Vaping News

The ongoing saga of Stanton Glantz’ sexual harassment disciplinary process takes another step with the release of a confidential letter to one of his alleged victims
11.11.2019 by Dave Cross
“No one should be put off vaping if it helps them quit tobacco”, concluded Channel 5 news as it aired the most reasonable coverage of vaping to date
08.11.2019 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance has written to London mayor Sadiq Khan on the subject of the vape advertising ban on the London Underground
08.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Masquerading as a piece of journalism, Bloomberg news paints poor Portland State’s David Peyton as a victim because people dared peer-review his shoddy work
07.11.2019 by Dave Cross
The impact of vaping juice bans and restrictions is a wake-up call for the New Zealand Government, according to vape company Alt New Zealand
07.11.2019 by Dave Cross
ETHRA member SOVAPE hosted the 3rd ‘Sommet de la Vape’ in Paris, where experts discussed vaping as a way to provide millions of years of healthy life to millions of ex-smokers
06.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital Trust and the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby, are both successfully pushing original ideas to reduce tobacco-related disease
06.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Ireland has instituted a number of measures to restrict the sales of tobacco harm reduction products across the country
05.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Public Health England offers clarity on the issue of vaping and lung disease in the United States as the Centres for Disease Control lets down its public
04.11.2019 by Dave Cross
U.S. Armed Forces have banned the sale of vape products from all the shelves of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and the Navy Exchange
01.11.2019 by Dave Cross