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One of the most talked about RDAs at the moment is the KRMA RDA by MISSION XV, and the MISSION XV team have kindly sent us one for review, check out what we think!

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Canada based MISSION XV were founded by a group of vaping enthusiasts in 2017, with the goal of creating the most comprehensive and flawless RDA to date. The MISSION XV team are highly active in the vape scene, which helped them develop the KRMA RDA which was released in 2018 and has received highly positive feedback! Alongside the KRMA RDA, MISSION XV are also gearing up to release their first E-Liquid range, under the MISSIONLAB label, and you can read our review on the range here.

MISSION XV set out to produce products that provide high quality products that feature an exclusive vaping experience, that are affordable and accessible to all. They are highly passionate about what they do, and back this up with top level customer service.

The KRMA RDA is the first product released by MISSION XV, and it has been designed to provide the ultimate vaping experience. From the ground up it has been engineered to offer an unparalleled vape when it comes to flavour, with an attractive design and squonking compatibility right out of the box!


  • 22mm width
  • 22mm height
  • Squonk ready
  • Unique bottom feed toggle allowing you to easily switch between squonking and non-squonking use
  • Leak resistant angular airflow design
  • Whistle free design
  • Two post build deck
  • Deep juice well
  • Building guides, large flat head grub screws and easy lead trap channels for ease of build
  • Stainless steel and black Delrin top caps included
  • Black ultem and amber ultem drip tips included

What's in the Box?

  • Stainless Steel top cap
  • Black Delrin top cap
  • Black Ultem drip tip
  • Amber Ultem drip tip
  • BF pin plug screw
  • Flat head grub screw spares
  • O-ring spares
  • BF pin plug tool

Design and Build Quality

Measuring in with a 22mm width and 22mm height, the KRMA RDA is a low profile rebuildable dripping atomiser that boasts absolutely flawless machining. I couldn't find a single flaw on it, and it arrived spotlessly clean!

You get two top cap options included as standard, which is a really nice touch, rather than forcing you down the route of purchasing separate top caps. A stainless steel top cap is included (my KRMA version is the Bright which features a media blasted finish) for use at higher resistance and low wattage, and there is also a black Delrin top cap included which is for use with low resistance builds and high wattage.

There are also two drip tip options included top, and these can be used on both top caps. Both drip tips are manufactured from ultem, and come in black and amber colour options.

At the base of the deck, the MISSION XV logo is present, along with KRMA and a unique serial number. The unique serial number, once registered, also gives you access to an exclusive owners group on Facebook which gives you a chance to purchase special releases and the first chance of obtaining new accessories. 

You'll also notice a small grub screw at the base of the deck housed in a recess, this is known as the 'bottom feed toggle' and it allows you to switch between squonking and non squonking mode simply by removing the grub screw and inserting it into the bottom feed pin! That way, you never need to remove the bottom feed pin unless you are stripping down the KRMA RDA to clean it.

Building the KRMA RDA

The KRMA RDA is a single coil only RDA, featuring a large build deck, deep juice well and two posts at each side of the deck. The post holes are absolutely huge and it makes it really easy to slot a big coil in, I'm currently using a Clapton coil with a 3.5mm diameter and I had no trouble installing it! The grub screws are of a good size too, and they trap thick coil legs down with ease.


A clever airflow system is used on the KRMA RDA, which maximises airflow to the coil but at the same time it makes the KRMA RDA almost completely leakproof. The airflow hole on each post angles downwards to the coil, meaning you really have to oversquonk hard to get the KRMA RDA to leak out of the airflow holes!

MISSION XV designed the KRMA RDA to offer a restricted lung hit and that is exactly what it does, you can even finely adjust the airflow further by rotating the top cap.


Intended to be a flavour chasing RDA, the KRMA RDA delivers some of the absolute finest flavour I've experienced from any atomiser to date, with a very smooth draw and a whistle free vape too. 

I've been vaping the MISSIONLABS E-Liquid range primary with the KRMA RDA, and the KRMA RDA does an exceptional job of picking out the individual flavour notes in each E-Liquid and delivering them to my palate exactly as intended.

If you are using builds in the 0.2-0.5ohm range then I would highly recommend that you use the black Delrin top cap, as the stainless steel top cap does get very hot when used with low resistance builds!

Thanks to it's leak resistant design, the KRMA RDA is absolutely perfect for squonking, and it has a very generously sized juice well meaning you don't have to squonk your bottle as often!


The KRMA RDA is up there with the very best atomisers around in terms of build quality and flavour, it has become a go-to RDA for me and one that I use every single day.

Best of all for a top performing high end RDA there's no lists to wait on, secret Facebook groups or anything like that needed to obtain one, MISSION XV are ensuring that plenty of stock is available for all!

If you are in the market for a new, high end, squonk capable RDA then I would look no further than the KRMA RDA, as it ticks all the boxes and is an RDA that is built to last!

Many thanks to Kyle and the MISSION XV team for sending the KRMA RDA in for review!

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