Little common ground continues to exist between the pro and anti-vaping lobbies in the media.
11.02.2016 by Dave Cross
How could public vape-related health policy making be better?
30.10.2015 by Dave Cross
Simon “Conflation” Chapman is the master of mixing fact with fiction in his trolling crusade against vaping.
29.10.2015 by Dave Cross
Advocacy, argument, debate and the art of swearing at strangers.
14.09.2015 by Dave Cross
Let’s be honest, this is about the limit to ecig objections.
11.09.2015 by Dave Cross
Vape drama escalates through social media.
21.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Policies and practice on use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public places: towards a consensus
11.03.2015 by Dave Cross
The American Council on Science and Health, and Gilbert Ross in particular, vocally support ecigs. But to what level does their funding from Big T and Big P harm our cause?
20.01.2015 by Dave Cross
Martin McKee passes comment on the recent VIP advert while forgetting the powerful words he wrote on denialism.
21.11.2014 by Dave Cross
Inspirational words from the vaping world's leading scientists
24.10.2014 by Dave Cross