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Colonel Boom's Bang Bang Juice

Colonel Booms juices are one of the most highly rated juices on various review websites and are widely talked about as exceptional juices amongst the vaping fraternity. Does the quality stack up? Lets see.

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Colonel Booms's Bang Bang Juice Review

Fire in the Hole! The Colonel is back from duty to bring you the secret delights picked up from around the world and freshly made for your vaping devices. Made right here in Old Blighty we make sure that flavour production is at the forefront of all our Bang Bang juices.

Handmade with military efficiency you can be sure that every bottle is created equally, so after a long day of boots on the ground maneuvers you can get down to the mess hall and chug away on the Colonel’s Finest knowing full well that each juice is made with precision and care...

Attenshun!! Well if that introduction doesn’t get your tastebuds going I don’t know what will.

Colonel Booms juices are one of the most highly rated juices on various review websites and are widely talked about as exceptional juices amongst the vaping fraternity. Does the quality stack up? Lets see.

All of the Colonel Boom’s Bang Bang juices below were provided in 6mg nicotine strength, at a mix ratio of 60 VG 40 PG.


BlackPowder has been created to work across most devices and a wide range of power outputs, at various settings your juice will display different characteristics and flavours indicative of a complex blend, this juice will truly shine in a rebuildable atomiser and a well set up coil. With Anise and Liquorice taking centre stage you find the fruits that shore up the rear set the palate alight with mouthwatering goodness, the effects of the anise are far reaching though and continue to dance around your mouth after the first inhale with that familiar tingle. We use two different types of liquorice, one for the sweetness but also a more natural, root flavouring for added depth.

Tested in many devices it really shines in high performance atomisers – some get more fruit, others more aniseed and others get the full depth of the liquorice root – which will you experience?

I’m definitely in the camp of getting the full depth of the liquorice root, I have been vaping this at 45-55 watts in the Herakles Sub Ohm tank, and 30-35 watts in the Freakshow Mini RDA, but as PlumeBlu says some others will get more fruit, others more aniseed. It tingles, it dances around, and it offers you something different the more you explore it. It definitely gives more than a passing nod to Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts. It’s seriously complex and you will need to really come back to it more and more with varying power levels and builds to explore it fully.

There is so much to discover from vaping BlackPowder, it’s a rich and layered juice that will give you something new each time you try it. Also, with it being anise and liquorice based, it’s a tasty way to help cure the dreaded vapers tongue!


HeadShot is our mentholated option and is a real tongue teaser, blended with peppermint and lime we have tried to keep the menthol levels at a level where it gives that unmistakable menthol power but without the brain chilling cold often found in straight menthol juices. The peppermint adds a depth to the minty flavour overall and rounds off the menthol, the lime creeps in on the inhale and hits your tastebuds with a refreshingly citrus sharpness that customers seem to love.

If you are looking for a tongue tingling refreshing juice, HeadShot could be just the one for you!

HeadShot offers you a strong menthol punch, reminiscent of a Fox’s Glacier sweet, but as per the description it is at a perfect level that refreshes your tastebuds rather than being too overpowering. The lime and peppermint are an extremely welcome addition to the blend, the lime tends to nip at the back of your throat and the peppermint is there helping out with the overall coolness of the vape.

Another juice to treat yourself to if struggling with the dreaded vapours tongue!


An incredibly accurate representation of a sherbet confectionary in the UK called Love Hearts. Historically,this is one of our most popular candy sweets which inspires nostalgia while giving a wonderful fruit vape along with a slight fizz that dances across the tongue. The fizz is coupled to the inhale and is assisted by the slight use of alcohol in the blend which we try to evaporate out during steeping and airation.

This is a complex flavour that has turned from an accidental creation released initially as a limited run to our most popular line in very quick time – it sells out as soon as it comes back in to stock so be quick on the draw!

I've tried a few attempts at recreating love heart sweets before in e liquid and they have always left me feeling disappointed, too harsh and chemical tasting with none of that pleasant fizz that was pleasant with the sweets.

Definitely an accurate representation of love hearts, right down to the fizz that delights your tongue just like the sweets used to as a child!


Comino is another juice that features a slight cooling effect and is based around a delicious raspberry slush with a few titivations to make it interesting.

As well as raspberry and blueberry flavours you get a hit of plum and a sweet apple in the background which makes the whole experience a flavoursome one. With the cooling effect creeping into the mouth and continuing after the exhale Comino is refreshing and vibrant.

As I kid I loved a slush puppy. They just went down perfectly on a hot summers day, that delightful blend of juice and crushed ice are the perfect accompaniment to running around in the sun. Comino attempts to capture this sensation, beginning with a mix of raspberry and blueberry that hits your tongue, the plum and sweet apple adding to the fruity sensation. Comino feels like it cools your tongue as well, just like a freshly mixed slush puppy would. A big trip down memory lane here!

