Health & Studies

A new study linking vaping to criminal behaviour and juvenile delinquency is possible one of the stupidest research papers that will be released all year
06.06.2019 by Dave Cross
Last week’s flavour study conducted by a Joseph Wu-led team at Stanford University has been debunked by Doctor Konstantinos Farsalinos
05.06.2019 by Dave Cross
Researchers at University College London have published a new paper that says vaping is three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy
30.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Respected and experienced clinician leads flawed heart study that fails to compare risks of juice flavour agents to the smoking alternative
29.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Two studies from Scotland and Wales knock claims that vaping could renormalise smoking and be a gateway to cigarette use.
29.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Researchers at the State University of New Jersey have conducted a study looking at people who “smoke e-cigarettes” and want to quit
24.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Dr Abby Hunter, The UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies, is looking for further help from vapers in identifying priorities for future research
21.05.2019 by Dave Cross
The British Medical Journal carries article from NIHR Signals that celebrates Peter Hajek’s acclaimed efficacy study
17.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Coming to your favourite news outlet soon: nonsense about methemoglobinemia thanks to a case study in America
14.05.2019 by Dave Cross
“Whack-a-mole” politics is producing legislation that drives teen vapers to using cigarettes.
03.05.2019 by Dave Cross