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YOLO Mesh Bar Disposable Vapes

You only live once, unless you are 007! But you don't need to be a secret agent to try the YOLO Mesh Bar disposable vapes

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YOLO have been cranking out the flavour with their disposables range for a couple of years now, so they know a thing or two about what single use vapers want. Now they have come back to take things up another notch with their new Mesh Coil range, and kindly sent them over for us to try.

Back in 2021, when YOLO was first unleashed, there wasn’t the massive choice of disposable vapes around that there is now. It was a brave new world. But things have moved on considerably so what makes YOLO Mesh Bars stand out from the crowd? Well first and foremost, is flavour, but we will get on to that a little later. But great flavour means nothing if the hardware can’t deliver, thankfully these have a few tricks up their sleeve.

First up, we have the actual design. It is amazing how the slightest difference in size and feel can really make an impact when it comes to the user experience. The YOLO Mesh Bars are slightly chunkier than some disposables, personally I like it as I find some tube shaped disposables can feel a little flimsy and lightweight. I prefer something that feels more reassuring in my hand. The outer sleeve also has a smooth rubberised feel which looks great but also means you always get a good positive grip when you are using it.

The battery is a decent 550mAh so should easily manage to provide the estimated 600 puffs. Of course, this is just a guide, and it will depend on how you vape. If you only take tiny puffs, you may get more, and if you try to fill your lungs up, then you may get less. But I would say, you should have no trouble getting something close to the estimate. It is also a fine balance of battery life versus e-liquid levels, you don’t really want to run out of one before the other, and I started to notice a slight drop off in flavour just before the battery went so, I think YOLO have got it just right.

The base has a light and three vent holes just in case something unexpected happens to the battery. Whilst you would have to be very unlucky to have a serious battery failure, it is good to know that safety has been taken seriously. The light is a little pointless on some of the colour variants as the darker ones weren’t easy to see, and during strong daylight, I couldn’t make anything out. But it will tell you when the battery is done. The bottom is slightly domed, and I was a little worried that it would make things unstable as I like to stand my vapes up on the side table when they are not in my hand or my mouth, but they all stood up surprisingly well.

The mouthpiece looked a little wide at first look, but it was surprisingly comfortable. It has a nice contour at the base which means you can rest your whole lip very comfortably at the right angle. I know some people like to vape at 90 degrees, but I like a more relaxed angle and the shape really suited my style.

YOLO Mesh Bar Disposable Vapes boxed

Getting Started

I think we all know how to use a disposable vape by now, and the YOLO Bar is no different. They come in a presentation box, and inside you will find the bar in a sealed wrapper. Rip off the top to get it out, then peel the base sticker and flip out the bung in the mouthpiece, and you are ready to do. They are draw activated so all you need to do is take a puff and you are set.

YOLO Mesh Bar Disposable Vapes ready to use

The first couple of puffs may be a little more intense when it comes to the flavour, this is pretty standard with most disposable vapes and will settle down quickly. You will also find the flavour is pretty strong here anyway, this is due to the mesh coil which means you will get a much more flavourful vape than you would with a more basic round wire coil. This should give you a much more vibrant and satisfying vape.

The vape itself is quite tight, definitely a mouth to lung draw. This means that you inhale the vapour into your mouth before you suck it down to your lungs, much more like a natural cigarette like draw, so if you are new to vaping, this will feel much more instinctive.

YOLO Mesh Bar Disposable Vapes flavours

The Flavours

Altogether, there are a massive 21 flavours to choose from, so there is bound to be something for most people. I was sent nine of the newest additions to the line-up.

Cranberry Apple Raspberry – Surprisingly you can really taste all the flours here, the sharp cranberry hits first, then the juicy apple creeps in followed by a sweet but natural raspberry. There seems to be a light cooling effect, but it isn’t too powerful, just enough to freshen things up.

Rhubarb Raspberry Orange – Things weren’t so clearly defined this time, the orange hits strongest and the rhubarb and raspberry are there to give things a different twist. It is an unusual mix for a disposable, it is always good to see something a bit more unusual.

Red Apple Ice – This is one of the nicest apple vapes I’ve had for a long time, very fresh and natural tasting. I thought the ice might get in the way, but it compliments it well. It is a seriously juicy, fresh vape and I could happily vape this all day.

YOLO Mesh Bar Disposable Vapes round 1

Strawberry Guava Kiwi – I wasn’t quite as keen on this one, the strawberry and guava were tasty, but the kiwi didn’t quite gel so well. I think it would work with one of the other fruits, but all three together was a bit too much.

Blueberry Raspberry – This one is a more laid back flavour combination, with a light floral blueberry mixed with a sharper, sweeter raspberry. When you want flavour but don’t want it to be too intense, this is a great option.

Cherry Cola – I think this is my favourite, although I may change my mind as there is another contender (taste being subjective, this is just my personal take). It is a completely accurate cherry cola, but unlike e-liquids in a tank, it doesn’t get that burnt taste, it stays true right to the end. It is superb.

YOLO Mesh Bar Disposable Vapes round 2

Blueberry Raspberry Cherry – This is another great combinations of three flavours that naturally just go together perfectly. It is quite a thick, rich flavour, heavier than the others that I was sent, but I like more decadent flavours. There is no chemical afternote which is common to cherry flavours, so I’d say it is another winner.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry – This is quite a different beast to the last one, even though two of the three flavours are the same. The strawberry gives it a sweeter flavour, it is a lighter vape for it. Which one you prefer, will come down you your preference.

Gummy Bear – Whilst I said Cherry Cola was my favourite, I think it may be a tie as this one is pretty close. It has the right balance of sweet and sour and has a slight citrus tang which gives it the gummy flavour. It is another easy all day vape for me.

YOLO Mesh Bar Disposable Vapes round 3

Final Thoughts

With so many disposable vapes on the market, it can be pretty hard to decide which ones to choose, but the YOLO Mesh Bars offer consistently great flavour and reliable performance. Not only that, but with 21 flavours to choose from, you aren’t going to get bored any time soon.

They only come in one strength, 20mg, but this is the most common level and will satisfy most peoples’ nicotine cravings.

If you want to give the YOLO Mesh Bars a try, you can order them from our friends at for £4.49 each, but you can also take advantage of their mix & match offer, so if you buy 5, the price drops to £4 each. The other bonus of buying 5 or more is that once you hit £20, you will also get free shipping too!

Many thanks to for sending these in for review.

YOLO Mesh Bar Disposable Vapes range

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