Vaping News

Latest study finds vaping works twice as well as patches or gums and crushes gateway conspiracies
31.01.2019 by Dave Cross
Crank organisation Parents Against Vaping has called for the America’s teens to be medicated
30.01.2019 by Dave Cross
The Truth Initiative pushes a ‘Text to quit vaping’ initiative in schools
30.01.2019 by Dave Cross
Clive Bates has issued an epic 6700-word demolition of the teen epidemic claims and highlights what is going wrong at the FDA
29.01.2019 by Dave Cross
The Primary Care and Respiratory Society has released a new tobacco dependency guide for healthcare professionals
29.01.2019 by Dave Cross
Norwegian academics Rikke Tokle and Willy Pedersen have looked at e-cigarettes, vaping subcultures and vaper identities
28.01.2019 by Dave Cross
Manabush Cafe Burglary 27/1/19 - 3.21am – Can you help?
27.01.2019 by Dave Cross
The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World has written to the World Health Organisation about the need for a collaborative effort
25.01.2019 by Dave Cross
Stanton Glantz’ comments on research conducted by Levy et al have been systematically ripped apart by David Levy
25.01.2019 by Dave Cross
Vaping can be resolved without patches, drugs or going cold turkey, claims an organisation hoping to profit from American hysteria
24.01.2019 by Dave Cross