Over The Top

Over The Top is our take on the regular cheesecake, instead of using a raspberry or strawberry we decided on the tangy taste of exotic maracuya.

The initial tang of passion fruit comes on the inhale but is swiftly followed by an abundance of zesty cheesecake that is both rich and luxuriously creamy, following the topping comes the rich biscuit base which plays deliciously with the initial flavours. An incredibly satisfying vape.

The first thing I think of when vaping Over the Top is that this is a really thick, textured vape. Inhaling gives you a sense of having an actual mouthful of cheesecake, with an exotic fruit taste thrown in. It’s a gourmet e-liquid for sure, the kind of thing you can imagine yourself tucking into after a banquet at a fancy restaurant. Now Maracuya fruit I have never tasted before, but it blends so well with the thickness of Over the Top.

Over the Top definitely hasn’t gone over the top with flavouring, its another perfect mix from PlumeBlu. If you have grown tired of the numerous strawberry cheesecake offerings on the market, look no further than this delightful maracuya blend from Colonel Boom’s.

By Jove

By Jove is our take on a quintessentially British summertime dessert and is equal parts delicious and refreshing. Lightly stewed rhubarb fool that compliments the double cream and a hint of vanilla with a lightly chilled effect that makes it feel like the juice has come straight out of your fridge

A firm favourite of fruit lovers and those that enjoy dessert juices, By Jove makes a nice change from standard custards too.

Rather than tasting like your run of the mill Rhubarb and Custard sweets, PlumeBlu have opted to go for a blend of the real ingredients, and it is just so good. The menthol addition is a surprising yet welcome addition which really does give you that sensation that you have just removed the dessert itself from the fridge, and it present from the very first part of the inhale, settling at the back of your throat eventually. PlumeBlu do creaminess so well and it is another vape that just drenches your tastebuds in flavour.

It’s a juice I definitely thought I wouldn’t like, but By Jove, I absolutely love it!!


When war is over and the hardship of rations has ended, a deliciously sweet and tangy blend of ripe fresh strawberries, crisp green apples and zingy kiwi fruit set the tastebuds ablaze with an explosion of fruit loveliness.

In first went strawberry, a cross between a ripe fresh fruit and a sweet candy – mouthwatering and delicious. Next came the green apple, sharp and sweet at the same time which works so well alongside the strawberry and then to really bring it altogether the kiwi fruit really gets those tastebuds tantalised.

Ceasefire is a proper British summer vape, the blend of strawberry, apple and kiwi fruit providing a refreshing delight that would go down perfect with a glass of Pimms whilst watching Wimbledon on the TV! Again this fruit blend tastes more like a proper fruit blend, rather than an artificial mix of fruits, its layered exceedingly well, the strawberry giving way to a mouthwatering pairing of green apples and kiwi fruit that combines with excellence. Fruit lovers, fill your boots. Definitely one to kick back in the garden with!

Pearl Harbor

We get asked to do a custard quite a lot so rather than yet another of the same we made a custard inspired by the islands of Hawaii and their dish Haupia.

Rich and smooth vanilla custard is the central flavour that binds the entire recipe together and yet is not dominating the juices. Bringing a smoothness with it we have an incredibly realistic and luxurious coconut, and have added a hint of caramel to bring in a touch of sweetness and an additional layer. Balancing the flavours, the unmistakable tropical taste of pineapple keeps things a little different and follows the Colonel Boom theme of a top end note of fruit.

Coconut in a custard? Pineapple in a custard? You better believe it, it's found in here and it really does work. I must applaud PlumeBlu for having the ambition to release a custard that it not just your generic vanilla custard, but really offers something no other custard does and has to be one of the smoothest ones out there. There is a perfect balance of the coconut and pineapple, and the caramel just helps deliver one hell of a smooth vape. It feels like you a floating on a coconutty cloud of custard!

It’s a custard that stands out from the rest, purely because PlumeBlu have decided to bring something to the market that offers something totally different from the rest of the dime a dozen generic vanilla custards, and they have come up with something that stands head and shoulders above the rest. There isn’t another juice out there like it and for a custard lover like me this is one of the absolute very best custards available. You want smooth? This is Lionel Richie smooth…

Key West

Fresh from the Keys, our Key Lime Pie recipe harps back to the traditional method and uses fresh zesty limes over a delicious condensed milk based filling and surrounded by a crumbly and delicious crust.

Straight out of the gate the lime zest gets hold of you and brings with it the sweet and creaminess of the condensed milk, we added a hint of vanilla to round out the filling and then the rich crust comes through as it would with a mouthful of the real thing.

