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All Day Shorty Short Fill E-Liquids by El Diablo Part II

All Day Shorty is a range of short fill E-Liquids by UK based juice company El Diablo. Rather than repeat all of the same information and so I can get right on with covering the individual flavours, if you would like full details regarding this juice range please read Part I of this review.

I vaped all three of these juices in my Kayfun Prime fitted with a 1.2ohm coil wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton and also in my Hadaly RDA fitted with a 0.5ohm coil using the same wicking material.

Hot Choc

Horchata and cocoa blended to make the perfect hot chocolate.

Now being the ignoramus I am I did in fact have to look up what exactly Horchata is. Apparently it’s Mexican which comes as no surprise since this isn’t the first time El Diablo have used Central American ingredients in one of their juices, I’m sure you’re very familiar with the delicious Mambo. Horchata according to the internet is made of rice, sometimes with vanilla and apparently always with cinnamon

What this juice offers is a fabulous rich hot chocolate experience as long as you apply sufficient Wattage. The dark chocolate taste of the cocoa is superb and combined with the Horchata makes for a unique and very delicious vape experience! At times I could certainly pick out cinnamon and perhaps a touch of vanilla with the cocoa.

88 Vape

Now you can certainly enjoy this as a colder vape but it doesn’t quite come across the same and tends to seem more like a luxury chocolate, so my personal preference was to always ramp up the Wattage. On a cold night when you just want to mellow out and treat yourself this would be the perfect choice!

Vapour production was excellent and the throat hit was mild with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength.

Peaches and Dreams

Succulent, sweet peaches and lashings of dreamy cream.

I’ve always love peach flavoured E-Liquids and this one is exceptional! The juicy sweetness of the peach used is absolutely amazing. It absolutely tastes just like the real thing and once you combine it was the moreish cream you can find yourself addicted to this very quickly and be left wondering where all your juice went!

It is a fantastic and a very smooth vape in a tank and even more outstanding in an RDA where the flavour of that juicy peach really blows you mind!

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Vapour production was spot on and will be unlikely to disappoint. With the juice mixed to 3mg strength the throat hit was mild.

Churro & Jam

Cinnamon Churro and Blueberry Jam

Churro for the uninitiated is a fried-dough pastry found in Spain and Portugal. So what you get on the inhale is a Churro flavour, it’s a bit like a deep fried doughnut sort of taste, combined with a sprinkling of tasty cinnamon which then leads to a mouth-watering flavour explosion of gorgeous blueberry jam on the exhale!

It seemed to me that it does vary a lot on each inhale as to what elements take centre stage and this keeps it interesting. Sometimes you get more of a fried taste, other times more of a doughnut with the cinnamon working in tandem at all times and the then you have the wonderful sweet jam finish which compliments the whole mix so effectively.

I think what really makes this flavour exceptional is the choice of ingredients which I feel offers something uniquely new in a market that can sometimes can be guilty of being a bit samey and this particular mix has a lot of variety. Without a doubt this is my absolute favourite of the six juices I got the chance to try. In a dripper it is an absolutely sublime vape which I thoroughly enjoy every time!

Vape Club

Vapour production was as good as all the other juices and offers more than offer clouds to satisfy. The throat hit was mild to medium with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength.


Just like the first three flavours in this range I had the chance to try out, these were truly incredible and offered a lovely vaping experience!

In my opinion whichever flavour or flavours you choose to try out I would be very surprised if you don’t enjoy these because they are superbly designed and mixed. They also represent excellent value for money.

Many thanks to El Diablo Juices who kindly sent these E-Liquids to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to purchase any of these juices you can get them directly from El Diablo. A 50ml bottle is priced at £10.00 and if you buy three you will get another flavour of your choice for free!

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