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Vaping Outlaws Shortfills

Vaping Outlaws is a widely recognizable brand name within the UK vaping scene, sold by UKECIGSTORE the Vaping Outlaws name is on a wide array of different products, from mods to E-Liquid. In this review we will be looking at the Vaping Outlaws range of shortfill E-Liquids!

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Vaping Outlaws is a widely recognizable brand name within the UK vaping scene, sold by UKECIGSTORE and LIQ Distribution the Vaping Outlaws name is on a wide array of different products, from mods to E-Liquid. 

The Vaping Outlaws E-Liquid range is distributed by LIQ Distribution, who were founded in 2014 in London and who also operate the UKECIGSTORE stores located in Camden and Wembley.

Vaping Outlaws was founded in 2013, and aims to be a lifestyle brand as well as offering vaping equipment and liquids. The Vaping Outlaws E-Liquid range has recently relaunched as a range of shortfill liquids!

At present, the Vaping Outlaws range consists of four different flavours, available in 50ml zero nicotine shortfill bottles which are compatible with nicotine shots. The Vaping Outlaws range is 100% VG, designed for use with sub ohm tanks and RDAs for maximum clouds. I tested the Vaping Outlaws range out with my CSMNT RDA fitted with a 0.2ohm fused clapton coil.


Jawbreaker brings you the true classic taste of the Jawbreaker candy with an added twist to produce a hard hitting immersion of sweet tastes. The stuff of broken jaws.

There's a really strong, candied scent which emanates from the bottle of Jawbreaker, with a tropical hint in the background. On the inhale, I get a candied vibe reminiscent of the taste of a Jawbreaker sweet from back in the day, and a tropical note which tasted like pineapple and guava. It's a little too sweet for my own tastes, but to those that like their candied vapes it definitely holds appeal!

Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen is the conquest of taste. A grouping of various singular tastes, which entice you by the senses and exhibit everything a premium juice must be...

Well the flavour description certainly doesn't give anything away here! On the bottle, Four Horsemen is described as a Vanilla Cream Cake, but I get more of a custard cream biscuit from this liquid! There's a strong creamy vanilla custardy overtone, with a biscuit undertone. It's very tasty though, and this was my pick of the Vaping Outlaws range!


A mayhem of 14 different fruits is bound to cause havoc in anyone's world! Flavours of Mango smash into Guava and Pineapple challenging the most subtle tropical notes to blend into each other, arriving at a perfect calm after the storm...

Well this is certainly one crazy, fruity and sweet E-Liquid! There's absolutely loads going on in here, and the flavour profiles seem to constantly shift on me as I switch through different wattage settings and builds. I definitely pick up on mango, guava, pineapple, citrus and a hint of fizz, and it's certainly not short on sweet flavour! Definitely one for fans of sweet and fruity E-Liquids!


Moonshine challenges outlaws to push the boundaries. To shake convention. We need Moonshine to bring out the howling alpha wolf in us...

Moonshine boasts a sweet candied strawberry flavour on the inhale, which is backed up with a very strong menthol on the exhale. This is an E-Liquid that grew on me, I'm not normally a fan of candied flavours, but the strong menthol balances out the candied strawberry nicely!


For the most part, the Vaping Outlaws range is going to appeal to vapers who love their sweet and fruity flavours, and enjoy the huge vapour production that 100% VG E-Liquid can produce! This is a juice range best suited to cloud chasers, and you definitely get the best out of it in an RDA with a low ohm build!

Many thanks to LIQ Distribution for sending the Vaping Outlaws range in for review, these can be purchased at UKECIGSTORE or wholesale enquiries can be made at LIQ Distribution.

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