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Debonair Shortfills by Vapoholic

Suave, stylish, devilishly charming...that's enough about us though. Instead we take a look at the Debonair range of tobacco shortfills from Vapoholic!

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You can either have good quality e-liquid for a price, or you can have cheap rubbish, right? Well, no actually, Vapoholic prove that you can have top notch juice at seriously competitive prices. On the surface, this might sound like a bold claim, but Vapoholic sent us over a couple of their inhouse ranges to try so we could see for ourselves, starting with the Debonair tobacco range. Not only are they very proud of their e-liquids, but they also teased their latest innovation, but we will get to that in good time. But as a little teaser, I can say that they have done something genuinely really clever which is a major leap forward for shortfill bottle design.

Vapoholic started in Manchester in 2017 with the aim of creating affordable yet high quality e-liquid. They are able to do this thanks to the sheer amount of juice they are able to make in their state of the art ISO 7 cleanroom which means they can buy the base ingredients in bulk and therefore pass the savings on to us vapers. It is a win/win all round.

Until now, Vapoholic have specialised in sweeter e-liquids, fruits, desserts, fizzy drinks, etc. But this time round, they have tried their hands at a tobacco range, and I think they have pulled it off with a certain amount of style.

Debonair Flavours

The Basics

Debonair is a 50VG/50PG e-liquid which means it should appeal to a large cross section of vapers, mouth to lung vapers will definitely appreciate this but it is also a great option for vapers who like to use pod kits. New vapers may find comfort in familiarity, not everyone wants to jump straight in exotic sounding concoctions, especially when all they really want to do is stop smoking.

This ethos of catering for as many people as possible is carried over to the nicotine choices on offer. You can choose from…deep breaths…0mg, 3mg with nic salts, 6mg with nic salts, 3mg with freebase nic shots, or 6mg with freebase nic shots. They asked me which I’d prefer, and I jumped at the 6mg freebase version. 6mg is my daily preference so I was really happy to see this as an option. When my box of review juice arrived, I must admit I was shocked at how many nic shots were included. I figured they had just grabbed a load and bunged them in, but it turns out the way they get 6mg in a shortfill is to use 80ml of extra concentrated 0mg e-liquid as the base and then you add four nicshots which then gives you a whopping 120ml of 6mg juice. If you want more information about how to use shortfills, check out the guides they have on the Vapoholic website, they have got to be some of the most comprehensive and thorough guides I have come across and should cover any questions or queries you may have.

The Revolution

So I had my shortfills and I had my nic shots ready to add, and this is the bit I always hate. I have a tool to make the job easier, but it can still be fiddly. I’ve lost count of the number of nails I’ve broken during my time as a reviewer, and even when I manage to open the bottles up, there is still the very real possibility of accidental spills or dripping. No matter how careful I am, it still usually ends up being a slightly messy affair.

But Vapoholic are at their heart vapers themselves, and they wanted to solve this issue and have come up with a brilliant way around things. Instead of having to open everything up, they have devised a nic shot bottle nib which fits over the nib of the shortfill bottle, so you don’t have to open anything other than the top cap. What I really can’t get my head around is how they have done this without creating an airlock, it just works brilliantly, no splutters or leaks at all. It is such a simple concept, but it really is a stroke of genius.

Debonair nic shots

The Flavours

The Debonair range is made up of five tobacco flavours, ranging from the seductively smooth Tobacco Cream to the mysteriously exotic Apple Shisha. I do find that sometimes tobacco flavours can feel a little elitist, but all of these are accessible whilst still maintaining the integrity of the profiles they are representing.

Tobacco No.1

Tobacco No. 1 epitomises luxury in the realm of e-liquids, delivering a lavish experience with its robust, full-flavoured tobacco essence complemented by a delicate, velvety sweetness”

This is a solid tobacco to kick things off. It is probably the most traditional one of the five, representing a premium blend with a nice balance of earthy organic flavour mixed with a good balance of sweeter notes which emphasis the freshly opened packet of smokes. It is also surprisingly clean tasting, there is little in the way of that ash flavour and feel which many tobacco flavours seem to rely on. This is all about the flavour notes rather than trying to taste like an ashtray!

