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Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates pt 2

We are following up our Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates review with the brilliantly titled Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates pt 2. Thankfully their flavours are way better than our naming conventions!

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Well, I did promise there would be more to come in my last review of the Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates, so buckle up, hold on tight, and join me on a journey to flavour heaven! OK, that sounded a lot less cheesy in my head, but I have been really, REALLY enjoying my time with these little bottles of magic so forgive me if I sound a little overexcited at the prospect of bringing you the second part of our review!

Before we head in, I would suggest giving pt.1 a quick refresh as I covered all the basics there in much more detail, what they are, how to use them, what supplies and equipment you’ll need, etc. The main point I will repeat though is that these are not ready to use e-liquids, they are concentrates that you can use to custom mix your own incredibly tasty e-liquid that not only will hit you right in the tastebuds, but that you can also tailor to your personal vape style.

Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates ready to mix

Pt 1 and Pt 2 only cover seven flavours from their extensive selection, but go and check out their full menu and prepare to have a really tricky time limiting yourself to the selection you need compared to all the delights you are going to want. I have to say it was kind of nice to just be sent a random selection as I’d probably still be trying to whittle things down now! But without further ado, lets get on to the flavours round 2!

Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates range

Grapple Lemonade

“Fancy a lemonade with a twist ? Grapple Lemonade is prefect if you fancy something a little bit different”

I find most lemonade e-liquids a little underwhelming, most tend to err more on the generic weak clear fizzy stuff which is refreshing enough with ice and a slice, but are nothing like real lemonade made with sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice and a sharp twist of zest. To be fair, even a lot of fresh lemonade drinks are poorly made with the wrong balance of sweet and tart, so I am really happy that Grapple Lemonade goes straight for the tang before anything else. You know that sharp sensation you get right in the jawbone that you get with proper sharp flavours? Well this kind of manages to do that.

Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates mixing Grapple Lemonade

Now on its own, it may well be too much, but mixed with some fresh apple and juicy grapes, you get a really balanced e-liquid that is very easy to vape. It has an almost sherbet feel to it too, not actual fizz, but a similar sensation which is amplified by the lightest cool touch. I didn’t expect to enjoy Grapple Lemonade as much as I did, but it makes such a wonderful change from the super sweet juices I’ve become a little too used to. I found the suggest mix of 20% to be spot on, although the website also suggests 14.5% which would probably suit anyone wanted a bit more of a subtle kick.

Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates Grapple Lemonade

Red Reaper

“Bold, juicy berries from deep in the dark forest mixed with sweet anise and an icy finish that'll send shivers down your spine... that's the RED REAPER!”

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. There are obvious similarities on paper with another well loved e-liquid, but it would be breaking bad form to compare them in this review, and quite frankly there is no competition. Where one is just a full frontal assault on your tastebuds, Red Reaper has a lot more subtly and depth. The berries are quite blackberry heavy but with an extra rich something else going on underneath, maybe a bit of a blackcurrant/cherry combo. It is a fragrant mix and one that really gels with the anise which is handled with a light but smooth touch. Once again, the cooling element is nicely controlled to act more as an enhancement rather than a slap in the chops with a sharp icicle.

Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates Red Reaper Mixing

It is also one of those e-liquids which benefits from fine tuning your wattage to bring out different angles to the flavour. It isn’t going to be for everyone, I know plenty of people who hate any anise, but personally I can’t get enough of it providing it is done right, and boy is this one spot on. The other thing to note is that a little goes a long way, 5% is plenty enough to pack in the flavour.

Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates Red Reaper Mixed

Mexican Fried Ice Cream

“This complex mix has been loved by many and once you've tried it you'll see why!”

If you managed to put two and two together from pt.1 of these reviews and have worked out who the mysterious mix masters are behind the Flavour Craver brand are, you will already know how good Mexican Fried Ice Cream is as it is very reminiscent of a classic recipe from back in the day. If you have any suspicion that you know what this is, stop reading now and go and stock up! For the uninitiated though, this is like nothing else you will have vaped. It is a rich, creamy, smooth vanilla cream but with so much depth that you could get lost in the flavour. There is an almost nutty texture with a lightly spiced hint, think the best custard you can imagine and then throw in a generous helping of coconut cream. It is an incredible flavour and could easily make my desert island vapes list.

Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates Mexican Fried Ice Cream Mixing

I have loved all of these flavours, but if I had to pick one to top them all, it would be this one. That is not to put down any of the other concentrates, they are all exceptional, but for me personally, this one just tops it. The recommended amount is 20-30% so I went smack bang in the middle at 25% and it was a delight.

Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates Mexican Fried Ice Cream Mixed

Final Thoughts

I really don’t have much to add that I haven’t already said in this or the previous review, Flavour Craver produce some of the most amazing recipes out there today. It is juices like this that make me so grateful to be a “super taster”. Often being one can feel like a bit of a disability as everything I taste and smell is so intense, overwhelmingly so at times, but when e-liquids are of this kind of high standard and quality, it makes everything worthwhile.

Before I go off on an over emotional tangent, I will just wrap things up here. If you want to give any of these or their other amazing flavours a try, you can get them direct from Flavour Craver. They offer various sizes, but I was sent the 30ml concentrates which are £8 a bottle. When you factor in how much e-liquid you can make, this makes them an absolute steal. If you want to take things even further in the value for money stakes, check out the monthly deals as they always have some amazing offers, and this is another great way to try something that you may not have considered before.

Many thanks to Team Flavour Craver for sending these in for review.

Flavour Craver One Shot Concentrates final thoughts

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