Chris Ashton

Chris Ashton

I have been vaping for nearly 5 years now starting from a simple pen style device all the way now to sub ohm tanks. I'm a stock coil kind of guy, I love the ease of using them over building coils. I quit smoking for my kids, daughter soon to be born and a vape shop had opened up nearby. So I took it as a sign and symbolically, on my son's birthday, picked up my first cheap starter kit. It didn't go well at first but that's another story for another time...


My first ever proper set up was the vision spinner 2 and nautilus mini tank. That set up lasted me around 9 months believe it or not. Until I upgraded like everyone else to the Kanger Subbox Kit and I never looked back. I have had my ups and downs over the years from bad purchases, failures and setbacks but the most important thing is that I have learned. My hope as a fellow vaper is to pass all my knowledge on and help others as they have helped me over the years. 

Nowadays I am a writer, reviewer , Youtuber and long standing member of this fine vaping community. I write as a hobby and review as a fellow vaper. I look to bring unbiased and honest thoughts which I hope you enjoy though my reviews. 

Just remember, vaping is there to get you off the cigarettes so enjoy it and stay safe!

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