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Vape Club sent over the latest Unreal Ice Salts range for Stephen to get his tastebuds tingling

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Vape Club sent the Unreal Ice range or e-liquid over for us to try out.

Here we have another range from Unreal. This one’s Ice, and icy it is indeed. A wee bit digging online tells me that this is another Dispergo Vaping brand, which is good because I’m finding their juices to be very nice indeed.  I’ve already tried their Baa Juice and their Unreal Fruits ranges, and they both gave me things to think about with regards to my own tastes in vape juice.

These are not bar salts style juices, they’re just the flavours with a healthy kick of cool to them, and they’re not filled to the brim with sweetener either. It’s nice to vape on some well-crafted flavours with a bit of subtlety as I’m not always a big fan of ice vapes; the sensation just goes away for me quite quickly, but Unreal have done a good job at keeping the effect going and mixing it well with the flavours they’ve made up.

The bottles have the usual eye catching graphics from Unreal, with the nicotine strength shown at the top right and the flavour itself running down the side of the design. For the purposes of this review, Vape Club sent me the 10mg salts, giving a smooth draw and that lovely kick of lasting cold. 

Onto the flavours then, are they n-ice? (sorry!).

Pineapple Ice

Pineapple Ice nic salt e-liquid by Unreal Ice takes the tropical tang of pineapple and tops it off with a cold hit of ice on exhale”

I started with this one as you can’t beat a bit of pineapple. It’s a good solid pineapple with a medium balance between the fruit and the juice, and there’s a nice tartness to it. The ice is spot on as well, a nice kick before the flavour comes in. I found this juice to be the only one with any amount of additional sweetener in it too, and you’re left with a lingering sweetness once the pineapple taste fades, but it’s not overly done.

Mango Ice

Mango Ice nic salt e-liquid by Unreal Ice is an exotic fruit flavour with a frosty finish, rounding off the sweet and juicy taste of ripe mango with an icy exhale”

This tastes like a mango, as it should. It’s a realistic mango with a very slight perfume to It, but not so much that it distracts from the flavour itself. As with all the range, the ice kick is spot on and it lasts as well, which is good for me personally. I didn’t detect much additional sweetener here, and they’ve let the flavour work by itself.

Banana Ice

"Banana Ice nic salt e-liquid by Unreal Ice takes a ripe, creamy banana flavour and puts it on ice, creating a fruity blend with a chilly finish"

Should a banana be so cold? That’s not for me to answer, I’m afraid, as it’s all down to personal preference. I think this one works. It’s a reasonably realistic banana with a hint of the usual foam banana sweeties. The sweetness isn’t over done, and the flavour works well with the added ice. I must say I hate bananas so this one isn’t for me really, but if you like the flavour, you can’t go wrong here.

Apple Ice

"Apple Ice nic salt e-liquid by Unreal Ice is a fresh-tasting flavour that freezes the crisp and juicy notes of apple with a frosty layer of ice"

I love a green apple, but I’ve always found it quite hard to get that flavour in a vape juice. I think the problem is that a good apple is quite subtle, and that’s what you get with this juice. The ice fades to a juicy green apple, but I found I had to vape on it quite a bit to really get to the base of the flavour involved here. There’s a crispness and, once you have a good shot at it, a nice depth, but you have to work at it, and I’m not sure a lot of people would want to do that. Saying that, I enjoyed this one personally. There’s barely any sweetener but (I hate to say this) I feel it would have been even better with some thrown in there to boost the flavour a tiny bit more.

Bubblegum Ice

Bubblegum Ice nic salt e-liquid by Unreal Ice captures a popular chewing gum flavour, cooling down sweet and sugary bubblegum notes with an arctic blast of ice”

What is it with me and juices I don’t think I’ll like? I left this one till last as I thought it’d be my least favourite. Surprise! It’s not, and it’s really nice. I’ve tried a few bubblegums and did not like them at all but this one…this one just works so well. It’s not over sweetened like a lot of the sweetie juices. It has a nice, sweet, fruity flavour to it, but I can’t quite pin it down. There’s the, now customary, lovely ice to it and a great aftertaste. I’ve been on this all weekend and can’t put it down…damn you Dispergo, damn you!

Final Thoughts

I like that they’ve gone with the ice as the main flavour enhancer in this range. It does seem to work, even with a couple of the flavours that you’d think wouldn’t go too well with ice such as the bubblegum and maybe even the banana. The ice effect is strong and, for once, it lasts for me. The flavours have a certain depth while still being what you expect them to be. A good job again from Dispergo.

Thanks again to Vape club for sending the Unreal Ice range over. You can buy the 10ml salts for £3.99 each or 3 for £10, and the shortfills for £14.99 each.

  • Realistic flavours
  • Blend well with ice
  • Apple perhaps needed a bit of sweetener
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