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Spirited Shortfills by Vapoholic

Vapoholic have sent us the new Spirited range of shortfills, fiendishly good flavours for a scarily good price!

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We are at the tail end of spooky season, so what better time than now to check out the latest range of shortfills from VapoholicSpirited!

Despite the name conjuring up images in my head of vintage black and white pseudo noir horror movies, these are actually bright and cheery, invoking the glamour and glitz of an art deco cocktail lounge, which is handy seeing as they are all based on some classic alcoholic concoctions. As someone who doesn’t drink, I really like boozy vapes, so I was excited to give these a try.

If you haven’t yet come across Vapoholic yet, I would suggest you read my previous review of the Debonair range as that has a quick company history primer and also covers their ethos, but if you just want to cut to the chase, then the main take home here is that Vapoholic aim to deliver great tasting, high quality e-liquids at an affordable price so everyone can get to vape great juice without breaking the bank, and from everything I have tried from them over the last few years, I would say that they absolutely succeed in their mission.

Nic Shot Revolutions

Before we get stuck into the flavours, I am going to repeat myself a bit as sometimes you come across something so awesome that you just want to tell everyone about it. In this case it is their unique approach to adding your nicotine. Instead of having to split your fingernails trying to pry the blasted tops off your shortfill bottles, something that can reduce me to a steaming mess of sweat and expletives, Vapoholic have designed a solution that is elegant in its simplicity. They have invented a nib for their nicshots that is wider than the normal ones so it perfectly fits over the shortfill nib. You just stick it on top and squeeze your shot straight in, no mess and no faff. I just love it; it is really effective and means you can get to vaping quickly and without any stress. An extra little bonus is that if you are impatient and have several bottles to load up with nic, you can still go old school, but the extra wide hole in the nozzle means that you can squeeze out the contents in super quick time. There is just nothing that I don’t love about this design so hats off to the genius mind that came up with this idea in the first place.

Spirited by Vapoholic nicshots

The E-liquid

Unlike the Debonair range, the Spirited range is more of a traditional shortfill range in that it is 70% VG and 30% PG so is going to produce bigger clouds and will suit sub ohm vaping better, although in reality I found both ranges work well in a wide range of vape kits.

Once again, I was sent the 6mg freebase option, although you can also choose 3mg strength or can have nic salts instead if you prefer that style of nicotine. The 6mg version comes with 80ml of super concentrated e-liquid to which you add four nicshots giving you a total of 120ml of juice. This definitely earns extra brownie points from me, I will happily vape 3mg but 6mg really is where my sweet spot lies.

Spirited by Vapoholic threesome

The Flavours

There are five flavours in the Spirited range so far, but in the blurb on the website it states “the launch collection was inspired by five of the most popular cocktails” so I am wondering if Vapoholic may be looking at adding more flavours at a later date. This is purely speculation on my part though, and for now, I am happy with the choice offered already.

Whilst all of the flavours contain an element of cooling, this has been subtly done so rather than being a major component, it is more of an enhancement. The levels are light and really add to the experience rather than overloading it. I am not a massive fan of super chilled blends and I found this was just a perfect level for my tastes. As with all things e-liquids, this will be very subjective though.

Spirited by Vapoholic paired up

Woodberry Mojito

“With dark and juicy forest fruits blended with a pinch of lime and a touch of sweetness for a tangy twist in this unique cocktail mix, Woodberry Mojito

I love mojitos (well virgin mojitos at any rate), so I was intrigued to see how a blended version would work. Woodberry is a suitably vague description too, so it is left to the vaper to work out what is really going on here. I found it was a floral and fragrant blend, slightly reminiscent of Palma violets, with a slightly tangy twist. It is very smooth and has a fresh sweetness. I’d hazard a guess that there is some blackberry in there, but I couldn’t place any other specific berries. Due to the floral notes, this wouldn’t be one that I would personally choose, but if you like that sort of flavour profile, I am sure you would enjoy this one a lot.

Spirited by Vapoholic Woodberry Mojito

Strawberry Daiquiri

“Wild strawberries and tropical sugar are mixed with a touch of lime and chilled crushed ice for a crisp citrusy finish in Spirited’s Strawberry Daiquiri

I have never tried a strawberry daiquiri, only the gourmet jellybean version and I don’t think that really counts, so I can only rate this on the flavour in the bottle. I expected it to be very sweet, especially from the description, but the wild strawberry should have been a clue that this may be a bit more nuanced. The strawberry had a pleasant, earthy note to it which balanced out the tropical sugar (ok, I admit I have no idea what separates tropical sugar from the regular stuff). You can definitely taste the twist of lime, and it is a twist, just there enough to highlight the other flavours. It was a lot more refreshing than I thought it would be, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Spirited by Vapoholic Strawberry Daiquiri

Pineapple & Rum

“Spirited’s Pineapple & Rum is brimming with sweet tangy, tropical and sophisticated flavours with tonnes of nuance, supercooled to give you that unique cocktail taste”

Pineapple is one of my favourite flavours to vape, I enjoy the sensation you get in your throat with a good one. It should have a bit of a kick, and I was very happy to see this had a nice throat hit to it. The rum is quite subtle, giving it a mature flavour without it overpowering anything. I think the pineapple enhanced the cool twist as it felt a little stronger in this e-liquid, but it still added to the overall effect rather than detracting from it. It is very easy to vape if you like pineapple flavours.

Spirited by Vapoholic Pineapple & Rum

Original Mojito

“Spirited’s Original Mojito is a classic cocktail that combines the freshness of mint with the punch of lime and a touch of sweetness”

As I have already said, I like virgin mojitos, so by now I was pretty confident I would like this e-liquid, and I wasn’t disappointed. It has a really good balance of mint and lime; these work in unison so you get equal measures of sweet and tart. Add in a healthy dose of creamy coconut and you get a deliciously smooth and easy going vape. The only thing missing is the sunshine to go with it!

Spirited by Vapoholic Original Mojito

Kiwi Colada

“Exotic, sweet kiwis and creamy coconuts supercooled on ice to give you Kiwi Colada E-Liquid”

This is another new cocktail for me, I have never heard of a Colada before and at first I assumed it was going to be a strong iced flavour as I thought it might be a play on Koolada, the element that gives e-liquids that iced sensation, but I was in for a surprise. This is a seriously refreshing vape, but not because it is cool, it is the actual flavours themselves. The kiwi is sweet and delicate, with almost watermelon levels of refreshment. The coconut is also quite light, and it all just works together so well. This was definitely the dark horse as it was nothing like I expected but ended up being my personal favourite. I always like juices that are unique, and I can honestly say, I haven’t had anything like this one before. If you like refreshing, summer vapes, you absolutely should give this one a try.

Spirited by Vapoholic Kiwi Colada

Final Thoughts

It is really refreshing to see a new range of e-liquids that is most definitely aimed at the adult market, these are mature and decedent with air of luxury which will appeal to those with more discerning tastes. They all sit in the goldilocks zone, they are neither too sweet, too strong, or too cool, they are just right. In fact, they are more than that, they are a fantastic representation of some timeless classic flavours, designed to impart sophistication with every vape.

If you would like to try the Spirited range for yourself, just visit the Vapoholic website where you can these and many more fantastic e-liquids to suit all tastes and at very keen prices. Spirited shortfills range from £9.99 to £10.99 depending on which strength and nicotine type you choose (the 6mg freebase option in this review is £9.99) which is a bargain in anyone’s books!

Many thanks to Vapoholic for sending the Spirited range in for this review.

Spirited by Vapoholic vape on

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