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Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vapes

Si is getting creative with his ideas for reusing disposable vapes as Vozol sent him their Neon 800 Disposable Vapes. He's a crafty devil sometimes!

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Supplied by Vozol for review
Price – TBC but around £4.99 UK

Vozol appear to have upped their game with the new Neon 800 disposable vape, disposables aren’t my thing but I was impressed with this offering, up to 800 puffs and a visible e-liquid viewer were the highlights, and the flavour range hit the spot.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape range


The Neon 800 comes in the typical disposable vape packaging with a bright and colourful cardboard box and the device sealed in a foil type bag inside.

There was a little detail that I really appreciated, the cardboard box had those usual clear stickers sealing it for tamper proofing, these are usually a pain in the arse but Vozol added little tabs to make removing them dead easy.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape unboxing

Once unboxed you simply tear open the foil bag and remove the two silicone bungs located top and bottom, there’s a little ‘instruction’ sheet which is surprising in a disposable, if you need it then god help you.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape breaking the seal

First Impressions and Overview

I have only tried one Vozol release before but straight away I much preferred the Neon 800, it looked a lot nicer but it was the gradient colourful coating with a transparent top section that caught my attention, but here it is next to Vozol’s Star 600:

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape vs Star 600

It looks so much better, and the glossy finish actually feels nicer too. Although the Star 600 was grippier, it did feel a bit cheap and nasty, the bright colours and two-tone gradients also reflected the flavours more.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape branding

The ‘VOZOL’ branding was a tad over the top though, but to be fair I do like their arty-farty logo. The opposite side is more subtle as it displays a smaller font showing the flavour and a tiny ‘FEELM’ logo at the bottom.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape flavours

Other than that, the Neon 800 is pretty standard with the tube style. I was expecting a typical little LED shining through a small hole but somehow they have made the bottom 10% (guessing) translucent so that whole section lights up softly in the colour of the body, it wasn’t overly bright so you can easily cover it up for a sly vape.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape mouthpiece

I loved the mouthpiece, a perfect shape, and the transparency takes away the frustration of guessing how much e-liquid is left, you can see every drop which is a huge pro in my eyes.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape big 10

I was sent ten flavours to try but there are fifteen in total:

  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Cream Tobacco
  • Grape Ice
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Menthol
  • Mr Blue
  • Passion Fruit Lychee Orange
  • Peach Mango Watermelon
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Sour Apple
  • Srawberry Ice Cream
  • Strawberry Raspberry Cherry
  • VZBull/Enery Drink
  • Watermelon Bubble Gum
  • Watermelon Ice


Before I get on to the flavours, I will cover the all-important lifespan. Vozol claim up to 800 puffs which is unusual for a 2ml TPD disposable, the increase is achieved by using a ceramic coil (FEELM) instead of a mesh coil with cotton which, in theory, is more efficient. It is hard to quantify a puff count as we all vary in how long a puff we take, but the Neon 800 definitely lasted longer than more traditional disposables, the battery also lasted longer and often outlasted the e-liquid.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape feelm

Personally I don’t usually like ceramic coils as the vape is noticeably dryer, but these seemed different and were nowhere as dry as other FEELM ceramic coils I have tried. Usually I have to drink buckets of pop while reviewing ceramic coil vapes, but my usual cups of tea sufficed with these.

For the first time I felt the benefits of a ceramic coil, that longer life or more puffs made it all seem worth it. It still had a dryness to it but it was acceptable as the flavours really punched through.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape lanyard


Here are my thoughts on the ten I was sent, if you want to skip this part then all you need to know is that every single one tasted good and was exactly like the listed flavour.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape round 1

Menthol - I f**king hate menthol! Or at least I thought I did, but I demolished this one in no time, it tasted so nice, fresh and minty but with a sweetness that made it a far more pleasant vape. It was nothing like a menthol ciggie and that’s a good thing, think ‘chewing gum’ but with a longer lasting taste and that’s pretty much it.

Rainbow Candy - A common vape flavour but I have always struggled to describe the flavour, it isn’t one of those very distinct flavours like fruits; it is sweet and soft if that makes sense? Actually that sums it up nicely, it just makes a pleasant vape but not a memorable one.

Sour Apple - I also hate ‘sour’ in real foods or drinks, but again I was to be proven wrong, this is one of my favourite apple vapes ever, it is lush and I wouldn’t call it a sour, it was more a ‘tang’ which made the apple more punchy. The sweetness was just right too, if you like apple, then you should love this.

Passion Fruit Lychee Orange - I will have to rely on your own experience of the fruits in this blend, but it is the orange that makes this one a bit special, it’s genius as it blends all three together so well. I’m surprised how you can pick out each flavour note separately, but a combined aftertaste is just lush, not too sweet and very distinctive. This is one of my favourites for sure.

Grape Ice - This wasn’t what I was expecting, the grape is punchy and very grape-like, but the ‘Ice’ has a more menthol tone to it. It kinda reminded me of a grape chewing gum even though I’ve never tasted one, hopefully you get my jist. Either way, it works well as a refreshing punchy flavour. I am going to call it Grapey-Gum.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape round 2

Passionfruit Lychee Orange - It was at this point I realised I was sent two of this flavour, brucie-bonus as it was my favourite (see above).

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava - Guess what this tastes like? I really cannot say anything other than it tastes like ‘KIWI PASSIONFRUIT GUAVA’ and it appeared in my mind as in that order too. The balance was absolutely perfect. Although it is a common disposable flavour, it is one of the better ones and was one of my favs.

Peach Mango Watermelon - What a weird fruit combo this is, peach and mango come through strongly, but that watermelon made it smoother and more refreshing. I started noticing a trend with the flavour title order, you can pretty much taste them in order, I couldn’t quite make my mind up with this one, I loved it at first but soon craved something else.

Strawberry Icecream -YUM! I’m so glad they sent this one along, it is the closest ‘muck-donalds’ milkshake I’ve experienced. Better still, it wasn’t too sweet as with other strawberry vapes I’ve tried, the kick of ice made the aftertaste last longer which was a bonus. It is in my top 3 for sure.

VZBull - An energy drink vibe with blueberry, I love pretty much any vape with ‘Bull’ in it as it just works as a vape, a subtle sweetness and a pleasant aftertaste. Think Blue-Bull which sums it up for me, if you like energy drinks, this one is a safe bet.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape vibing


The Vozol Neon 800 are just so much better than their Star 600s, pretty much every detail was better, longer lasting, a 550mAh battery, better flavours, nicer feel, ceramic coil improvement, and with a nice clear e-liquid view finished it off nicely.

For a change I am going to refrain from preaching about the negatives of disposables, I think you all know by now without me harping on about it. Besides, I always find a way to upcycle disposables, even the last batch of Vozols made great Resin Print Miniatures paining handle and the batteries always get used in my electronics, only the mouthpiece and the diddy auto-draw sensor gets binned.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape recycling

What can you do with yours? Try to find ways to make them less wasteful and it eases the guilt, trust me. For example, glue all the empty tubes together will make a good mini paintbrush stand or pen/sharpie holder, the batteries can be used again as they are rechargeable, a simple 50p charging board with a bit of soldering and they are good to go, or find someone else that would re-use the batteries.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape model vapes

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