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Connex by Riot E-liquid

How do you solve the problem of disposables? With the new Connex kit from Riot E-Liquids of course!

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Connex by Riot

Connex by Riot E-Liquid


We have something big for you today, a bit of a revolution in the evolution of responsible yet easy to use vaping. At the moment, there are plenty of disposable substitute kits coming out, most are just prefilled pod kits packaged up to be more like disposable vapes (nothing wrong with that, I really love a good pod kit), but Vape Club have sent us the new Connex Kit from Riot E-Liquid which looks like a disposable, tastes like a disposable, feels like a disposable, but it isn’t actually disposable!


Let’s dial things back a step first and catch up with Riot E-Liquid and their mission. I’m sure you’ve noticed those little bullet shaped bottles on the shelves of your local vape shop. Clever branding, right? I mean it makes you look, and they are certainly taking aim at traditional smoking. You could be forgiven for thinking that Riot E-Liquid are just trying to attract an audience, and of course you’d be right. But they shout loud because they actually have something to say. If you have been following our news section for a while, you will have noticed that Riot appear frequently and always for the right reasons. They are absolutely passionate about harm reduction, vaping for a healthier life, and they are not afraid to let everyone know that they are at the forefront of the revolution. To do this, they use strong visuals to get people talking. They even have a bus that goes out to events like festivals to help spread the word. They are almost evangelical about their message and quite rightly so.


Riot E-Liquid are equally upfront when it comes to their green credentials and sustainable message. They were one of the first big companies to offer a recycling scheme for their disposable vapes. This was not just lip service either, they are fully transparent when it comes to the process so you know that their batteries get reused in future devices, and the PLA plastic which is used in the outer cases of their riot bars (which is already a biodegradable plastic, as any hobbyist 3d printing fan will be able to tell you) gets reused to make vinyl records. As a vaper and a record collector, I can absolutely get behind that! If that wasn’t enough, their recycling bins get collected by methods which support carbon offsetting such as by electric vehicles. Their website has a handy map showing where your local drop off point is, I found there are two in my town, and it looks like most towns are covered. They have taken things even further with the Connex, but we will get to that later on.


But things are moving at a lightning pace, and we are all moving away from the old disposable vapes, and once again Riot have come up with a perfect solution in the form of the Connex system which should keep everyone very happy. 

Connex by Riot E-Liquid flavours


First Look and Specs


The base Connex kit comes in a simple cardboard box, and I am sure it is no coincidence that this flip top carton is a very similar size a shape to a pack of smokes. Breaking open the perforated seal, you will find a tear open bag which contains two cartridges and a separate body which is housed in a cardboard sleeve which keeps the battery section separate and also tells you to charge when the flavour drops. That really is the only instructions you need, but there is also a leaflet showing things in more detail. It also tells you the results for the environment if you switch to the Connex for a year which should be a great incentive and should make you feel pretty good about the choice you have made by picking up this kit.

Connex by Riot E-Liquid unboxing


There are two parts to the Connex, the battery side and the e-liquid side. The battery side is reusable and can be recharged up to 500 times before it needs to be replaced. It has a bar in the top corner to hook up a lanyard, a USB-C port for charging along the bottom of the side, and a small on/off switch tucked between the magnets which hold the other half on to make it one. The juice side lets you know what flavour you are vaping and contains a custom mesh coil and 2ml of e-liquid. It also comes in two strengths, 10mg and 20mg. It also has another set of magnets. These magnets are really strong, and the two parts come together with quite a force and hold really tight, I probably spent far too long playing with the two halves as that snap as they close is deeply satisfying if you like to fiddle with things. The two parts together make one complete device, and when you hold it, it does just feel like a single device.

Connex by Riot E-Liquid contents


Like most legal disposables, the Connex should last you for around 600 puffs, depending on how you vape. When you are done, you just pop off the juice capsule, charge up the battery and stick on fresh capsule. Riot are fully committed to their green mission too so you can email them for a prepaid return envelope to send your empties back to them to be recycled. The base kit comes with two flavour capsules which is plenty to get you started.

Connex by Riot E-Liquid halves


So it really does look like a disposable and vapes like one too with a similar draw style, but the other key to why disposables are so successful is simply that they taste good, and this is where the Connex really steps up a gear. Riot already make some of the best tasting e-liquid, and they have put all the knowledge and passion into making the Connex taste equally fantastic. I was sent twelve flavours as well as the initial one that came bundled in the kit, so let’s vape on!

Connex by Riot E-Liquid assembled


Blue Cherry Burst


“Juicy cherry combines with a blue icy slush”


Vape Club clearly know me well as they sent me this as the main kit option, and I really do love cherry vapes so I’m not going to complain at having two capsules of this flavour. It is a great flavour, the perfect mix of sweet and zingy with a wonderfully rich and juicy feel. It is very fruity but with a fresh slightly iced feel which helps to keep things light. I couldn’t wish for a better start to my time with the Connex.


