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From the manufacturers behind the incredibly popular KRMA RDA comes MISSIONLAB E-Liquid, which is launching very soon! Read on to find out our thoughts on their range!

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Canada based MISSION XV were founded by a group of vaping enthusiasts in 2017, with the goal of creating the most comprehensive and flawless RDA to date. The MISSION XV team are highly active in the vape scene, which helped them develop the KRMA RDA which was released in 2018 and has received highly positive feedback!

MISSION XV set out to produce products that provide high quality products that feature an exclusive vaping experience, that are affordable and accessible to all. They are highly passionate about what they do, and back this up with top level customer service.

Following the KRMA RDA, MISSION XV are shortly releasing their own range of E-Liquids, under the MISSIONLABS label. Initially consisting of three different juices named PURSUIT, EXPLORE and SIGHT, the MISSIONLABS range is produced in Canada to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio from the highest quality ingredients.

The MISSIONLABS range is due to launch imminently in North America, with a UK release to follow very soon. I've been vaping these E-Liquids for the past couple of weeks ahead of launch, and here's what I thought...


Ripe mango with almond meringue

PURSUIT truly is a wonderous E-Liquid, that just works whether vaped in a tank or an RDA! The inhale brings a tantalising note of authentic tasting mango, with the balance absolutely perfect- neither too sweet nor too light. This is followed up with a very smooth and creamy almond note, that pairs with the mango flavouring perfectly. 

This is one E-Liquid that instantly shot into my all time favourites list, it really is that good. I've vaped it non stop for days on end without once getting tired of it! Magical stuff!


Iced melon milk bar

I can safely say that I've never tried an Iced Melon Milk Bar before, but after trying SIGHT out I definitely want to give a real one a go! I really love melons, and SIGHT features an abundance of tasty melon flavouring, with a chilled milky finish to it. It certainly tastes a lot different than many other melon cream E-Liquids I've tried, and it's an absolutely fantastic E-Liquid!


Biscuit dipped in strawberry cream

As a big fan of creamy strawberry E-Liquids, I have got to say that I was looking forward to trying this one the most out of the MISSIONLAB range, and it went straight into the KRMA RDA!

I wasn't disappointed either, from the inviting sweet strawberry smell, to the taste of a rich biscuit with background notes of light strawberry and smooth cream.


Without a doubt this is a range of E-Liquids that is of the absolute highest quality, and it's not just one of my favourite lines of 2018- it's one of my all time favourite E-Liquid ranges ever! Everything about the MISSIONLAB range screams quality, from the classy bottle labelling to the absolutely delicious juice inside. These are not only perfectly suited to the KRMA RDA, but are suited to anything you vape these liquids in.

You can tell that the passion the MISSION XV guys have for vaping has been poured into the MISSIONLAB range, with the end result being three real premium juices that rightly stand up there with the best around. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what else the MISSION XV team have in store for the future!

Many thanks to Kyle and the MISSION XV team for sending the MISSIONLAB range in for review, keep an eye out for its release imminently!

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