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Flawless as F*CK E-Liquids

The rather colourfully titled Flawless as F*CK are a new range of E-Liquids from Flawless. There are two flavours in the range - White and Black. They don't really say what the flavours are so we had to have a go to try and find out!

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Flawless as F*CK E-Liquids

The rather colourfully titled Flawless as F*CK are a new range of E-Liquids from American E-Liquid manufacturer Flawless. At present there are only two flavours on offer in this range but I am sure more will be available in the future. These E-Liquids are mixed to a ratio of 80VG/20PG so you will certainly get excellent cloud production! There are three different strengths currently available: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

The juice comes 60ml plastic bottles that feature a screw on child proof cap. The bottles have a removable seal underneath the cap and also come with attachable nozzles but unfortunately due to an error they were not included with the review bottles.  The labels on the bottles are neat but perhaps not ideally something you want to leave lying around lest you teach your kids a colourful new metaphor. All of the typical information is shown on the labels and the warnings are clearly displayed in a bold font which you certainly can’t miss.

I tried both of these juices in a Wotofo Mini Freakshow RDA that was set up with a 0.8ohm single coil wicked with Japanese cotton.

Flawless as F*CK White

I was kind of left in the dark when it came to reviewing these E-Liquids since every vendor that stocks them describes the juices as dessert flavours but absolutely no one mentions what these dessert flavours are. I guess you could argue that this juice range is singularly unique in the vaping world since it is one of the few that I have come across that is perhaps unintentionally vague about the flavour. Of course it could be that this juice is so completely incredible it would be unfair to compare it to some very mundane recipe made by anyone else!

Joking aside I will say that it is certainly a nice flavour but it is extremely difficult to gauge what it is made up of because there are numerous ingredients and background notes that occasionally stand out. There is a definite hint of ginger or syrup and a touch of toffee or chocolate as well as good background notes of cake sponge. Funnily enough when I opened the bottle I could detect a slightly minty fragrence and there is certainly a slight cooling sensation when you inhale.

Despite the odd combination of flavours (which I might be completely wrong about) it certainly is a very pleasant juice and there is nothing over-powering or overly sweet and sickly which means it would be a really good all day vape if you enjoy dessert themed mystery flavours.

Vapour production was excellent and I found the throat hit in 6mg strength to be mild to medium.

Flawless as F*CK Black

When it came to trying this flavour things were thankfully a bit more obvious since it prominently seems to be a vanilla custard kind of vape. The vanilla was quite strong but still very natural in terms of taste. In addition to the vanilla there are certainly hints of other ingredients possibly some cereal or biscuit that exist as background notes and perhaps a touch of sponge cake. As custard type vapes go I found this a very enjoyable one due to the nice and potent vanilla.

If you like custard/dessert flavours then you will certainly get on well with this! Vapour production was superb and if you chain vape away you will quickly fog up your room.

Throat hit in 6mg strength was mainly medium but did border on a strong hit occasionally.  


Despite not having any idea what I was getting with these juices I have to admit they were very enjoyable. The Flawless as F*CK Black is pretty straightforward but the White variety is like the lucky dip of E-Liquids because while it is really tasty I still have no clue what it is actually supposed to be! However in some ways that is a good thing because quite often we might buy a juice that tastes almost like one we tried the other month at least this way it provides some sense of wonder to your vaping as you’ll certainly get some entertainment out of guessing the ingredients.

Seriously these are very nice juices that put out plenty of clouds and are well worth trying out! Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. You can purchase these juices directly from Grey Haze where they are priced at £19.99 for a 60ml bottle. Remember to use code POTV10 for 10% off your order.


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