Triple Mint


“Minty blend of Spearmint, Peppermint & Menthol”


This is a really tasty mint blend which is has a beautifully delicate sweetness. The spearmint and peppermint are both present, and the menthol kicks in slightly later. This may sound weird, but I felt really clean when I was vaping it. This is one of the nicest mints I’ve tried, it is interesting enough to keep your tastebuds interested.


Watermelon Ice


“Mouth-watering fruity watermelon frozen to its core”


This is quite a strong watermelon which has a really tasty candy flavour running in the background. It is more like a gummy watermelon. The ice has been upped a little here and it dances on your tongue. Watermelon can be a bit hit or miss, this one is a definite hit, mostly thanks to the aftertaste.

Connex by Riot E-Liquid round 1


Blueberry Sour Raspberry


“Sour blueberry and raspberry fruit fusion”


This is sour but in all the right ways. It bursts with a serious hit of berries. Once again, you get blueberry and raspberry in equal measure which develop more as the sour notes pass. All of these fruit flavours are just so juicy.


Lychee Watermelon


“Sweet aromatic lychee with fresh watermelon”


I wasn’t sure how the flavours would come through as both lychee and watermelon can be quite light, but I was surprised how well defined this flavour was. The lychee was particularly impressive, it tastes just like the fruit but without that weird ugly stone in the middle. It is both familiar and yet totally unique at the same time.


Pineapple Ice


“Exotic and tangy pineapple with an icy sensation”


The smell was enough to get me buzzing and the flavour was even better. It is mouth-wateringly juicy but also has an authentic acidity and even a sweet creaminess. . This is an outstanding pineapple flavour, one of the best I’ve tried. I would have been happy to stop here, it is that good.

Connex by Riot E-Liquid round 2


Strawberry Blueberry Ice


“Strawberry & blueberry medley with an icy finish”


This is one of the more laid back flavours in the Connex range. It is more of a blend too with the strawberry and blueberry melding together to make a single layer of flavour. The ice is welcome here to make things a bit more interesting. It is a good choice for an all-day type vape when you don’t want anything too demanding


Cherry Cola


“Sweet refreshing cola flavour with fruity cherry”


I love cola flavours and I really enjoyed this one. It has managed to get that dryness that you get with the most popular brand which makes you keep coming back to drain the can. The cherry is perfect, it sits in the background delivering a sweet syrup to enhance the cola sweetness in a very natural way. There is something clever going on too as it has an almost fizzy feel to it.


Classic Tobacco


“Rich, smoky and wonderfully smooth”


OK, I’ve had richer, but it is smoky, and it is smooth. It is not the strongest tobacco, but the feel is spot on. If you are coming off the smokes, this would be a great place to start as it does replicate the texture of a cigarette without making you feel dirty.

Connex by Riot E-Liquid round 3


Guava Passionfruit & Pineapple

"Tropical passionfruit, pineapple & guava"

That pineapple comes back again, and I am more than happy. But this time it is joined by another two tropical heavyweights making a subline tropical sensation. Once again, you can taste each fruit individually, but they also balance perfectly together, heavenly stuff.


Pink Lemonade


“Zesty lemonade and a fusion of strawberries”


The strawberry works much better here, and acts as a sweet yin to the sharper lemonade yang. It has a starburst level of juiciness and a similar citrussy taste too. Personally I’d go for this one over the strawberry blueberry, or even better, get both and let us know what you think over on the forum!


Grape Ice


“A divine set of dark grapes with a thin icy layer”


This is a bit different than most grapes; it is a lighter, sweeter version which still manages to hold the depth associated with grape flavours. It feels more like a mix of green and red grapes with a big hit of fresh juice.


Mango Peach and Pineapple


“A tropical trio of mango, peach & pineapple”


After the previous pineapples, I had very high expectations here, and they were well-founded as it was the perfect way to finish my time testing the Connex flavours. The pineapple is as perfect as before, but this time it is joined by a surprisingly mellow mango and a sweet fuzzy peach.

Connex by Riot E-Liquid boxed


Final Thoughts


I really loved my time with the Connex kit, it is the perfect solution to the disposable vape problem delivering a great looking kit which feels good and simply just works. The flavours are outstanding, far better than the generic flavours that most disposable brands seem to copy, but without being too out there to scare off existing disposable users. The simple solution of having a rechargeable body with replaceable and fully recyclable flavour capsules is just fantastic, and it all comes together in one superb vape.


If you want to make a great choice for your health and for the planet, you can pick up the Connex kit and the flavour capsules from Vape Club. The Base kit is just £7.99, or you can pick up two for £15 so you can have one ready charged at all times, and the capsules are £2.99 each which makes them cheaper than using disposables too. If you want to save even more, you can get 4 packs for £10, and with this choice of flavours, I think you’d be mad not to take advantage of this awesome multibuy offer.

Connex by Riot E-Liquid round 4



  • Rechargeable for up to 500 cycles
  • Two strengths, 20mg and 10mg
  • Amazingly good flavours
  • Prepaid recycling
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Doubles as a fidget toy thanks to the powerful magnets


  • None!

9.5/10 – The perfect solution to replace disposables


Many thanks to Vape Club for supplying the Connex by Riot E-liquid in for review.

Connex by Riot E-Liquid handcheck

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