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SMOKO Smooth Vape Pods

SMOKO are back with an all new range of refills for their Vape Pod Kit, and this time they are Smooth!

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Back in 2021, Simon got to try the SMOKO Vape Pod, a rather lovely little kit that has been designed to help smokers seamlessly make the change to vaping. It is a great way to make a healthier lifestyle choice without making things complicated. What I really like about this kit is that it is 100% aimed at adult smokers, no garish colours or over sweetened kid friendly flavours, it is sleek and has a certain style which really makes it stand out in these interesting times. To find out what Simon thought, check here for his full and detailed review as he covered all the details you would need to know.

SMOKO Smooth kit

Another thing that sets SMOKO apart is their e-liquid. Personally I really prefer to support UK companies and products, so it is fantastic to see that their e-liquids are made in the UK and the pods are also filled here too. This means that if you buy into the SMOKO ecosystem, you can be sure that you are using the finest quality ingredients with no shortcuts. Quality matters, and it is something that SMOKO take very seriously too.

Now I am not going to cover the hardware again as Simon has already said everything that needs to be said, but SMOKO haven’t just been sitting pretty with their already great products, oh no! They have been busy working on a new Smooth range of refill pods which is great news. The one big stumbling block to hit people trying to move to vaping is the actual feel of the vape. It can feel tough on the throat at first, and it can feel quite alien at first until your body has become more used to things. Without getting too science-y, there are two main ingredients which form the basis for e-liquid, PG and VG. PG is great for carrying the flavour and VG gives you those lovely fluffy clouds, but until you are used to vaping, PG can feel a little harsh. The original range of Vape Pod refills is 80% PG and 20% VG, but SMOKO have found a way around this with their new formulation which is 50% PG and 50% VG, and they have cunningly called Smooth!

SMOKO Smooth vape pod kit

The Refills

SMOKO sent over a selection of the new Smooth refills, along with my own starter kit so I could see for myself how throat friendly this new range is. Each pack of refills contains three pods which simply click in to place once you have removed the rubber protective seals from both ends. Each refill contains 2ml of e-liquid, and they all come in 1.8mg strength which should work well for most new vapers.

SMOKO Smooth pod

SMOKO also don’t use the puff count that has become the standard, I don’t really like it as we all vape differently so what may last 600 puffs for one person could only be 400 puffs for someone else. It is too vague and unscientific, but that is just my opinion. Instead, SMOKO go with a simpler comparison, one box of three refills contains the same amount of nicotine as seven packs of ciggies. If you want to break things down into basic money, instead of spending £12 on a pack of smokes a day, switching to SMOKO refills will only cost between £1.50-£2. That is quite a massive difference, especially during the cost of living crisis we are in the middle of at the moment. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that using SMOKO products will pay for itself in no time.

SMOKO Smooth unboxing

The Flavours

SMOKO asked what flavours I would like to try, so I tried to go mentally back in time to when I was trying to make the change. I tried to remember what appealed to me at the start of my vaping journey, and luckily it was easy as it was such a life changing moment for me that I will never forget opening my first vape mail and checking out my bottles of menthol and cherry e-liquid. Personally, I didn’t want to make vaping a smoking substitute so I stayed away from tobacco flavours, but I realise that this is probably a popular choice initially so I also went for what I would imagine is a popular starting ciggie like flavour.

SMOKO Smooth flavours

Smooth Virginia Rolling Tobacco

“The Virginia Rolling Tobacco Flavour SMOOTH Vape POD refills have a strong and rich tobacco flavour perfect for those smokers who rolling their own cigarettes. Deep and realistic flavour that is truly satisfying - you will never want to smoke a rollie again! “

Back in the day, I was a roll up smoker. It has been a long time since I had a real smoke, but straight away, I got that familiar taste. I don’t think you ever really forget that flavour, and with SMOKO, you don’t need to forget it as these pods taste super realistic. It is wonderfully smoky with a very authentic fresh tobacco taste. There is a slightly sweet, almost a caramel note that makes this taste just like a newly opened packet of tobacco. This is a really good place to start if you want familiarity as you start vaping.

SMOKO Smooth Virginia Rolling Tobacco

Smooth Mint Breeze

“Our Mint Breeze Flavour SMOOTH Vape POD refills is our most popular menthol flavour with a crisp and cool mint flavour. If you miss smoking menthol cigarettes, this is the perfect mint vape flavour for you!”

Even when I smoked, cigarettes were expensive, so I didn’t smoke ready mades very often, but if I wanted a treat, every no and again I’d buy a pack of consulates, and I’d savour that fresh smooth flavour. Smooth Mint Breeze is certainly very fresh, it is a full on menthol hit, nothing subtle here. It is the kind of freshness that stays with you too making your mouth feel smooth for a good while after. Once again, this will feel very comfortable if you are coming from menthol cigarettes, it is a very worthy substitute.

SMOKO Smooth Mint Breeze

Smooth Cherry

“The Cherry Flavour SMOOTH Vape POD refills evokes the flavour of a ripe red cherry, full of a sweet and refreshing flavour that will leave you wanting more”

Now I love cherry flavours, but it is also a benchmarking flavour as it is very easy to mess this one up. I have had more bad cherry flavours over the years than any other flavour, so whenever I am given a choice for review, I will always pick it if it is an option. It really sorts the wheat from the chaff. I am happy to report that SMOKO have hit a home run with this one. It is rich and juicy, more of a black cherry flavour. It really is a very good flavour and SMOKO should be very proud of what they have produced here.

SMOKO Smooth Cherry

So that is the actual flavours covered, but I haven’t yet covered the texture of the vape, after all the flavour is important, but if something is billed as “smooth”, it is quite important that it delivers, and I am very pleased to say that SMOKO have nailed it. The vape is super smooth whilst still managing to pack in plenty of flavour. As these are higher VG that the original line up, the vapour production is also decent and all round I found the Vape Pod kit with these new Smooth refills provided a very satisfying vape with no harshness at all. The final test for me was when I shoved it in my partner’s mouth (he still dual fuels, much to my horror!) and said, “have a try of this”. Usually he coughs up a lung when I pull this trick on him, but this time he was able to take a few puffs with absolutely no trouble at all. I’d say that is a mark of successfully smooth vape.

Final Thoughts

I think SMOKO are on to a real winner here with the combination of their stylish Vape Pod kit paired with these new Smooth refills. Not only are they a great way to switch to vaping without any complicated kit, but it is also a great on the go kit for more seasoned vapers who want a fuss free out and about kit that is discreet and mature enough to use without feeling embarrassed.

SMOKO have one final ace up their sleeve, and that is their pricing and subscription service…wait, that’s two aces! The base starter kit is only £14.99 for the device and a charging cable, but if you order a pack of refills, you can get a starter kit free. This means you can get started for just £10.99, less than one packet of cigarettes! They also have loads of multibuy deals which can give you some hefty savings. Finally, to make things even easier for you to keep on track, you can set up a subscription so you can get regular deliveries of pods straight to your door, so you never need to worry about running out ever again.

Many thanks to SMOKO for sending over the Smooth Vape Pod refills in for review.

SMOKO Smooth, super smooth

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