The Current State of the Nicotine Salt Market in the UK

Nicotine salt E-Liquids first appeared for sale in the UK market over a year ago now, but how does the nicotine salt liquid market look today?

Polarised Debate Continues

Little common ground continues to exist between the pro and anti-vaping lobbies in the media.

No Easy Answers

How could public vape-related health policy making be better?

Simon Conflation

Simon “Conflation” Chapman is the master of mixing fact with fiction in his trolling crusade against vaping.

7 Reasons Why The Debate Is Bad

Advocacy, argument, debate and the art of swearing at strangers.

I Don’t Like It

Let’s be honest, this is about the limit to ecig objections.

Vape Drama

Vape drama escalates through social media.

Video: Professor John Britton: Protecting bystanders

Policies and practice on use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public places: towards a consensus

The Only Way Is Ethics

The American Council on Science and Health, and Gilbert Ross in particular, vocally support ecigs. But to what level does their funding from Big T and Big P harm our cause?

Smarting McKee

Martin McKee passes comment on the recent VIP advert while forgetting the powerful words he wrote on denialism.