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All Day Shorty by El Diablo Juices Part I

The first set of All Day Shorty Eliqiuds is primed and ready to go! This is a bonkers good value juice that doesn't disappoint.

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All Day Shorty Short Fill E-Liquids by El Diablo Juices Part I

I’m sure most of you are more than familiar with El Diablo Juices. I’ve personally enjoyed quite of few of them, such as the luscious Calavera Catrina, the mouth-watering St Louis and the unforgettable Mambo. Viki who is the creator and owner of EL Diablo discovered a great deal of enjoyment out of producing her own unique blends.

For me personally, I wanted to create juices that give vapers the same kind of sensory enjoyment as one may get from eating a freshly baked, buttercream laden cupcake. The mmmmm factor. Taste is obviously important here but so is the texture or 'mouth feel' that you get when vaping.

Usually Viki’s juices are geared towards a dessert theme but her range is constantly involving, offering new and unique flavours to delight the taste buds. Her latest offering is a range of twelve short fill E-Liquids, three of which I will cover in this review.

The juice comes in either 50 or 100ml opaque black PET bottles which feature child proof top caps and separate attachable nozzles. The labels are bright and bold but more functional and not as beautifully elaborate as El Diablo’s original juices. All of the typical information is clearly marked, including warnings. As mentioned these are short fill bottles containing no nicotine, only flavour concentrate, VG and PG, which means they are fully compliant with the TPD guidelines.

All of El Diablo’s juices use only the best high quality vape safe ingredients sourced from UK and US suppliers. The short fills in this range are mixed to a 70VG/30PG ratio so you can expect excellent cloud production. Filling up the bottles with nicotine is dead easy and for a 50ml short fill you will require a single bottle of 18mg QuickNic or its equivalent to achieve 3mg strength.

El Diablo advises after adding nicotine that you steep these juices for five days for best results. I vaped all of these juices in my Kennedy Trickster RDA which was built with a 0.3ohm Dual Coil wicked with Japanese Cotton.

Fat Twat

A soft and gooey caramel doughnut topped with a strawberry marshmallow drizzle.

This E-Liquid certainly has an amusing name, the question really is whether the juice simply caters exclusively to all those who are heavy laden, or through frequent over indulgence will quickly cause you to in fact become one. Rest assured dear readers that I am already in need of losing a few pounds and after some heavy vaping of this lovely juice, the scales confirm I have neither put on nor lost any weight. But by that token you’re saying “well if you’re already a fat twat how exactly is this helping us reach an informed purchase decision?” Alternatively “how do we even know the scales even work since you might have busted them already fatso?” Actually that’s a really good point so let’s not dwell on that any further and just move on!

This is an absolutely delicious E-Liquid which offers such a moreish range of flavours. Firstly you have the incredibly realistic doughnut which is complimented by a very rich caramel, this then gives way to a delightful fruity strawberry marshmallow.

If you love sweet juices this the kind of flavour that you simply cannot leave alone. No matter how hard you tell yourself “just one more refill”… it is never enough. As you might gather this comes highly recommended, perhaps then after a good amount of vape time we can all be fat twats together!

The throat hit was mild with the juice mixed to 3mg strength. Vapour production was excellent and could not be faulted.


A tall glass of Cherry Cola.

Funnily enough I was trying out some other cola E-Liquids today and was really wishing there was a cherry cola in the range. Then I opened a box full of new things to review which had arrived in the morning post and I was delighted to find this particular E-Liquid. Now Carl Jung would have loved to call that Synchronicity, when events seem to transpire according to your own personal whims. Personally I don’t believe in that kind of nonsense and put it down to extremely good luck!

This E-Liquid offers a truly delicious cola that tastes like a traditional home made variety which someone has put a lot of effort into, rather than some cheap stuff you’ve bought from Tesco. The flavour is distinct and exceedingly enjoyable. There is a subtle fizz present and a small amount of cooling, which is rounded off by an absolutely amazing cherry taste on the exhale!

In my opinion this was really awesome to vape and any cherry cola fan needs some of this in their life!

Now for the record I didn’t follow the steeping advice, if I did that I’d never get anything reviewed in good time, but in all honesty I thought it was great to vape right away. I did return to this juice after leaving it in a dark place for a few days and to be honest I didn’t notice much difference beyond the cherry being a little bit sweeter.

I found the throat hit to be mild to medium with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was brilliant and more like an 80VG mix than a 70VG one.


A smooth and beautifully blended caramel mochaccino.

Another interesting name that not so discretely implies a rather funny comment regarding the cost of coffee. It's rather apt since these chain coffee shops are not exactly cheap. Walk in with a tenner and buy yourself and a friend a cup of coffee and perhaps a bun or two to snack on, and before you know it you’ll be left with about fifty pence in change if you're lucky. I’m actually wondering now what the next hilarious El Diablo coffee juice name will be, Star-Buckies-Intergalactic-Space-Swill maybe? Personally I don’t go in for all these overpriced rubbish coffees, give me a spoon and a half of Nescafe every time and I’ll be totally happy because I’m an uncomplicated creature. Nevertheless I must admit I have a great deal of respect for a juice company with a healthy sense of humour that can make a retail observation while at the same time marketing good quality juice!

Anyway what this juice has to offer is a sublime caramel Moccahino coffee. The coffee taste is perfect and actually quite strong in a dripper, just the way I like it! The caramel is gorgeous and compliments the flavour perfectly. Personally I don’t see how you could go wrong with this one apart from the fact that this particular coffee actually costs significantly more than the chain coffee store brand. The good news is that it goes much further and lasts far longer. Oh and dare I say it… tastes superior too!

It’s actually a lovely smooth juice with a medium to strong throat hit when mixed to 3mg nicotine strength and the 70VG mix ratio ensures superb vapour production.


The first three flavours in this range were absolutely wonderful and I’m really looking forward to trying the others. In my opinion you simply cannot go wrong with these and you really should try them for yourself!

Many thanks to El Diablo Juices who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to purchase any of these juices you can get them directly from El Diablo Juices. A 50ml bottle is priced at £10.00 and if you buy three you will get another flavour of your choice for free - you can also try the code POTV20 at checkout for a 20% discount - and before you ask, yes - you can combine the discounts!

Stay tuned for part II and also a big giveaway when the final set of juices is covered!  

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