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Vozol Switch Pro

Vozol have delivered their own disposable replacement kit with their new Vosol Switch Pro

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The Vozol Switch Pro device is a small, 400mAh battery capacity pod kit that takes disposable, prefilled pods. You vape them to empty, then throw the pod and replace for another, it’s that simple. The device has a USB-C port for charging, and the shortest USB-C cable known to man is included in the box (what is this? A cable for ants?), along with an instruction manual. There’s also a child safety lock button on the bottom of the battery section which also lets you see how much battery is left with a flashing light. I’d call that an off button but what do I know? Hold it in for three seconds and the device stops firing. A single press of the button will let you see how much power is left in the device, three flashes for 75% and over, two for 25%-75% and one for under 25%.  

One thing to note right off is that you buy the device and the pods separately. You don’t get a pod in the box with the device, but the good thing is that the device only costs the same as a pack of two pods, £5.99 for the device and £5.99 for two prefilled pods, which is just about the same as two disposable vapes anyway. It harks back to the beginning of the rise of the pods for me, I remember trying the first budget kits when they came about, and it’s the same thing here, a cheap, effective battery section and a ton of flavours to try and switch in and out as you like. The Switch Pros are a more modern take on it and they’re setting up for the banning of disposables pretty well with a myriad of flavours to put in your kit.

I’d never heard of Vozol before, so I was wondering what they were sending. I knew it would be disposable alike and I knew beforehand that they have a whopping forty five flavours for this platform so I was actually scared they’d send the whole range and I’d be swimming in boxes of flavours that I could barely get through in time to review. Thankfully they sent me a bundle of devices and only seven packs of pods so I could review them within this year at least.  

The flavours are all also disposable style, in that they have a lot of flavour, sweetener, and cooling in them. The pods are clear enough to see the juice level if you take them out of the battery section, and it’s nice to see that Vozol seem to be using an actual coil rather than the usual method of drowning it in a sea of cotton like the disposable vapes do.  Info on this is on their web page because the coils themselves seem to be hidden in a blacked-out section at the bottom of the pod.  

The pods also handily have the name of the flavour printed on them so you can switch out flavours easily and not have to guess what you’re putting in there. On the packs for the pods, it states there are up to 1400 puffs there, I think that’s a bit hopeful, but you do get plenty of flavour from small draws, so it is entirely possible. Speaking of the draw, I found them to be just above a medium MTL vape, a bit airier than other closed systems I’ve tried but the device does have two small holes for airflow on each side so you can always cover one, or both, to get it tighter.

I’ll go through the flavours I was sent but, as always, I need to note that I am not the biggest fan of sweet juices, so my opinions are purely subjective, and I did have some help; my missus loves a disposable. She adores the sweetness of them, the cooling, and the super strong flavours, so we sat down and had a little drink to clear the palette then fired into all of these once I’d had a week or so of trying them myself.

Blueberry Ice

I have a problem with blueberry juices in general, there’s a taste to them that I just can’t get through a lot of the time. It doesn’t help that I’m not a big fan of the fruit either.  

The first thing you get here is the sweetness. This one is very sweet, but underneath is the blueberry flavour that I feel just doesn’t quite go with the cooling effect. It’s a nice blueberry as well, not as musty as I usually find and that could be due to the sweetener. The aftertaste is fruity and very pleasant but also a bit sweetie like. The wife compared it to parma violets, but I wasn’t getting that myself.  Perhaps she just has more sophisticated taste buds than I have.

Pineapple Ice

Well, this is different!  It has the pineapple juice flavour that I really like but there’s a creaminess there that makes it very tropical tasting.  I mean pineapple is a tropical fruit but there’s something here that I can’t quite pin down. I’m thinking perhaps a slight coconut cream to make it pina colada style, but it could just be a normal cream. Whatever it is, it’s delicious and has a lot more depth than I anticipated. I really need to stop avoiding these highly sweetened juices because I really like this one. The sweetener goes really well with it, and the cooling is spot on for the flavour.

