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Rubeez Kenzi Kandy Box

Is Rubeez Kenzi Kandy box a sweet filled piece of vaping heaven or would you just prefer the real thing?

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Is Rubeez Kenzi Kandy box a sweet filled piece of vaping heaven or would you just prefer the real thing?

Rubeez are a brand that not that many people have heard of yet, certainly not a leading name in the market. However, like most top quality companies, they came from humble beginnings. They started out mixing their own liquids before people started asking where they could buy them from. One thing led to another, a facebook group was launched and the rest, as they say, is history. Moving to a retail location, receiving hundreds of orders online and still maintaining that family run business ideal, Rubeez are a proud member of the vaping community. Maintaining low prices for their high quality liquids, the company, from the heart of west Yorkshire, are passionate about what they do.  

The Kenzi’s Kandy box is rather a special little package to open. Inside you get five sweet based flavours and 5 nic shots for each. The bottles come in the flat pack style to allow for easy delivery, and the bottles seem to have enough room for another nic shot from what I can tell. I used them at 3mg. The labelling is spot on for the flavours inside, and they certainly do bring a little bit of childish optimism when trying them out! The box sells for £22.99 by itself from the Rubeez website, link will be below.  

All liquids were used at different wattages through more than one tank to really get a true experience as an all day vape. So without further ado, let’s jump into it…the Kenzi’s Kandy box by Rubeez.

Fruit Salad

Rubeez Kenzi Kandy Box fruit salad

The sweet that I never chose but always ended up with one or two of in my 20p mix. A fan favourite to some, certainly for me it was just what was left at the end of the bag. 

So Fruit salad is pretty much one of those flavours that you expect to be strong right? This one is no exception, and on the inhale you get a lovely mix of sweet, tropical type fruits come through. The added sweetness to the inhale really sets the mood for this one. Moving on to the exhale and that mix of exotic style fruits is maintained, with the sweetness slightly giving way to leave a lovely blend of flavours in the mouth. Is it just like the sweet? I’d say this one is a little rolled back but that means the coil performance is fantastic as a result, and it is a lovely vape.  

Fruit Pastilles

Rubeez Kenzi Kandy Box fruit salad

Now this was a flavour I was looking forward to trying, being a big fan of fruit pastilles as a kid. I wondered how it would translate over, would it be waxy to emulate the style or would the flavour concentrate on one fruit?  

On the first inhale it hit me, taking me back to being 10 years old and shoving as many of the gummies in my mouth at once. You get a lovely sweet inhale, as you would expect, but the fruits are a fantastic blend that all seem to complement each other. I got strong notes of lime, blackcurrant, orange and raspberry, a whole mix of fruits at the same time. Each flavour seemed to pop at different times on each pull, with the higher wattages bringing out the stronger lime and blackcurrant and the lower bringing out the softer fruits. Moving on to the exhale and the fruit profile didn’t really drop off, it was a lovely strong flavour throughout and coil performance was fantastic. I really enjoyed this one, well worth checking out.  

Nurdz- Strawberry and Grape 

Rubeez Kenzi Kandy Box strawberry and grape nurdz

I must admit, this was never a flavour of nerds I ever tried. For me it was always the sour ones I ended up with so how would Rubeez turn this into a sweetshop masterpiece?  

Starting with the inhale and you get a very sweet strawberry come through, almost candy like, with the odd note of grape underneath. The grape doesn’t overpower and the strawberry is allowed to really sweeten up that inhale for you. It is a lovely artificially styled strawberry as well, perfect for setting the tone of the overall profile. Moving on to the exhale, and the grape does come through a lot more but it is much weaker than anticipated. It slightly takes over from the strawberry and gives that lovely mixed tone throughout it. So overall experience with this one is that the taste does sit a little weaker than you would like but that is not a bad thing. If the grape was overloaded, for example, your coils wouldn’t last very long. So the roll back in strength allows it to be a lovely vape without ever pressuring the cotton.  

Nurdz- Lemonade Sour Apple

Rubeez Kenzi Kandy Box lemonade sour apple nurdz

Now this is more like what I am used to as a kid, the sour notes and the tangy lemon mixed together to form both an enjoyably sweet and a small torture for eating too many at once!

This one to me felt more like a drink styled vape rather than a confectionary, but again that is not a bad thing. On the inhale you get a sharp sweet apple that tastes almost candyish, which overloads you with the sweetened inhale. The flavour comes through well and the transition in to the exhale allows the profile to really come alive. Once you start to exhale, the lemonade style comes through a lot more and offers both a slight tang and sour from the flavours, and it offsets it really well. The lemonade is more dominant than the apple, hence the drink style previously mentioned, but as an apple lemonade it performs really well. At higher wattages you get a bigger blast of the lemonade so this is one to enjoy at around 70W.

Nurdz- Everlasting Gob-stopper

Rubeez Kenzi Kandy Box everlasting gobstopper nurdz

Ahh, the The everlasting gob stopper...the treat for the kid who didn’t have much money. How many of us dreamt of having Mr Wonka’s version? As a kid watching that movie, I always thought what it would be like, although not for too long.  

On the inhale this one is rather different than the rest. You get a very sharp, sweet flavour that is almost sherberty, which is an almost spot on experience with the gob-stopper style flavour. It is a very sweet inhale compared to the rest but rather enjoyable to get that right off the bat. Moving on to the exhale, and this is where the flavour comes into it’s own. It maintains the sherbet style throughout the vape, leaving a sweet taste on your tongue afterwards. My experience with this one however varied on the wattage quite a bit and I am not sure why. On the lower wattages, I was getting hints of an almost tropical flavour shine through, compared to the 100W vape, where the sherbet maintained its profile. Certainly this one is very enjoyable, and one that can be experienced differently however you want to vape it.  


The Kanzi Kandy box is a lovely little mix of different sweet flavours that are very moreish and impressively authentic on when it comes to the profile. What Rubeez seem to have here is a great mix of different candy flavours that appeal to your inner kid and make sure you have an all day vape as well. All of them performed really well and I enjoyed each one, no matter the tank or power they went through. At only £22.99 a box, these will be well worth picking up. 


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