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MKNY Nic Salts

Here at Potv, we take our e-liquid very seriously so Si was glad of the chance to MKNY around!

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Supplied by E-liquids.com for review
£3.99 each or 3 for £10

I’ve been quite busy testing out the Bar Liquid 3000 sent by E-liquids.com and so the MKNY range sat neglected awaiting for me to polish off the dregs of the Bar Liquids. I wasn’t expecting too much from the MNKY range, but boy was I in for quite a treat!

MNKY Vape! 10ml Nic Salt Range boxed

There are only six flavours in the range, but it’s a case of less is more as all six were pretty much flavours I would choose anyway, they are all based on popular disposables flavours and all have a menthol ‘Freezy’ kick.

  • Bottle Size: 10ml
  • E-liquid Ratio: 50VG/50PG
  • Device Required: Pod Kits / Starter Kits / Mouth-to-Lung
  • Strengths: 10mg and 20mg

MNKY Vape! 10ml Nic Salt Range boxed and bottles

About MNKY Vape!

MNKY Vape is a UK based e-liquid brand who specialise in creating frozen fruit fusions straight outta the wild! If you're someone who enjoys a cool kick to your flavours, you'll have no trouble finding a new favourite from this jungle-inspired vape juice brand.

I used to hate ‘menthol’ e-liquids and would turn them down, that was until I tried disposables or closed pod systems which are all pretty much ‘ice’ flavours, and for some reason it makes these flavours a much nicer vape as the menthol carries a better flavour aftertaste.

MNKY Vape! 10ml Nic Salt Range for pods

WMD - Weapons Of Mass Consumption

One of the downsides of these type of flavours are the limiting choice of hardware as higher oHm pod/coils tend to gunk up faster due to the sweetness, 1.2oHm coils do struggle but I am finding most 0.8oHm mesh coils handle them much better and the coil is lasting a reasonable amount of time. Though I prefer 1.2 oHm, it’s just not worth the gamble on coil/pod durability.

MNKY Vape! 10ml Nic Salt Range for mods

RTAs using round wire are a bit more forgiving and I can happily vape up to 1.4oHm builds, but you can see the results of over sweetened e-liquids pretty quickly. The good news is you can swap the cotton for a few pence so I tended to rewick every 5ml for the best experience.

For consistency, I ended up using the superb Kizoku Tehmod with the Limit MTL RTA and I was in my happy place, I tested the whole range on this setup and consumed each 10ml before starting the next.

Freezy Pineapple

Features a sunshine-soaked Pineapple fruit flavour blended into a soothing blast of crushed Ice.
Flavours: Pineapple, Fruit Menthol, Ice Menthol

One of the simpler flavour profiles but this can be one of the hardest to get the balance of sweetness/tang right. In all my years of vaping, I have only found one that met my standards, but make that two now. I think the menthol ‘freezy’ kick made all the difference as the inhale was lush but the aftertaste was even nicer and lasted a long time. It is not quite an ADV (All Day Vape) but is close and certainly one of the regular flavours I would re-order.

MNKY Vape! Freezy Pineapple

Freezy Razz

Features an enticing blend between sour Blueberries and tart Raspberries, all intensified by a powerful wave of cool Ice Menthol. An ingenious Blue Raspberry flavour sure to satisfy the senses!
Flavours: Blueberries, Raspberries, Blue Raspberry, Ice Menthol, Fruit Menthol

A common favourite with disposables (Blue Razz Lemonade) and one I was keen to find in 10ml MTL e-liquids, as much as I rate disposables for flavours, I just hate the principle and sheer wastefulness of them. Don’t worry, I’m not about to rant as instead I’m happy to find a guilt free option as they nailed this one with a perfect balance of sweetness and freeze which ends up being an easy ADV.

MNKY Vape! 10ml Nic Salt Range Freezy Razz

Freezy Grape

An exceedingly juicy frozen fruit flavour led by handfuls of rich Grapes and an ice-cold blast of Menthol.
Flavours: Grape, Fruit Menthol, Ice Menthol

This one grew on me fairly quick, it has a quite intense kick at first which I thought was a little overpowering, but after a brief while I found it got very moreish and memorable (as in I really missed this one once I ran out). Again, the freezy element made this flavour really work and it is a surprising ADV. As with all the MNKY range, this one is pretty sweet.

MNKY Vape! 10ml Nic Salt Range Freezy Grape

Freezy Honeydew

A moreish mellow fruit flavour profile that is both creamy and fruity, creating hit after hit of fresh Honeydew bursts mixed into cool Ice.
Flavours: Honeydew, Fruit Menthol, Ice Menthol

This one has a similar strong punchy first impression to the Grape but I really loved how different this one was to ‘normal’ flavours as the Honeydew was distinct and powerful as a stand-alone flavour. Without the freezy element, this one would have been far too sweet but the menthol toned it down perfectly. It is not quite an ADV, but great as a treat to blast your taste buds.

MNKY Vape! 10ml Nic Salt Range Freezy Honeydew

Freezy Guava

An amazingly sweet Guava flavour on inhale, all rounded off by a soothing blast of Ice Menthol to deliver a divine frozen fruit flavour profile.
Flavours: Guava, Fruit Menthol, Ice Menthol

How do you begin to describe ‘Guava’? I just can’t if you are unfamiliar with the actual fruit, but I can tell you that MNKY got this one down perfectly. I don’t eat the real fruit very often but right off the bat I thought; ‘Yep! That’s Guava’ and it’s certainly not guano (bat shit). I really liked how strong this flavour was and it was perhaps the most intense out of the bunch. This made it more of a treat or contrast vape over an ADV.

MNKY Vape! 10ml Nic Salt Range Freezy Guava

Freezy Mango

Takes the freshest Mangoes this side of the tropics and blends them with a sharp and refreshing wave of crushed Ice, delivering hit after hit of exceptional exotic bliss.
Flavours: Mango, Fruit Menthol, Ice Menthol

Ah Mango… One of my all-time MTL eliquid flavours, but not all are created equal and there are only a select few that I rate and happily the MNKY version slots in nicely to one of my favourites, the Mango is VERY distinct and sweet but the freezy menthol makes it a lot more palatable, without the menthol this could be too sickly, but the balance is spot-on and I could happily use this one as an ADV.

MNKY Vape! 10ml Nic Salt Range Freezy Mango

Spanking the MNKY

There are only six flavours, but all of them are strong and punchy and I highly rate all six of them. The thing is this entire range stands out as being quite different due to the intense, strong recipes, and the menthol element tones them down to produce some quite incredible vape flavours and this is one of the first times I’ve found an e-liquid range to better those pesky disposables. For that reason alone, I am very happy. What made me sad was to run out as I genuinely missed them and my ‘normal’ stock of various nic salts tasted bland in comparison.

The downside of reviewing e-liquids is that you quickly move on to the next range and, if I’m honest, you end up forgetting the previous range quite quickly, but I won’t be forgetting the MNKY range in a hurry. I already miss them and I will be re-ordering the entire range when I get a lull, that might not sound too much but trust me it’s high praise indeed as I’m super fussy.

MNKY Vape! 10ml Nic Salt flavours


The biggest pro for me is that this range suits MTL RTAs perfectly. Usually you need mesh to get the most from e-liquid flavours, but the MNKY are intense enough to vape well in DIY tanks, you might need to rewick sooner due to the sweetness but it’s more than worth the effort and tiny costs involved.

Thanks to e-liquids.com for this genuine treat.

MNKY around!

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