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Revol 2600

We love 4in1 kits here at Potv, so we were excited to test the new Revol 2600 kits, and very kindly sent us a bundle to try out

Share on: sent me over a massive promo box of Revol 2600 4in1 Series Kits to try out, and I’ve been enjoying all the different flavours for the past couple of weeks.

The Revol 2600 is a low priced 1800mAh internal battery device that comes with and takes four disposable pre-filled pods of different liquids at one time, and you can rotate the different pods to change up your flavour whenever you like. The pods use a mesh coil that comes out at a strangely specific 1.05ohms and contain 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt liquid. You can buy replacement pods in ten different flavour packages where you get four pods to replace the ones you’ve used up, so they are going for reusability and affordability here.

I had a wee stalk online, and the company seem to be based out of Manchester, so they are a UK company for those who like to support British businesses, not a big thing, but it is important to some.

In the retail package you should get a device, four different flavoured pods, and a USB Type C cable so you can charge the battery up. The flavour packs are all themed, and I’ll go through all of them in a bit once I’ve given my general thoughts on the device itself.

At first look I thought the devices were big looking. They are pretty big so that confirmed it for me. This is because of two things. Firstly, there’s a 1800mAh battery in them so there needs to be space to hold that. The other reason is because Revol have implemented a revolver type chamber to hold the four different flavour pods so that you can rotate the chamber to switch liquids whenever you fancy a change. Each pod has a number, from 1 to 4, and there are windows to easily see the flavour name printed on the pods themselves. The mouthpiece looks as if it’s massive and will give a big airflow, but when you look closer you can see that there are two holes in it that allow for a medium MTL draw to you pretty good flavour and a nice amount of vapour. 

One thing I have to note is that the mouthpiece is quite hard to take off, you have to remove it to install the pods, and I found myself having to use pliers on all five of the devices I was sent to be able to get enough grip to open it up. You also have to be careful when replacing the mouthpiece as if it’s not on right, the pods won’t be pushed far enough in to be able to fire. I thought I had a dud on one of mine and was ready to write that off as being a faulty promo kit, but when I went back to it, I realised the mouthpiece was slightly out, stopping it from working properly. 

USB charging is done via a USB type C port on the bottom of the device so you’ll have to charge it on it’s side and I didn’t time it but found the device charges quickly enough and provides pass through charging so you can still vape away while it’s getting back up to full power. There’s an LED light at the bottom to let you know that it’s working. A nice touch is also that the device vibrates when you revolve the pods to let you know that it’s in place properly and ready to vape.

I was sent 20 pods with the Revol 2600 promo pack so there are a lot to go through. Some of the flavours repeat in the different ‘flavour packs’ so although I’ll not be reviewing 20 flavours, there are still loads there to write about.

The flavour packs that you can buy separately are Berry, Blue, Cherry, Fruit, Ice, Juicy, Lemon, Mint, Pineapple, and Strawberry. All the info on what packs hold what liquids are on the website, where you can also buy the device.

I’ll go through the ones I was sent, and each flavour in the series. When you buy the device, you’re sent the corresponding flavour pack of four pods. Each flavour has the usual cold effect and sweetener that you’ll be used to if you enjoy disposable vapes, and the cold effect is quite strong on them all, leaving your lips with a bit of a cool and sweetness as well once you’ve had a few puffs.

Ice Flavour Pack – Light Blue

Strawberry Razz Cherry Ice – It has a light strawberry flavour with a punch of raspberry. The cherry is a background taste that kicks in later for me, but all three mix together quite well.

Peach Pineapple Ice – I found the peach leading very strongly here, with the pineapple kicking in after a few puffs. There’s a lovely peachy aftertaste.

Cherry Ice – I continue to enjoy cherry flavours, and this one is quite light with no hint of a marzipanny or perfumy aftertaste.

Ice Pop – I’m getting a cold bubblegum on this one. There’s a fruitiness as well but I can’t pin it down.

