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Wake soPro PA600 Disposable Vapes

Our friends at RELX have sent us over the new Waka soPro GA600 range to test out for review. Good things come in small packages!

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After the revelation that was the RELX MagicGo that I reviewed a few weeks ago, I was delighted when I was sent another bundle of goodies. This time I am looking at the Waka soPro PA600 range. After being surprisingly impressed with the MagicGo range, I was excited to try a different product line that is still “empowered by RELX” as they have already proved their quality.

Waka soPro PA600 unboxing

The Waka soPro is a very cute, compact little device that packs quite a punch. The website states it is similar size to a pack of Apple air pods, I use a different brand of earbuds and the Waka is quite a lot smaller than my charging case. They are diddy little things so you will have no problem when it comes to pocket space., and weighing in at 31.6g, they certainly won’t drag your pocket down. There is another brand that sells a similar shaped disposable device, but I think the Waka soPro has the edge due to the little details in the design. I am someone who likes to fiddle with things, I think I am one of the few people who stills plays with a fidget cube, and the Waka soPro has a few things going on that make it really touchy-feely. The main logo is printed on but has a slight texture, and on the lower half, there is a ridged section which feels so nice when you run your finger over it, and then there is the raised Waka logo which is a smooth round button shape with the stylised W embossed into it. It makes the perfect thumb rest and is also wonderfully tactile. Even when I am not vaping, I find it incredibly satisfying to just run my thumb around it. When it comes to disposable devices, it is little details like that which can really make a difference and help products to stand out a bit.

Waka soPro PA600 vape ready

So cosmetically, the Waka soPro really hits the spot, but inside is where the real magic happens. They contain the standard 2ml of e-liquid and use mesh coils so you would already expect decent flavour, but the Waka soPro has a little trick up its sleeve. Instead of the regular 8W that most disposables use, these raise the stakes by pushing out 10W. Those two extra watts may not sound much on paper, but believe me, they really help to squeeze out a more intense vape with more vapour and a fuller flavour. Combine this with the 550mAh battery, and you have a little powerhouse in your hands. Add in that bit of RELX magic and you end up with a product that gives an incredibly satisfying vape that lasts a surprisingly long time. The box states they should last around 600 puffs. Personally, I am not keen on this measurement for disposable devices as everyone vapes differently, but I found they did seem to last a long time, especially for such a tiny little device.

The e-liquid is 18mg so should be plenty enough to satisfy those nicotine cravings. I think 18mg is a great strength as you still get the hit, but it takes the harder edge off, so you get a silky smooth vape every time.

Waka soPro PA600 boxed

The Flavours

There are ten flavours listed on the website and I was sent five to test out. The full line up is:

  • Blueberry Raspberry
  • Blueberry Splash
  • Kiwi Passion Guava
  • Triple Mango
  • Watermelon Chill
  • Red Buzz
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon Lime
  • Pink Twist

Judging by the ones I have tried, you are guaranteed to get buckets of flavour, I was surprised just how rich and intense the vape was. The e-liquid capacity is perfectly lined up with the battery life too so you should get full flavour right up to the very end. I noticed absolutely no drop in flavour, although the first couple of puffs seemed to have an extra boost to them but this settled down quickly to provide a very consistent vape.

Triple Mango

Now I can’t honestly say that I could taste three different mangos here, but the flavour does range from perfectly ripe and sweet to that slightly green flavour that some varieties of mango have. It also manages to balance the sweetness so you get a natural flavour which doesn’t get sickly but will still make anyone with a sweet tooth happy. It is a surprisingly authentic flavour and I found it very easy to vape. In fact, this was the first one that I finished.

Waka soPro PA600 Triple Mango

Strawberry Burst

This is more of a strawberry candy flavour with a satisfyingly rich depth. Once again, the sweet balance is perfect and it leaves a lovely aftertaste, really juicy. It almost made me sad that my attempt at growing strawberries this year turned in to a total failure as I really love strawberries, but at least I have been able to vape it instead.

Waka soPro PA600 Strawberry Burst

Blueberry Raspberry

This is a great combination. You get the smooth rich blueberry flavour with a juicy tang from the raspberry. They are two quite different flavours but together they make a great double act. I love blueberry e-liquids, but they can become a little bland if you vape too much, but the raspberry gives it a real lift.

Waka soPro PA600 Blueberry Raspberry

Kiwi Passion Guava

I wasn’t so keen on this flavour in the MagicGo, but it seems to balance better in the Waka soPro. Somehow the tropical feel comes through better, and you can taste the different parts with more clarity. It is still quite a sharp flavour which makes it stand out from most disposable flavours which tend to rely more on that sweet hit. Whilst it is tangy, it still manages to be smooth too, so this is a great flavour if you want to mix things up a bit.

Waka soPro PA600 Kiwi Passion Guava

Pink Lemonade

This is very lemony lemonade, full on citrus heaven, sharp and smooth, which seems to be becoming a bit of a signature of the Waka soPro range. It is a great palette cleanser too as it leaves you feeling fresh and clean. There is also a bit of a chill going on to add to the freshness. It is a great summer vape, intense but also cool.

Waka soPro PA600 Pink Lemonade

Final Thoughts

Once again, Relx deliver the goods. The Waka soPro is a great addition to the disposable market with huge flavour and consistently high performance right down to the last puff. If you want a disposable vape that is small enough to slip into even the smallest pocket but can still hit with the power of Mohammed Ali on steroids, the Waka soPro should be at the top of your list to try. You can pick them up for £5.99 each but if you want to stock up a bit, you can save a few pence by buying triple packs for £15.00. Just remember to dispose of your empties responsibly!

Many thanks to Relx for sending the Waka soPro PA600s in for review.

Waka soPro PA600 handful

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