We believe this is a juice that will suit most palates, citrus lovers will get the tang, custard and cream lovers have the filling and who doesn’t like a rich dessert base?

Obviously the most prominent flavour on the inhale is the lime, a very zesty and fruity lime flavour is the first thing you notice on the inhale, exhaling gives you a quite strong vanilla taste rounded out by the condensed milk, carried by pie crust. It’s absolutely delightful and very true to life, many have tried and failed to nail a key lime pie juice but PlumeBlu have hit the jackpot here. 

This just is a key lime pie. There are many juices out there that try to nail down the taste of a key lime pie but Key West is the only one I have tried that really gets it. It even tastes light and fluffy but with a pie crust as well to boot.  An incredible vape, not just one of the best lime juices but one of the best juices available full stop.

Marshal's Traite

Attention all fruit lovers! We bring to you a black grape and citrus fruit sorbet flavour which is sure to cleanse your palate and offer a light and refreshing yet flavoursome vape for anyone who enjoys fruit flavours with a twist.

The name hails from Marshal Ferdinand Foch of France who, in 1918, ushered in the First World War Armistice (treaty or traite in French) with German forces to end the war. Marshal Foch went on to have a popular grape variety named after him which is where we drew our inspiration on the unusual name.

Black Grapes are the basis of this sorbet flavour, alone the flavour is quite mild so we balanced a blend of gooseberry for added zing, cranberry for sharpness and a hint of freshly squeezed orange for an unmistakably citrus aftertaste. Throughout this flavour a powdery and sweet marshmallow with vanilla holds it all together to provide a superbly light and sweet fruit dessert experience.

Marshal’s Traite to me really goes heavy on the grape, but rather than the grape being an artificial one it actually tastes like the real thing! The gooseberry adds an actual zing to the liquid, that gives the impression of the juice dancing on your tastebuds. I get the smallest hint of cranberry in the background but there is enough there to discern it, and the orange just blends in perfectly.

The marshmallow and vanilla tends carry the rest of the flavours and linger in the background, and add a sweetness to the zing provided by the gooseberry. It’s a surprisingly refreshing palate cleanser that could easy be enjoyed as an all day vape! 

Coup D'Etat

During the 2014 coup, the Thai Military are likely to have sat down and refreshed with their own version of a fruit salad, a citrus blend of Pomelo, Dragon Fruit and Papaya. Our version is very much like the real thing.

Pomelo is much like a grapefruit with more of the sharp lemon and orange flavours mixed in, dragonfruit is a beautiful, tropical fruit with a flavour of its own and papaya adds sweetness with a little creaminess at the same time.

To recreate the flavour and add additional detail we have sweetened our recipe slightly, the genuine article uses brown sugar and to finish it off we added a dash of lime and lashings of pear which help balance out the prominent flavours.

For those who are unsure as to what a Pomelo fruit is, I actually tried one of these in Indonesia on my travels a few years back and I guess I can describe it, like the above, as close to tasting like a grapefruit with extra citrus. It’s frightening just how spot on Colonel Boom’s have done a Pomelo fruit, it actually took me back to whiling away the days on a Balinese beach! Throw in dragonfruit and papaya as well alongside the pomelo as the dominant flavours, the pear carrying these fruits perfectly, with hints of brown sugar and lime on the exhale, Coup D’Etat is absolute genius. It’s perfectly balanced and an absolute refreshing treat for your tastebuds.

This isn’t just a citrus lovers dream, it's a fruit lovers dream. World class complex fruit e-liquid here, in fact this for me is the new standard bearer for fruit juices.

Coup D’Etat actually took my breath away with how complex and good it is. I actually let a friend of mine try some of this, and I think his thoughts sum it up, he said to me “that is the single best fruit vape I have ever tried”...


I think it’s safe to say that Colonel Booms offer the most interesting juice line there is out there, and one of the most realistic too! Their flavour profiles are absolutely spot on and resemble the real thing almost exactly, they have bought tantalizing flavours from around the globe that you may (or likely) have never heard of before and recreated them in juice form. Vapour production is seriously impressive, even for a 60VG blend, and the throat hit with all of these juices is spot on at 6mg nicotine.

There is some really ambitious juice here but it's been pulled off to perfection, offering you a taste journey quite like no other out there, they hit the mark with everything they have set out to do. The quality is absolutely exceptional, there’s good reason why these juices are very highly rated and have received top marks from reviewers absolutely everywhere!

You can’t go wrong with any of the Colonel Booms juice line, these are must have juices, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them, though By Jove, Coup D’Etat and Key West were particular highlights for me!

All of the Colonel Boom’s Bang Bang juice line are available from www.plumeblu.co.uk, use POTV12 for 12% off your order!

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