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Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes

Yep, more disposables! But when they are as good as the Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes, we really don't mind!

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Supplied by SKEY for review
Price TBC

Boy this is going to be a tough one for me, I hate the waste of disposables but I absolutely love these little gems. My job as a reviewer is to put my bias aside and review them for what they are, so with that said, they are the best disposables I have ever tested.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes first look

  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg/mL
  • Puffs: ≈ 600puffs
  • Dimensions: 18mm × 35.4mm x 65mm
  • Lanyard mount (Free lanyard gift)
  • TPD 2ml
  • 10 flavours


Skey kindly sent all ten flavours which come in their own colour coded box; it is a simple carton style with the device enclosed in a vacuum sealed foil bag.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes unboxing

As with pretty much all disposables, you will need to remove a couple of seals before use, there’s a silicone bung in the mouthpiece and a foil sticker covering the air inlet on the base.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes vape ready

All in all it was ready to vape in under 20 seconds (saddo here actually timed myself), but if you have the patience, it is best to let it saturate for a few minutes for the best experience.

First Impressions and Overview

As soon as I opened the first one I was almost in shock how good these things looked and felt! It almost feels far too good for a disposable, Skey haven’t skimped on materials and design here.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes triple trouble

It has a clear plastic body which has a rippled internal form that gives it that lined look, the battery and internals are hidden under an aluminium case, inside which is wrapped with a glitter style printed wrap. The top has a metal surround which holds it all together.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes all round

The photos do all the talking, just look at the quality of this little beauty….

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes top and tail

The mouthpiece is pretty small and feels very comfortable, the small size helps to get an easy mouth-seal. Next to it is a little lanyard loop which I will cover later. The base is finished off with a metallic sticker which is a nice touch.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes weight

It only weighs 41g which is pretty good considering all the materials used in the construction, the weight makes it ideal for a lanyard, and the size is very compact; 18mm × 35.4mm x 65mm so fits into your grip and is very easy to hide for stealthy vaping. The LED light is on the base and is easy to cover up as it isn’t too bright.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes lanyard

I was sent some lanyards which at first I thought were a separate purchase but I have since been informed are a free gift for customers, a nice touch, and they come in coordinated colours too.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes lanyard fitting

It can be a little fiddly to fit as the loop is quite small, this is often an issue so I use a piece of wire bent over to pull it through, and this makes it much easier. The lanyard itself is made of silicone which makes it surprisingly comfortable; you barely notice it against your neck. It is also stretchy so it won’t hurt you if you get it caught on something. Obviously you can also use your own lanyard if you don’t like the look of them but it’s a brucie bonus they included one for nowt.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes pile on

Before I go any further, I am going to say it…..they do look like cosmetics, which can look a little feminine. That’s fine for women etc. but not a good look for a blokey-bloke, it didn’t put me off too much but I tended not to use the lanyard.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes flavours

Above are the ten flavours currently available, all of which are popular in the disposable scene. Actually they are popular flavours full stop and the variety is really good, no two taste similar. I will cover each one shortly.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes spread


The Skey Gem 600 performs as good as it looks, the auto-draw is instant, the vape is mildly warm, the draw is a proper MTL tightness, that little mouthpiece is just superb and is one of my all-time favourites, and every single flavour tastes superb with no nasty aftertastes or chemical nastiness.

The compact size makes it perfect for your pocket, it even fitted into the coin pocket in jeans which is where I mostly stashed it, but it is small enough to keep hold of while multi-tasking and I often found myself admiring it between vaping. I’ve nearly polished them all off and the novelty factor never wore off, I just love these little things.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes stacked

600 Puffs? You can never accurately verify this as we are not exact machines and we all vape differently, someone that take a three second draw will finish it off a lot faster than someone that takes one second sips, but I tend to go by battery capacity and 550mAh is just right to last the full 2ml without dry-hitting. I stripped one down to inspect the wicking and it was pretty much dry which means I got the full 2ml by the time the battery ran out, that’s all that matters.


I’m not going to go too in depth, more a case of rating the accuracy and any further comment they may require, I enjoyed every single one of them and a couple stood out as just my cup of tea.

*At the time of writing I couldn’t find a flavour description listed anywhere, just the name, so I was left to figure out some of them. The rest were obvious by their name.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes round 1

Sakura Grape - I’ve no clue what a Sakura Grape is, it has a nice ‘grapey’ flavour with a kick of something a bit like Lychee, the result is very nice indeed and makes a good ADV (All Day Vape) choice.

Mr Blue - In an orangey colour? The result confused me a little as what to expect, there’s blueberry in there but I can’t detect exactly what else. It has a soft drink kinda vibe to it, a little frustrating not knowing but it sure tasted nice and different, another ADV.

Watermelon Ice - Skey got this one just right! I’ve tried too many that are sickly sweet but this one has that lush watermelon taste with a slight cool kick to give a longer lasting aftertaste. The result is one of my favourite watermelon vapes and another ADV.

Strawberry Mango - An interesting blend, mango seemed more dominant than strawberry though, that’s no bad thing as the strawberry tones down the strong mango perfectly. It is one of the strongest flavours so far and more of a treat than an ADV for me.

Pink Lemonade - Up until disposables came out, I wasn’t familiar with pink lemonade but it quickly became a favourite of mine and Skey have got it spot on, you can really pick out that lemonade taste, a clear ADV.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes round 2

Blueberry Sour Raspberry - Though I’m not a fan of sours, it does work with this fruit combination and really gels them together. There’s no dominant flavour as you can pick each one out the same, the aftertaste is so nice and makes it an ADV.

Gummy Bear - Quite a subtle, sweet flavour, the sweetness is more dominant than the fruity blend. I still enjoyed it but not as an ADV for me. It did make an interesting mixer or a treat, one for sweet fans.

Fresh Mint - Mint is never my first choice to vape, but this one is superb, a fresh mint chewing gum flavour. It’s better than chewing gum as the flavour stays, a surprising ADV for me and a good mixer if you want to add a minty kick to something like Pink Lemonade for a quirky taste.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava - Exotic fruits are my bag, so naturally I loved this blend, especially as they balanced all three equally. Together they add quite a punch that works well, but you could still pick out the individual fruits in the aftertaste, possibly the most intense flavour out of the lot but still a good ADV for me.

Blueberry Raspberry - While I said the flavours were very varied, this one is obviously similar to the ‘Sour’ version, but the blueberry bursts through more in this one, and the raspberry is subtle. I actually prefer this over the sour and it is a much safer ADV.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes glow up

Overall the whole range are excellent quality e-liquids with plenty of flavour, thankfully they weren’t over-sweetened which makes them good for everyday vaping. Coupled with one of the coolest devices I’ve seen in disposables, they quickly became my favourite to date, I was genuinely sad when I polished them off.

When it came to disposing of them, it felt even worse. I really felt these were far too good to throw away, the quality is better than many reusable pods I’ve come across. Thankfully for me I have plenty of uses for them once I strip them down, I’ve already made a laser box using the case and rechargeable battery, I just added wiring, a laser diode and a switch.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes laser focus

I already have plans for other projects using as much as possible, the batteries alone are useful and rechargeable. A USB charging board is only 50p, and at worse the empty cases glued together make useful containers. I just hope others can make good use of the bits rather than binning 'em. But if you have to, then please dispose of them responsibly, ideally at a recycle centre that will strip them down.

Skey GEM 600 Disposable Vapes colours

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