Health & Studies

Research by Giannouchos, Sussman, Mier, Poulas, and Farsalinos adds to the evidence that nicotine is playing a role in reducing the risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms
10.06.2020 by Dave Cross
The UK Electronic Cigarette Research Forum has presented comment on some recent vape-related studies
10.06.2020 by Dave Cross
Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health have found that non-smoker vapers chances of using cigarettes isn’t increased by ‘child friendly’ vape flavours
08.06.2020 by Dave Cross
University College London’s Dr Lion Shahab and Dr Aleksandra Herbec would like POTV’s vapers to help with a study looking at lifestyle choices during the COVID pandemic
07.05.2020 by Dave Cross
Jessica Fetterman led a study that celebrated vaping damaging the lungs, published by the American Heart Association, but it runs contrary to other research
30.04.2020 by Dave Cross
UKECRF casts its eye over the latest studies on electronic cigarettes, offering its opinion on four specially selected papers
10.04.2020 by Dave Cross
The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World has released its Global State of Smoking Poll for 2019
19.03.2020 by Dave Cross
UEA researchers are evaluating a free ecig scheme in Great Yarmouth
16.03.2020 by Dave Cross
UK Electronic Cigarette Research Forum has released its latest Cancer Research UK-funded vape research briefing
13.03.2020 by Dave Cross
A new study looking at vaping during pregnancy and comparing it with non-smokers/vapers has been published in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
17.02.2020 by Dave Cross