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The Prime Minister was questioned about advertising on football shirts, Andrea Leadsom spoke about fertility, and Rachael Maskell has a problem with addiction

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Artificial Intelligence and Willing Stupidity

A research paper from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland claims that artificial intelligence has discovered a cocktail of toxins in vape products

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ASH Highlights the New Cost of Smoking

Latest figures from the charity Action on Smoking and Health show that the cost of smoking in England is up 25% to at least a whopping £21.8 billion

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Still Failing in Australia

The Australian approach to vaping is categorically failing, according to the Australian Association of Convenience Stores

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THR Hailed as Fag Sales Slump

A new GSTHR Briefing Paper praises the “startling power of tobacco harm reduction” as cigarette sales halve in Japan

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UKVIA Writes to MPs

UKVIA sends a letter to MPs about the incorrect information presented to the Tobacco and Vapes Bill Committee

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Trailblazers Slash Global Smoking Rates

The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates champions a trailblazing approach to slash smoking rates to build on successes

Politics & Campaigns

The Chamber of Misinformation

The UK Vaping Industry Association has railed against the “so-called stakeholders” who presented oral evidence to the Tobacco & Vapes Bill committee

Health & Studies

Smoke Free Sweden Launches Landmark Report

Smoke Free Sweden launches a landmark report proving that high nicotine use does not lead to high rates of health issues

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Act Urgently Eu Urged

EU health ministers are being encouraged to act urgently and embrace science-based tobacco harm reduction strategies by the World Vapers’ Alliance