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RELX MagicGo Disposables

RELX are normally a pretty safe bet when it comes to quality and consistency so we were intrigued to see how the new MagicGo range fitted in

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RELX recently got in touch with us to review a new range of disposable vapes, the awesomely named MagicGo! We have previously reviewed a few RELX products, and they have all been impressive so I was interested to see what this new range could bring to the party.

Now I am going to start on a bit of a downer, but in the context of this review, I feel it is important to state my personal position on them as it hopefully will give a bit of perspective about where I started and where it ends. I am not really a fan of disposable vapes. For a start, I get sick of seeing plastic tubes and batteries just chucked all over the place. In my other life, I am a professional dog walker and I spend so much time making sure my four legged friends don’t pick up any of the rubbish that people carelessly chuck out without a thought of what they are actually throwing out. Seriously, is it so hard to take your rubbish home or put it in a proper bin? On the flip side, I rarely see cigarette packets, lighters, foil seals or cigarette butts on the floor these days so I guess this is a strange positive as it does show how far we have come when we are talking about moving to a smoke free society. Every cloud and all that! But as well as the waste side of things, the biggest reason I dislike disposables is that they usually just don’t work for me. Most of the ones I have tried before have been a bit rough and my throat doesn’t take to them well. I’m not sure whether it is the e-liquid used or the coil/wicking material, but I just can’t comfortably use them without feeling like I’ve gone several rounds with Freddie Krueger. So I was as surprised as anyone by the time I had finished using the MagicGo disposables. This should be a clue as to where this review will be going, but stick with me for the full reveal!

RELX MagicGo Disposable Range box fresh

First Impressions

Ok, this section isn’t going to be very rock n roll, after all there is only so much you can say about unboxing disposables. They erm come in a box with the name, flavour, strength, capacity, warnings, and manufacturer details all clearly laid out. So far, nothing too revolutionary. Opening the pack and you get the device sealed in a secure plastic wrapper. At each end is a little rubbery bung which you need to remove before you start to vape. It is all standard stuff which you will see on any disposable out there. These things are cheap so you can’t expect loads of bells and whistles. The packaging and presentation does exactly what it needs to do, no more, no less. I actually like the clean presentation though; nothing is too loud or could be seen as being marketed to anyone who isn’t a target consumer. One subtle detail I did like was how the strength on the top flap is in quite a big font and as they are all 18mg, this also doubles as an 18+ infographic. I am not sure if this is deliberate or just a nice coincidence, but it was a nice touch.

RELX MagicGo Disposable Range unboxing

This is where things started to get a bit more interesting. Once unwrapped, I could finally get a proper look at the MagicGo, and I liked what I was seeing. They are a fairly standard, tube shaped affair but they do have a certain quality. The diameter of the tube feels great, not too small as to feel flimsy but not so big that they feel awkward to hold. They are right in the middle of the goldilocks zone when it comes to the size, it just feels right somehow. Then there is the mouthpiece. This is just a basic looking clear plastic tapered shape, but it is just a perfect fit for both comfort and usage. Once again, it just feels right. Finally, there is the general finish. Each flavour comes with its own colour, nothing particularly unusual there, but the actual finish is really nice, and the colours look really good, especially the reds which have a deep, rich lustre to them. As someone who likes to fiddle with things, these had a really satisfying feel to them. In short, they feel much higher quality than your average disposable kit. Things were already looking up!

RELX MagicGo Disposable Range bungs

The Flavours

I was sent five flavours to try:

  • Watermelon Chill
  • Blueberry Blast
  • Triple Mango
  • Kiwi Passion Guava
  • Strawberry Ice

These are probably the most common disposable type flavours, so it was a good choice to send them over for review. As well as these, you could also choose:

  • Fresh Peach
  • Mango Orange
  • Pineapple Passion
  • Dark Sparkle (yeah, I have no idea, but I am intrigued!)
  • Menthol Plus
  • Tangy Grape
  • Juicy Apple

I think that should cover most tastes so you should be able to find at least a couple that you like. They strike a good balance between tradition and a little more adventurous, and there is enough variety to keep most people from getting jaded.

RELX MagicGo Disposable Range ready to vape


Due to my previous experience with disposable vapes, my natural reaction was to put things off for as long as I could get away with, but I couldn’t do that forever, so I cracked open the first one. I started simple with Blueberry Blast and was immediately struck but how smooth the flavour was. I actually went back to check the box as I thought maybe I had been sent a lower strength but no, they are all 18mg. Not only was it super smooth with no hints of any harshness, but the flavour was also full on. With mesh coils, I was expecting good flavour, but this was…great! It was rich, fruity, and packed full of blueberry goodness. I figured maybe I had just got lucky on my first go so I grabbed another one, Triple Mango, and again the flavour and feel was just superb. I could hardly believe this was coming from a disposable, it tasted and felt that good. By now I was feeling quite confident, so I dived in to one of the cooler flavours, Strawberry Ice. I am not a huge fan of cool e-liquids, so often the chill is overdone resulting in a harsh vape, but not here. What I got was a sweet, but not sickly, fruity vape with just a twist of cooling to enhance the flavour. With this crazy weather we’ve been having, it really hit the spot with the balance taste and freshness. Everyone I tried was equally good, full on flavour which kept me coming back time after time. If I had to be really picky, and let’s face it, that part of my job as a reviewer, I found the Kiwi Passion Guava a little too strong. But saying that, I could still differentiate between the different flavours in the mix, and I would rather have too much flavour than not enough.

The flavour remained strong and consistent from start to finish, there was no drop off at all until I got right to the end. As to the “up to 600 puffs” stat on the box, whilst I can’t accurately test that out as we all vape differently, I’d say it is probably pretty accurate. I exclusively used these five disposables for eight days and I would class myself as a heavy vaper, so I was impressed by the longevity. The next thing that really stood out was how well matched the battery life was in relation to the e-liquid capacity. At the end of the eight days, I noticed a bit of a drop off, the flavour just didn’t taste quite right for about three puffs and then the light at the end flashed to show the battery was done. This happened with all five disposables, talk about consistent! So you should run out of juice at roughly the same time that you run out of power, they squeeze every last bit out of these little beauties.

RELX MagicGo Disposable Range flavours

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, I was caught off guard by the MagicGo range, the flavour, performance, battery life, and general quality are all outstanding. Now take into consideration my intro paragraph explaining why I don’t like disposables, and you should be able see why I was as shocked as anyone by just how much I enjoyed using these. I’d go so far as to say I was actually gutted when the last one ran out.

If you fancy giving the MagicGo range a try, you can pick them up from RELX directly for £5.49 per device. Many thanks to RELX for sending these in for review.

RELX MagicGo Disposable Range hand check

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