Blue Flavour Pack – Dark Blue

Blueberry Ice – It’s a simple blueberry with a cold kick to it. This juice has the mustiness that most blueberries have for me.

Mr Brue – I’m getting orange on this. Thought it’d be like Heizenberg but I’m definitely getting a proper citrus hint from it.

Mad Blue – This is more like blueberry again. Like the blueberry ice but a bit sweeter.

Blue Cherry Cranberry – There’s a distinct cherry here and I quite like it. It comes with a slight sourness of cranberries.

Pineapple Flavour Pack - Yellow

Pineapple Ice – A classic pineapple ice. It’s very sweet but has the unmistakeable pineapple flavour there. More like pineapple juice than the fruit itself.

Peach Pineapple Ice – The first repeat so I’ll just copy from above. I found the peach leading very strongly here, with the pineapple kicking in after a few puffs. There’s a lovely peachy aftertaste.

Juicy Peach – Like the above but no pineapple in it. A Lovely peachy flavour, and there’s a bit of the fuzz in there as well to deepen it a little.

Lemon and Lime – A lovely, sweet lemon and lime. The lemon is tempered by a zing from the lime. A nice one.

Berry Flavour Pack – Pink

Strawberry Ice Burst – Tastes a bit like a strawberry starburst. The ice is minimal here, but the sweet strawberry comes through well.

Pineapple Ice – Another repeat so copied again. A classic pineapple ice. It’s very sweet but has the unmistakeable pineapple flavour there. More like pineapple juice than the fruit itself.

Blueberry Ice – Yet another repeat so another copy from above. It’s a simple blueberry with a cold kick to it. This juice has the mustiness that most blueberries have for me.

Watermelon Ice – A lovely watermelon. Really does taste like a watermelon to me. Well done on this one.

Cherry Flavour Pack – Red

Cherry Cola – Tastes like a flat cherry cola. It’s nice with the contrast between the cola and the cherry. 

Blue Razz Cherry – Blue raspberries and cherry mixing in well for a different take on the flavour. More blue razz than cherry, but it works well.

Fizzy cherry – I found this one a bit mild. A fizzy cherry usually blasts me, but this one was a little meh. Still nice but not as good as the others.

Cherry Ice – Same as above. I continue to enjoy cherry flavours and this one is quite light with no hint of a marzipanny or perfumy aftertaste.

And that’s all the flavours I’ve tried. I would personally prefer to buy a bundle of the packs and mix them up myself as I’m not always amazingly keen on the ones that are already noted as being together, and that’s the joy of this kit. You can mix up whatever the hell you like. You don’t have to stick with what Revol tell you goes together, and I have been rocking one of the kits with the Peach Pineapple Ice, the Cherry Cola, the Watermelon Ice, and the Lemon and Lime. I can do what I want.


The Revol 2600 is an effective way to find out what flavours you prefer. It gives you the choice of four different flavours in the one kit, and that’s a great idea. 

The kit looks like a reasonably premium device, but when you actually start using it, it’s quite light and quite plasticy, not a bad thing as it’s good to carry about, even though it looks quite big. They’ve definitely mitigated the size by making it very light. 

The flavours are decent. They’re not the best bar salt style juices I’ve tried, but they are decent and similar to what’s already on the market, and they have the customary ice and sweetener in them that has a lot of people so enamoured by with disposables. As with all juice ranges, there are some I prefer and others I’m not so keen on.

Will I keep using my Revols? Yes, I will, but I’ll do it the way I want to and not be constrained by flavour types. I think that’s the whole point anyway!

You can but the Revol 2600 4in1 Kit from for £12.99, and they also stock the replacement pods for it as well, and they are £8.99 per pack.

  • four flavours in one device!
  • Nice big battery that’s rechargeable
  • Prefilled pods that you can buy more of
  • Some flavours a bit samey
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