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Kayfun Prime by SvoeMesto

The latest in the Kayfun line from SvoeMesto is the Kayfun Prime. This RTA is specifically designed for mouth to lung users. The Kayfun 5 is an excellent tank and I certainly love using mine, but for some it did not do enough to cater to long-term fans who felt the airflow was a massive deviation from the past Kayfun models. Essentially SvoeMesto heavily geared the design of the Kayfun 5 for direct lung inhale or restrictive lung inhale users, and the airflow reduction kit was marketed separately. This further inflated costs and meant that some people buying this tank where left a little disillusioned.

It’s a very valid point to make and now Kayfun have rectified this by producing the Kayfun Prime, which is designed to offer a traditional, definitive Kayfun mouth to lung experience. Only this time around with all the modern comforts vaper’s expect from their atomizers, such as fully adjustable airflow, top filling, juice flow control and ease of build.

So let’s dive right in and see if the Kayfun Prime really delivers what many fans have been asking for!

Kayfun Prime features

  • 22mm Diameter.
  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Length: 45.5mm (Not Including 510 Thread or Drip Tip).
  • Top Fill Design.
  • Borosilicate Glass.
  • Liquid Control (fully adjustable)
  • PEEK Insulator.
  • 2ml Capacity. (Can Be Increased Via Separately Purchased Expansion Kit).
  • Glass and Steel Tanks Included.
  • Six Step External Adjustable Air Flow (From 1mm - 2mm).
  • Small Chamber Size for the Best Possible Flavour.
  • Serial Number for Authentication.

What’s in the box?

  • Kayfun Prime with Engraved Steel Tank.*
  • Glass Tank Section
  • Full Spares Pack Includes (Philips & Flathead Screws, O-rings).
  • User Guide

*Every Kayfun Prime metal tank section features an engraving of a famous city name and emblem. Each city will be featured on a limited number of atomisers and in a celebration of SvoeMesto's roots, the first five will be Russian cities.


Kayfun Prime styling and build quality

The Kayfun Prime is 22mm in diameter and constructed from 316 grade Stainless Steel. The workmanship is beautiful and everything fits together perfectly.

Even though the design is very similar to the Kayfun 5 the overall reduction in height is very welcome. This is mainly because the tank is now 2ml capacity in line with the TPD restrictions. It stands 45.5mm in height which makes it highly compact and it looks brilliant on any device. I had absolutely no problems at all getting this tank to sit flush.

However when the tank is expanded (more about that later) it is still much shorter than the Kayfun 5 which while a very enjoyable tank is a rather excessively tall one, especially when you consider my Taifun GT III is still shorter and holds more juice. As such a new condensed Kayfun is highly preferable in my opinion.

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Included with the Kayfun Prime are a choice of two 2ml capacity tanks, either a Stainless Steel one which is pre-fitted, or a borosilicate glass one. The Stainless Steel tank features a lovely logo representing a random Russian city, with its name beneath it. This of course it’s pure luck which one you will get. My tank has the city name Volgograd (once called Stalingrad) and the logo is of The Motherland Calls, a 249ft statue in the city which symbolises the Battle of Stalingrad. As someone who used to read a lot of books about the war on the Eastern Front I was really pleased!

The main chimney logo is the new one used to represent the Kayfun Prime. It serves as a useful reminder of how far the juice flow is open when using the tank with the glass section. The Kayfun Prime features a highly compact chamber to maximise flavour and is designed for a single coil set up. It features a PEEK insulator and you have a choice of fitting two types of screws. All of the O-rings are of a good quality and you do get replacements in the box.

As mentioned earlier the tank features top filling and juice flow control exactly like the Kayfun 5. Airflow is fully adjustable and while similar to the Kayfun 5 offers a far more restrictive vape. The included drip tip also has a small logo engraved on it and is constructed from Stainless Steel featuring a black PCM mouthpiece. The fitting is a standard 510 so you can easily switch it out to another from your collection.

One thing you do need to know is that while the Kayfun Prime can only be purchased in the UK as a 2ml capacity version, but you are not limited to that. SvoeMesto offer a Kayfun Prime expansion tank which should you want one will have to ordered from outside the UK. The expansion kit consists of a glass 4ml capacity tank which has exactly the same dimensions as the pre-TPD Kayfun 5. Also included is a chimney expansion which easily screws on and a single small O-ring which you need to be very careful that you don’t lose down the sink when cleaning.

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Another thing to note is that the Kayfun 5 top cap will fit to this tank and what’s more the Kayfun 5’s 6ml capacity stainless steel barrel tank also fits.


I’m sure you’re wondering if this is a true mouth to lung Kayfun experience, and the answer is… most definitely! The airflow has exactly the same pip design as the Kayfun 5 but at its most open setting, it is pretty much like the Kayfun 5 with the airflow set to the second smallest hole. As you reduce the Prime’s airflow it becomes ever more restrictive, and trust me when I say it goes way more restrictive than the Kayfun 5 with its smallest airflow reducer.

Now I cannot tell you how it compares to the Kayfun Mini’s airflow because I don’t own one. I do know that I checked out many reviews of the Prime before I decided to purchase it and all of them said it was more restrictive than the Mini. As an owner of a Kayfun Lite Plus and a once owner of a Kayfun 3.1, I can tell you that on its smallest setting this is a very restrictive vape and very much like the older Kayfun’s. It is very much like sucking through a straw in some respects. Now personally I vape it on its second to smallest setting and sometimes I vary things and open it up a bit more. Once in a while I mess around and use the most restrictive setting probably just to experience the nostalgia of the vaping equivalent of a Silk Cut analogue cig that you’ve been forced to put up with, when you likely asked for one after getting through all of your own preferred brand on a heavy night out. I can’t say I ever miss those days!

