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IVG 2400 Part 2

Round 2, it is time for the second part of our review of the IVG 2400 series

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A couple of weeks ago, we took our first look at the new IVG 2400 range of mega disposables which contain four different flavours in one kit. Well now we are back to see what the second motherload is like.

I’m not going to go through the whole unboxing as you can go and read about that in the original review, but I am going to cover how to set up the kit so you can get vaping as soon as possible, as nobody wants to wait for their vape!

IVG 2400 contents

Each pack comes complete with the main device and four flavour cartridges which need to be removed from their foil sealed packs and loaded into their respective slots. To load them in, you need to pull off the top cap which will reveal the chamber, then you can drop each flavour into the corresponding slot. If you look around the outside of the kit, you can see the names of the flavours so you know where they need to go.

Now everything is loaded and ready, it is time to get things lined up so you can vape which ever flavour you fancy. To do this you need to remove the rubber bung in the mouthpiece and the sticker on the base, then line up the top arrow (which lines up with the mouthpiece) and the middle arrow, by pulling the top half up and twisting is around until the two arrows face each other. If you want to change the flavour, just repeat the process in a different position and away you go.

IVG 2400 loaded

Now we have another veritable smorgasbord of flavours to get through, eleven kits with four cartridges in each, so I think it is time to dive in. There will be a few which pop up in different bundles, but it is surprising how infrequently the duplicates appear.

IVG 2400 range

Blue Edition

Pro Blue – Or to give it its full title, Professor Blu. This is a fruity mix of fresh raspberries and juicy blueberries finished off with a cool blast of ice. It is full of flavour but still delivers a fairly hefty kick. A great way to start your day.

Ice Blue – If the last one had a kick, this one is delivered by Bruce Lee, but it isn’t just about the fresh blast as underneath it is a sweet mixed berry flavour. But really it is more about the ice…roll on summer!

Blueberry Fusion – As you can guess, this is predominantly blueberry, but there is also a fresh minty taste which feels quite mild after Ice Blue. This is more my style, a bit more mellow but packed full of flavour.

Blue Raspberry Ice – I love names that tell you exactly what to expect. This is a fairly deep blue raspberry flavour, possibly the juiciest flavour in this bundle. There is also the signature ice to finish things off.

Banana Edition

Banana Ice – I didn’t really expect to like this one as it is a crazy sweet candy banana, but mixed with the ice, this turns it into a flavour which is surprisingly easy to vape. But if you don’t like insanely sweet flavours, you may want to give this a swerve.

Banana Strawberry Blueberry Ice – You can really taste the banana and strawberry clearly, with the blueberry mellowing things out and pulling things together. The ice just breaks things up so your tastebuds don’t get overwhelmed.

Banana Pineapple Coconut Ice – This is the perfect way to use coconut, it really brings a lovely creamy level to the banana and pineapple. It works really well, and the blend has been well balanced.

Banana Orange Ice – Banana and orange are strange bedfellows, and it does clash a bit with the previous flavour, but as a standalone blend, it works even though I’m not sure it should.

Fizzy Edition

Fizzy Cherry – I do like this cherry, it isn’t too heavy but still delivers a healthy amount of juice, shame it doesn’t count as one of your 5 a day. I do like the fizz, IVG have nailed it.

Fizzy Orange – The fizz is fantastic again, but the orange could have been a bit stronger. It is like a fairly mild orange squash.

Fizzy Lemon – Back on track, this is a strong lemon, again more of a squash flavour, but I love a glass of lemon squash, so it works for me. The fizz really works well with the strong citrus blast.

Fizzy Cola – Not a bad version of cola, but a bit more of a diet coke rather than a fentimans. It is refreshing and clean though.

IVG 2400 round 1

Tobacco Edition

Cream Tobacco – There are only two flavours in this bundle, but they are doubled up. The first one is actually sweeter, despite the second one being the sweet tobacco, but it is also smooth and creamy with tobacco undertones.

Sweet Tobacco – This one is stronger in the tobacco department, and it is a nice fresh rolling tobacco flavour but with sweet highlights. Out of the two, I like this one better.

Lemon Edition

Lemon Lime – A classic disposable flavour, this is punchy and full of zing. The lime and sweetness deliver a smooth well rounded flavour.

Lemon Ice – This should blow away a few cobwebs with its mix of sharp lemon and fresh ice. All of these lemons are super juicy, and none more so than this one.

