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GFN 24: Next Week

The only global tobacco harm reduction event that covers vaping and includes consumers in its vision begins online for free and live in Warsaw next week

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WHO Is Failing at Lifesaving

The World Health Organization is failing to recognise the lifesaving qualities of smoke-free nicotine alternatives such as vapes, according to Smoke Free Sweden

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Misperception Epidemic on World No Tobacco Day

The World Vapers Alliance addressed the "Misperception Epidemic" on World No Tobacco Day

Politics & Campaigns

Football Sponsorship Under Attack Again

Vape company Totally Wicked has been sponsoring Blackburn Rovers Football Club since 2018 but some politicians do not like it

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World Vape Day Championed

The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates championed World Vape day, calling for truth and tobacco harm reduction

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Vape Tax Warning

The UK Vaping Industry Association is warning that taxing vapes by nicotine strength will lead to more smokers and discriminate against the less well-off

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WHO Hits Out At Vaping Again

The World Health Organization’s Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has put his name to yet another attack on vaping, ASH shows how far it has fallen, and an expert speaks sense

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ASH Scotland Goes Cancel Crazy

ASH Scotland has tried to cancel independent vaping industry voices, claiming they represent Big Tobacco and therefore breach a global treaty designed to eliminate influence of health policies

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World No Tobacco Day Warning

A warning about a ‘misperception epidemic’ on World No Tobacco Day has been issued by campaigning group the World Vapers’ Alliance

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Vape Shop of the Future

The Tobacco and Vapes Bill has temporarily fallen, but the “Vape Shop of the Future” highlighted its flaws shortly before the general election killed the legislation