In a world-first, Planet Of The Vapes has gone undercover to conduct an investigation into ‘fancy-sounding fruity flavours’ and produced findings that will shock the United Kingdom (and the world) to its core
12.09.2023 by Dave Cross
Trade magazine The Grocer is predicting a ban on disposable vapes in the UK and blames the sector for not doing enough to prevent it happening
01.08.2023 by Dave Cross
GFN kicked off in Warsaw with a workshop addressing vape related environmental issues but the solutions appear to remain in the future
21.06.2023 by Dave Cross
The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Advocates is calling for an approach that ensures a responsible role for disposable vapes to play in tobacco harm reduction
22.05.2023 by Dave Cross
Vapers need holidays too – but what can they do when the country they’re visiting has taken a blinkered approach and banned vaping?
24.04.2023 by Dave Cross
Geek Bar is proudly announcing the launch of its new E600 range in the United Kingdom, but makes no mention of how it is combatting the problems of single-use plastics and lithium waste
22.08.2022 by Dave Cross
It is clear to anybody observing the vape debate that many within tobacco control are prepared to bend the truth – the question is why?
27.05.2022 by Dave Cross
The Guardian newspaper is promoting a warped viewpoint on vaping and a ridiculous report, painting them as reasonable contributions to the harm reduction debate
28.04.2022 by Dave Cross
Michael Landl of the World Vapers' Alliance writes about World Vape Day 2021
17.05.2021 by Dave Cross
Planet of the Vapes hosts an op-ed by Bengt Wiberg, one half of the Snusrevolution podcast
30.04.2021 by Dave Cross