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Roar X Disposable Vapes

If only there was an easy way to recycle your disposable vape.....oh wait there is! We check out the modular Roar X disposable vapes to get the full breakdown

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Roar X Disposable Vapes

Roar X Disposable Vapes


Our friends at Vape Club are really leading the way when it comes to offering alternatives to traditional single use disposable vapes, and they have sent us a few different ones to play with. This time round we will be looking at the Roar X from Roar Labs which, whilst still being a single use device, makes recycling it a doddle!


Roar X Disposable Vapes boxed


Unboxing and First Impressions


If you were just looking at the box and packaging, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Roar X was just like any other disposable, but once you open the rip top package, you will very quickly see that things are positively different here. The most obvious thing is the absence of plastic. The outer tube is made from a thick and rigid cardboard, and the base and mouthpiece are both soft silicone. It still manages to look good, and although it has a different feel from hard plastic, the choice of materials works really well. In fact, I ended up preferring the squishy rubberised mouthpiece, it always feel like the temperature is perfect and it has just the right amount of resistance when you put it between your lips.


Roar X Disposable Vapes vape ready


Underneath the exterior is where things really get interesting though. You get your first real glimpse when you are getting ready to start using the Roar X as you have to deactivate the child lock which basically means you pop off the bottom cap, remove the 400mAh battery and flip it round before refitting it. Yep, you read that right, you remove the battery! It isn’t the only removable part either, in fact everything can be easily broken down until you are left with an empty tube, a battery, a small section of electronics, the atomiser and e-liquid capsule, the end cap and the mouthpiece. The Roar X is a totally modular design which has been made to be easy to take apart so you can recycle as much of it as it is possible to do. It is a fantastic design which takes no effort at all to do so there is no excuse to not recycle. It also shows there is no reason why vaping can’t be designed to be as sustainable as possible.


Roar X Disposable Vapes recycle


Vape Club sent over eight of the ten flavours, the only ones we won’t be covering are Strawberry Cherry Raz and Peach soda, but if they sound like your kind of flavours, they are listed on the Roar X page.





Cherry Roar X disposable vape offers a straightforward fruit flavour, delivering dark, sweet and slightly tart cherry notes with each puff


This is a straight up sweet cherry with a pleasant sharp tang. The sweetness is a sugary taste, not that artificial sweetener flavour that I can’t stand. The flavour is thick, but not cloying, and it leaves a really lovely aftertaste.


Lemon Lime Soda


Lemon Lime Soda Roar X disposable vape complements zesty lemon with zingy lime, before rounding things off with a fizzy soda finish


This is a great lemon/lime mix, which at first seems like a sweet candy lemon flavour but follows with a dry but smooth lime. I really like this blend; it is its own distinct take on a classic disposable flavour and is very easy to vape.




Spearmint Roar X disposable vape features the cool, botanical and slightly spiced taste of spearmint from inhale to exhale


This is a straight down the line spearmint, like the classic gum flavour but stronger and even better. It is a surprisingly warm vape thanks to the natural sweetness and it really coats your mouth with rich tasty flavour.


Juicy Grape


Juicy Grape Roar X disposable vape features the sweet yet tart taste of grape in every puff


This is indeed a juicy grape, an American style candy flavour which slides down nicely. There is a rich syrup taste and feel which make this a delicious vape. Grape fans will be very happy with the Roar X flavour.


Watermelon Splash


Watermelon Splash Roar X disposable vape features a sweet, juicy and tropical watermelon flavour from start to finish


Iced watermelon is one of the most popular disposable flavours so this was always going to be a bit of a benchmark flavour. This is very fresh but avoids being harsh, and the watermelon is sweet and delicate but manages to still have a strong flavour. It is up amongst my favourite cool watermelon flavours.


Blue Sour Raspberry


Blue Sour Raspberry Roar X disposable vape features a tangy yet slightly sweet blue raspberry flavour from your first puff to your last


Finally there is one I personally am not so keen on; I always get a bit worried when I like everything! It is the sweetest one so far which overpowers the sour raspberry. Don’t get me wrong, the sour raspberry is there, but I think the balance could have been better.




Blueberry Roar X disposable vape delivers the sweet and juicy taste of blueberry from start to finish


I nearly couldn’t review this one as out of the box, it wouldn’t work. But after stripping everything down to its recycle ready state and reassembling it all, everything worked perfectly. This is a straight up blueberry, nothing clever going on but also nothing wrong either. Sometimes just keeping things honest and basic is the right way to go, and that is what this flavour is.


Pineapple Ice


Pineapple Ice Roar X disposable vape chills the tart and juicy taste of exotic pineapple with a cool layer of ice


It is no secret that I really like tropical fruit flavours and this one really does float my proverbial boat. But I have to say it tastes more like mango than pineapple, but I think that is down to the high levels of sugar. The pineapple comes in more as an aftertaste which is really nice. You will need to have a strong sweet tooth though.


Roar X Disposable Vapes range


Final Thoughts


The Roar X range is as good as any disposable range currently out there, let’s face it, they all taste pretty great, but it is the modular design that make these stand out as something worth your time. If you can get a great vape without creating a load of environmentally negative waste, well that’s got to be worthy of a closer look.


If you want to try a better way of vaping disposables, you can buy the Roar X range from Vape Club. They are £4.99 each or you can pick up 3 for £12 if you are a bit more budget savvy.


Many thanks to Vape Club for sending in the Roar Labs X Disposable range for review.


Roar X Disposable Vapes handcheck


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