The airflow works exactly the same way as the one on the Kayfun 5. You push up the airflow ring, turn it to the setting you want indicated by the number of pips marked on the ring and then slide the airflow ring down and into place. Each position locks in so you can’t set it wrong. Keep in mind that you will need to open up the juice flow control slightly to do this. Another issue you might have if you’re getting on a bit like me, is that the marked pips are very small which make them hard to see, but if that’s the case you can easily tell by vaping it and quickly adjust to suit.

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Ease of use

Initially I took one look at the deck and thought it was way too small. I expected it to be very inconvenient in some respects but it was an absolute breeze.

Please note that the screws are not fitted for you and you have a choice of using Philips head or Flathead screws. There are two sets of both included in the box. You might also find that the 510 pin is loose when you first get the tank so remember to tighten that up or your Resistance readings will be jumping all of the place.

I tend to make a coil with a 2mm internal diameter using 28 gauge Kanthal and aim for a Resistance around 1.0 or 1.2ohm. You could certainly use 3mm ID coils but that will be about your limit. I have seen examples of some folks in YouTube using Claptons, don’t ask me, but I guess some like to use them in everything. At the end of the day your choice of build is always your own.


There is nothing fancy about the build and any Kayfun user will be right at home. Just make sure to have your coil positioned about 2mm above the air hole for the best results. Wicking is very straightforward and done exactly the same as the Kayfun 5.

The juice flow control works just like the Kayfun 5. Simply turn the middle section of the tank while keeping an eye of the logo. For most standard juices I make two full turns. Anything thicker I may do two and a half to three turns.

To fill the tank shut down the juice flow control and unscrew the top cap. Squeeze your juice in, then replace the cap before finally opening up the juice flow. Note that the tank can be fully disassembled for thorough cleaning. Lastly when you first get the tank do lubricate the juice flow control and airflow control O-rings.

How does it vape?

The proof is always in the pudding as they say and the first E-Liquid to grace this brand new tank was one of my all-time favourites, Manabush Powwow Sauce.


Now for the record I do personally enjoy the vape I get from my Kayfun 5, but in terms of sheer flavour I feel the Kayfun Prime seriously outclasses it. Powwow Sauce is always amazing no matter what I vape it in. Yet in this tank I honestly thought for a minute I was vaping it in my GP Heron 1.5, which is the RTA that Martyn owner and creator of Manabush originally designed it for. I really found myself doing a double take because the flavour layering worked beautifully! The distinct tobacco, creamy custard, hobnob biscuits and the lovely lashings of maple sauce. That maple oh my goodness did that taste so fantastic!

As you can guess that 2ml certainly vanished quickly, so I thought to myself about what else I could put in there. Once again my recent Manabush order was to hand and this time the Mojave Dessert got vaped way too fast. The flavour was truly delightful and I had no complaints at all. I even got tempted into putting the Prime on the most restrictive setting because that yielded extremely intense flavour and plenty of heat which I really enjoyed.

This drive is always the same whenever I get a new tank and I rapidly moved on to other flavours including VGOD Cubano and Coco tobacco E-Liquids. Rest assured that the Kayfun Prime has no issues with high VG juice as long as you open up the juice flow sufficiently.

I’ve put fruit based E-Liquids in this tank, tobacco’s, desserts, even some menthol vapes and not one has been a disappointment to me. Now for the record I do personally enjoy the vape I get from my Kayfun 5, but in terms of sheer flavour I feel the Kayfun Prime seriously outclasses it. The reason is chiefly the much smaller airflow, the highly compact chamber and the shortened chimney.

At some level I suspected that when I finally received the tank expansion and fitted it that might compromise the flavour, but that wasn’t the case at all. The vape is a touch cooler certainly but that’s about all. The advantage of the expansion is the obvious one that I can vape my E-Liquid for longer without refilling, and you’ll know yourself whether greater capacity is a requirement for you.


The 2ml capacity might be a deterrent to some but given how I have suggested you could solve this potential problem for yourself, it’s not that big a deal! Of course it will cost you about another £15.00 on top, plus potentially delivery costs, but I was quite prepared to do that because I don’t really have much use for a 2ml tank. At least not when I can easily increase that to 5ml or even 6ml capacity. To be totally fair the 2ml capacity isn’t too bad at all if you’re a modest vaper and providing you are using a coil in the region of 1.00-1.50ohm. The top filling is pretty quick and convenient which does alleviate the limited capacity to an extent. Some of you might even prefer keeping in in standard mode simply due to its wonderfully compact profile, and I have to admit that does look very attractive on my mods.


I feel that this tank is beautifully made and it vape’s exceptionally well. The flavour in my opinion is superior to the Kayfun 5. It truly offers a true traditional mouth to lung experience, and the airflow has a good amount of variety. In many ways it is the equivalent of the Kayfun Lite Plus with all of the typical modern conveniences we have grown to love. In some ways it also reminds me in flavour terms and the amount of heat when using the stainless steel tank of the vape I get from my GP Heron 1.5.

Since this is a very expensive tank I have tried to be as detailed as possible in this review. If the price is quite acceptable to you and it fulfils your requirements, then definitely buy it, because it is a lovely tank and I find myself using it often in rotation with my Kayfun 5 and my Taifun GT III.

I purchased the Kayfun Prime from Crème de Vape and they are the sole stockist of this tank in the UK. I purchased the tank expansion kit from SvoeMesto in Germany, since I also needed some replacement parts for my Kayfun 5. Having checked online at the time I noticed that the expansion kit could also be ordered from some Canadian vendors and I believe Le Petit Vapoteur in France who are always a great store to order from, were due to get them in.


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