New Disposable Still Missing The Mark

Geek Bar is proudly announcing the launch of its new E600 range in the United Kingdom, but makes no mention of how it is combatting the problems of single-use plastics and lithium waste

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Geek Bar has gone from unknown manufacturer to a leading company in its vape market sector. In proudly announcing the launch of its new E600 range in the United Kingdom it makes play of the advantages this line of products offer users - but is still making no mention of how the company is combatting the twin problems of single-use plastic pollution and lithium-ion batteries being cast off into the non-recycling waste system.

The E600 range is a “smaller, lighter successor to the popular Geek Bar product that established the brand”, according to the company. It has a “new, soft mouthpiece”, “a smaller battery (400mAh)”, and will be “cheaper to buy” at £5 per unit in the United Kingdom.

That lower price point may help to persuade people to adopt vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco, particularly at a time when incomes are being squeezed,” they say. Adding: “The E600 comes in the company’s newly designed packaging, which features a more visible age restriction warning against sale to minors.”

There is no doubting the advantages these type of products offer to some users. For example, those looking for simplicity and ease of use or users without access to charging points.

But the claimed low price point ends up becoming an exceptionally expensive way to vape for those who use disposables on a regular basis compared to refillable atomisers and bottles of e-liquid.

Despite concerns having been raised about the pollution caused by disposable vapes – not to mention the danger and toxic aspects of binning lithium-ion cells into the nearest bin – Geek Bar remains focussed solely on its approach to combatting counterfeiting.

The re-design also incorporates a prominent security code which retailers and consumers can use to check the authenticity of the product and ensure they are not buying a fake product.”

This is emblematic of a stance that seeks to address the concerns of a small group of politicians and tobacco controllers; one that is geared towards maintaining smooth access to a regulated market. Even here, it appears Geek Bar is misjudging the mood music by launching products containing 20mg/ml “unicorn milkshake” and “jungle juice”. Action on Smoking and Health being one such body that has called for an end to product descriptions such as that.

Planet of the Vapes has always been in favour of all tobacco cessation products. No matter who makes them or how they work, if they assist smokers to quit their habit then they had done a good job. Whatever works for you, works for you.

But Geek Bar are now sadly lagging far behind the progressive disposable manufacturers like Riot Labs. While Riot has addressed how their products are made and recycled, Geek Bar continues to avoid the conversation or make any effort to limit its impact on our environment.

Geek Bar has the power and finance to make an immediate impact in this area, but it is choosing not to. It has been over 12 months since Planet of the Vapes was told we’d be “hearing soon” about its recycling plans. It’s not good enough.

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