Lemon Passionfruit Ice – This one is an interesting mix as the blend of the zesty lemon works really well with the sweet tropical notes from the passionfruit. Not two fruits I would have put together, but it works well.

Lemon Tangerine Ice – This is mostly lemon but with a more interesting tangerine twist bringing up the rear. It leaves a lovely, sweet aftertaste too.

Menthol Edition

Mint Burst – This is a great mix of minty flavours with hints of peppermint and spearmint. I like candy mints, so this hits my sweet spot.

Classic Menthol – Woah, that’s fresh! It’s a bit too fresh for me, but if you are looking for a massive blast of menthol, you’ll love this flavour. Great for when you need to clear your sinuses!

Blackcurrant Menthol – More blackcurrant than menthol, which is quite a relief after the straight menthol! It is sweeter and the menthol is well balanced to work with it rather than trying to overpower it.

IVG 2400 round 2

Purple Edition

Blue Razz Cherry – This is one of my favourite IVG flavours, the cherry is almost plum/prune like with a deep syrup flavour perfectly finished off with the tart blue raspberry.

Fizzy Cherry – We have already covered this one, but I am happy to see it duplicated as it is a good one.

Grape Ice – An American purple grape flavour with a light ice finish. It definitely delivers a pleasantly strong grape juice taste.

Plum Blue Raspberry – Another good mix, although the Blue Razz Cherry is more plum than this actual plum flavour. This one is lighter, and you can taste the raspberry more.

Strawberry Edition

Strawberry Ice – Straight up sweet strawberry, not the most realistic flavour but works well with the ice.

Strawberry Watermelon Fusion – Strawberry and watermelon are proven classics, although I think the watermelon is a little strong here overpowering the more delicate berry. It is still a refreshing vape though.

Strawberry Raspberry Ice – Well balanced, a good mix of the two berries which are smoothed of with a lighter ice. It is nothing complicated, but it works well.

Strawberry Kiwi – The kiwi really helps to bring something extra from the strawberry, and this is a good example of two flavours that just work.

Mint Edition

Spearmint – I love spearmint, I think it is my favourite, especially when it comes to mint vapes. The balance of delicate sweetness and fresh minty goodness really floats my boat.

Snow Mint – I was braced after the menthol, but whilst this is really fresh, it isn’t going to give you brain freeze. It is on the cusp of taking your breath away, but just stays on the safer side.

Classic Menthol – Just as strong as the first time!

Strawberry Mint – Of all the fruits to put with mint, this would not have made my list of obvious choices. But sometimes it is good to experiment as you find hidden treasures. I liked it way more than I expected to.

IVG 2400 round 3

Berry Edition

Berry Lemonade Ice – A richer blend of generic berry but with double freshness thanks to the lemon and the ice.

Blue Razz Cherry – Check above!

Blue Razz Cherry – Again, see above!

Blue Razz Pineapple – I love pineapple, and the blue raspberry mixes things up nicely. If you love one or the other, give this a try as it works well together.

Exotic Edition

Vanilla – Not a flavour I’d put with exotic, but I guess it doesn’t have to just be fruit. This is mellow and creamy, not quite a custard but not far off.

Peach Mango Ice – Great blend of two notoriously strong fruit flavours. Thankfully the ice lightens things up and makes it a perfect tropical blend.

Strawberry Banana Coconut – This one didn’t work for me; it is a bit too sweet and the creamy coconut tips it over the edge for me. But it is still a good flavour if you like things sweet.

Pineapple Ice – Keeping things simple to finish things off, and there is nothing wrong with that, especially when the pineapple is that good.

IVG 2400 round 4

Final Thoughts

Well we made it! That was a lot of flavours to get through, but thankfully they are mostly all great if you like sweet disposable type e-liquids. I really like the fact that you can buy one kit and have four different flavours to mix between as I know I get bored easily if I can’t swap between different flavours. IVG have really curated these well too so whichever bundle you go for, you should be in for an explosion of flavour.

As much I see posters for these in all of my local vape shops, you can also buy the IVG 2400 range direct from IVG for £12.99 each, and they also beat buying them local as you can bundle up to get 2 for £25. OK it isn’t the biggest saving, but every penny counts these days!

Many thanks to IVG for sending the IVG 2400 range in for review.

IVG 2400 handcheck

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