Vaping News

Banned On The Run

These are the global events of note this week.

Pay Per Puff Patents

An accusation often levelled at original manufacturers is that they have no patent protection, is this true?

Oil Go Back To Smoking

Employers face tough decisions on how to treat vaping at the workplace.

Vape Mail Fail

Big T company acts irresponsibly by sending out unsolicited samples in the mail

Neurons and nicotine addiction

Further research into nicotine and addiction highlights neurons in the brain

Vaping Brains

Scientists from Imperial College London have been using magnetic images of the brain to look at nicotine addiction.

Word of the Year 2014: Vape

The 2014 Word of the Year is - Vape

Ecig Advert Banned

New advertising guidelines leading to confusion over how vape should be portrayed.

The Advert and a Cast of Thousands

VIP advertise on ITV, some wish the ECIG was kept on the QT

Funding Research

Crowdfunding, Farsalinos, research and the formation of the E-Research Foundation