Debonair Tobacco no.1

Tobacco Gold

“The Tobacco Gold is a rich e-liquid that perfectly recreates the flavour of freshly rolled golden tobacco”

In my past life as a smoker, I mainly smoked roll ups, and even to this day I still love the smell of a newly opened packet of fresh tobacco. Drum was my brand of choice, especially if my other half had brought some back after working in Holland, Dutch Drum was simply the best. Tobacco Gold reminds me of that, fresh tobacco with a rich, almost caramel sweetness. I like a more complex flavour, and I’d say this manages to emulate that well.

Debonair Tobacco Gold

Tobacco Cream

Tobacco Cream - Let the richness of earthy tobacco intertwine with the velvety embrace of creamy undertones for an e-liquid composition that exudes a luxurious flavour profile, a symphony of smoothness and delicacy that will undoubtedly entice your senses”

This one is definitely more of a treat type blend. Whilst the previous flavours have had sweet notes, this time, it was the rich sweetness that hit me first with the tobacco being a bit more laid back. It works really well with a strong espresso, the smooth flavour is a perfect match when you need a bit of “me” time, a moment to really treat yourself. Creamy and indulgent, but it is still easy enough to vape as an all-day juice too.

Debonair Tobacco Cream

Tobacco Cubano

“The Debonair Tobacco Cubano offers a lavish vaping experience. Its inhale boasts a luxurious, nutty tobacco flavour, complemented by the velvety essence of vanilla upon exhale”

For some reason I was expecting this to be a heavier vape, so it was a pleasant surprise to find it is rich yet surprisingly light. I would say it is still the most complex of the flavours though and is one that you get different notes coming forward depending on what gear you are using to vape it with. I like the fresh vegetal notes that underpin the whole blend, but once again it manages to avoid the ash cliché, and I think the blend works all the better for it.

Debonair Tobacco Cubano

Apple Shisha

“Indulge in the grand experience of the Apple Shisha, where a velvety-smooth shisha base harmoniously blends with the exquisite, sweet, and tangy essence of freshly picked green apples”

So far, we have covered a great selection of more traditional tobacco flavours, but now we have the curve ball. I have never smoked Shisha, so I can’t comment on the authenticity here, but I can safely say that I really love this juice. It is going to be a bit of a challenge to describe it and do it justice. You obviously get apples front and centre, but it is so much more than that, there is a silky smooth, fresh twist which reminds me of anise but not quite. It leaves your mouth feeling really fresh and clean like anise does though. In these times where everything seems super sweetened and in your face, it is so refreshing to vape something that is both subtle and complex.

Debonair Apple Shisha

Final Thoughts

Jaunty, carefree, possessing a sophisticated charm… these are just some of the definitions of the word “Debonair”, and I think they sum up the brand well. It is a great mix of complex yet easy going. Tobacco flavours are few and far between these days, so it is a genuine pleasure to get to review a brand new range, especially after a seemingly never ending stream of disposable type super sweet flavours that have taken over the vaping world. If you are looking for something a little different, without being too far out there, I think you should enjoy the Debonair range a lot, I know I did.

If you fancy having a punt of the Debonair range, you can order them direct from Vapoholic. They range from 99p for 10ml of 0mg e-liquid, up to £10.99 for 120ml of 6mg with nic salts shots. The version I tried is just £9.99 which is just incredible value for this level of quality. If you want an even better deal, there is also a complete bundle which is available in all of the offered strength configurations for the crazy price of £34.99.

Many thanks to Vapoholic for sending in the Debonair range for review, and keep your eyes peeled as we will be trying something a bit different with their brand new range of Spirited e-liquids shortly.

Debonair Range

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