Mr Blue

When I first started vaping I tried Heisenberg by Vampire Vapes, I bought it for the missus and had a tankful myself. I was not impressed. It was the aniseed I think that did me in and I had to throw the coil away after it due to the juice just tainting the cotton with the flavour forever.  

Mr Blue is the Vozol version and it’s actually pretty nice. Maybe it’s been so long that my tastes have changed, maybe it’s just a different version that’s more palatable, maybe I’m not worrying about the coil being ruined as it’s an enclosed pod, but I do enjoy the fruitiness of this one. The aniseed is still there, as is the menthol style cooling, but the mixed fruit is the main thing I’m getting here as an aftertaste, and it’s boosted by the sweetener well. 

Cola Ice

One thing to say here, Ice poles, or ice pops, or whatever your regional/national variant of the name is. This tastes exactly like the melted juice you get left with at the end of a cola ice pole. Whether you like this taste or not, I have nothing else to say (I like it by the way).

Kiwi, Passionfruit and Guava

I’m not sure what leads on this one. I think it’s the guava. It’s just a general tropical taste to me, I can’t really detect the kiwi but I’m sure it’s there as there is a fruitiness in it as well, and while it’s not unpleasant, it’s far too sweet for my own tastes. The wife agrees with a strong guava taste., funny that as neither of us have ever had a guava in real life. I think the sweetener actually lets this juice down, granted that’s only my opinion, but I feel they could have let the flavour do a lot more lifting here.

Cherry Ice

I usually don’t like cherry in anything, it’s not a flavour I’m a big fan of but I like this one. It’s obviously sweetened and has the cooling in it, but the flavour underneath is very well done in my opinion.  It’s a sweet, deep cherry flavour with a sweetie tang to it, and that is what I think makes it nice for me. A nice surprise as it was the one I was least looking forward to trying out of them all.

Lemon Mojito

I’m not sure on this one as it is so far from what I usually enjoy, and I do not like the drink at all, but there’s something that keeps bringing me back to it.  There’s the candied lemon, the mint that you can just perceive underneath the cooling, and something else on the aftertaste. I’m sure it’s rum but it’s very subtle. Again, it’s a very sweet juice but its different, and I like different. The wife has been enjoying this one a lot, I’ve had to wrestle it off her a few times to test it myself as she inhaled the first pod almost right away.

Final Thoughts

In my honest opinion, Vozol have positioned themselves to do some good business here in the UK with these pod kits if they catch on.  The flavours are decently thought out, even if some of the additives don’t always go brilliantly with the flavour they’re being paired with.  From the selection of seven types I got to try, there were maybe three that weren’t quite to my tastes and the other four were pretty damn good for prefilled pod juices.  Would I buy a Switch Pro and the packs of pods?  Not usually, as my tastes are very different, but if I was out, my mod had run out of power, and I had to buy something to get me through, I would definitely 100% go for something like this as opposed to buying a disposable vape. For that reason, I hope they do get some traction and end up in shops because they are a great alternative to what’s popular at present.

For the moment, if you want to get one you pick them up from our good friends at Vape Club. They also have around twenty two of the forty five flavours that are available for the Switch Pro.

Thank you to Vozol for supplying the kits and flavours for this review.

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I was a very militant smoker for many years…why would I stop doing the only thing I had left that I liked doing?  Then I fell into vaping in 2017.  My wife bought a cheap kit off from Amazon that stopped working and I took it to a local vape shop to see what they could do with it.  An hour later and full of new knowledge about watts, ohms, and juice strength, I headed home with a new nautilus mini tank for her and raved to her about the helpful guy in the shop. I must have bored her with all my new found information.  I tried her vape that night, and a week later bought my own kit. Then I found POTV and the amazingly helpful and generous people on it. A month later I was making my own (disgusting) vape juice, and a month after that I was winding coils for my new RDA.  Six years on and I'm much better at making juice, and I now have no money but lots of shiny mods and tanks

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