I didn’t like. The light also indicates any problems as the ReGo does have safety features built in, but again, you probably won’t see them. Charging takes roughly an hour which isn’t the fastest, but I’d always recommend picking up a couple of kits so you have one to use and one to charge. The battery is incredibly efficient, and I was getting almost a full day on one charge. 

A Greener Alternative

Along with the quality of the vape, which we will get to soon, it is the sustainability which sets the ReGo apart. The main coil comes housed in the body, and the coil life is superb, so you won’t be replacing them as often as some. Naja Vapes say it should last for at least as long as 10ml of e-liquid, but I would say that is being very cautious. You can also pick the colour of the replacement so you can mix and match. If you look at the final picture, you’ll see I’ve mixed the black body with the yellow battery which I think looks pretty smart. 

You will keep the same battery throughout as you just pop it out of the old body and slot it straight into the new one. As it is removable, once it gets to the end of its usable life, you can just remove it and safely stick it into a battery recycling bin.


Finally, we get to the fun bit, the actual vape. Now I have to admit, I wasn’t really expecting that much from a kit like this, so it was a massive surprised when I took my first puff and got a really intense hit of humungous flavour. It made disposables taste weak and pathetic in comparison, and they are known for their great flavour. The ReGo is simply better on every level. There is a caveat though, this was with a disposable style salts e-liquid, which is what it is designed for. With a regular freebase 50VG/50PG e-liquid, it struggled a bit. The flavour was still good, but you could just tell it wasn’t as happy. But it is designed to replace disposables, so you are going to want to stick with bar style salts here. If you stick with how it is designed to be used, you will be rewarded by a top level vape. I am pretty sure this is down to the internal wicking which, as we saw earlier, absorbs a ton of e-liquid to completely saturate the coil. What is even more impressive is that the wick holds the e-liquid really well so you shouldn’t get any leaks of random gurgles. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s not beat around the bush, the ReGo is a cheap kit that is designed to replace disposables, but don’t let that fool you as this is up there with the best vapes in terms of pure flavour and vape quality. It punches way above its weight, and I’d have no hesitation to recommend it to anyone who appreciates intense flavour and prefers bar salt type e-liquids.

If you would like to give the ReGo a try, Naja vapes sell the kit for £12.97. Replacement coil/bodies are £2.97, which is great value as they last a long time, and you can even pick up spare e-liquid tanks for £1.27 each. This is a great deal, if you also pick up a bottle of salts, you are looking at around £18, and this is the real world equivalent of five disposables, plus when you get through this, you will only need to buy more juice and extra coils as and when you need them. This is superb value for money, and really shows how good vaping can be without breaking the bank.

Many thanks to Naja Vapes for sending in the ReGo kit for review.

  • Sustainable
  • Amazing flavour
  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Mix and match colour options
  • Good design
  • Best suited to bar style nic salts
  • Battery charging light is almost impossible to see
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