It is clear to anybody observing the vape debate that many within tobacco control are prepared to bend the truth – the question is why?
27.05.2022 by Dave Cross
The Guardian newspaper is promoting a warped viewpoint on vaping and a ridiculous report, painting them as reasonable contributions to the harm reduction debate
28.04.2022 by Dave Cross
Michael Landl of the World Vapers' Alliance writes about World Vape Day 2021
17.05.2021 by Dave Cross
Planet of the Vapes hosts an op-ed by Bengt Wiberg, one half of the Snusrevolution podcast
30.04.2021 by Dave Cross
Dr Thomas Nahde writes on Imperial Brands’ presence at the virtual Endoprothetik-Congress where the company talked about tobacco harm reduction
31.03.2021 by Dave Cross
While Britain got so much right, the rest of the world appears locked in to getting it wrong. Are they acting out of malicious intent or unwitting ignorance of the consequences?
05.03.2021 by Dave Cross
Maybe the public health nuts are correct, maybe we should be working towards a zero-risk world? We explore an issue of global importance far outstripping that of vaping
12.02.2021 by Dave Cross
This is the story of Dr America, the superhero the United States didn’t know it wanted - well, it still doesn’t, but he’s here and he’s going to do some serious hero stuff
15.07.2020 by Dave Cross
The University of Oxford's Jamie Hartmann-Boyce sets the record straight regarding vaping, heart disease, and the impact of the Glantz study despite its retraction.
02.03.2020 by Dave Cross
VICE reporter Alex Norcia looked at why the UK hasn’t collapsed into hysteria over the American lung outbreaks
16.10.2019 by Dave Cross