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Lost Mary 4 in 1 kit

Lost Mary have jumped head first into switchable pod kits, but is the Lost Mary 4 in 1 kit any good? Read on to find out!

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Vape Club kindly sent me over one of the Lost Mary 4 in 1 Kits to try out, along with a selection of the non-refillable pods for it as well.

Lost Mary, and the other disposable companies, are moving on from single use disposable devices with some very different bits of kit coming out recently, hard for them not to really, as single use disposables are due to be banned in the UK at some point in the next year or two. It has been interesting to see the different designs and ways around the coming legislation, and I am quite enjoying it.

The Lost Mary 4 in 1 is an 850mAh rechargeable device that takes four pods of juice at a time. The pods are 2ml and are non-refillable, so you just launch them into the bin/recycling when done. Each pod has a 1.2ohm coil in it, is filled with 20mg nic salt juice, and there are a range of flavours to buy once you’ve exhausted the ones you get with the kit. You can buy packs of two of the same flavour for £4.99 to stock up on different ones. The device is also inhale activated only. Changing the flavour is as simple as just turning the cog like part at the mouthpiece, they’ve gone with a revolving system to switch to the next pod.

There are ten different versions of the kit on Vape Club at the moment, all in different colours, and with four different flavours coming in the pack. The kit has a USB Type C port on the bottom to allow recharging. The thing that stands this kit out from others is that there is both a power indication screen and a wee button sitting under it that allows you to switch to eco mode. Lost Mary say that in normal mode, you’ll get approximately 2400 puffs from the four pods, but in eco mode it’s boosted to 3200 puffs. I always imagine a wee man sitting in a chair puffing away and counting when I see these claims on marketing, then the same wee man being handed a different device to start all over again once he’s done. Poor dude! However they’re counted, it’s nice to see a de facto power setting on a disposable type device, and I actually found the eco setting to be more my thing for a change, as I usually prefer higher power and find eco settings to be a little bit insipid in general.

Lost Mary has also managed to keep the kit quite compact, which is a bonus. It’s fully plastic and very light so it won’t take up too much space or weigh you down. Changing pods is easy, you take out the mouthpiece and fit your four pods into the revolving section, then the mouthpiece goes back on and is held by quite a strong magnet. When you take a draw, there is a little graphic that plays under the plastic, and there’s also the screen underneath that to tell you what percentage of battery is left. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t see how much juice is left in a pod, as it is with most of these types of pods. I assume it’s because the pod is stuffed with wicking material and there’s no way to see how much liquid is in there. This leads to burnt hits to let you know when you reach the end of a pod, and it’s not always pleasant. It’s a byproduct of having rechargeable disposables as normally the power tends to run out before the juice.

I was sent one of the devices with four pods and also a bundle of different flavours as well, so I’ll go through those for you now. They are all topped up with a cooling additive and sweetener, as is usual for this type of liquid.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

To me this is more of a blue raspberry than the two separate flavours. It’s mainly blueberry with the raspberry lurking in the back, and there is a touch of sourness on the aftertaste.

Berry Apple Peach

I think it’s the apple that makes this juice a wee bit dry tasting. That’s not a bad thing as it’s mainly the peach and berries with a nice subtle apple sitting in the rear. It’s also quite a sweet juice so it goes down quite well.


It’s a nice, sweet blueberry. There’s no perfume or floral aspects to it, and it lacks the dryness a lot of blueberry juices have. The sweetness takes away the usual mustiness of the blueberry flavour as well.

Strawberry Ice

Another really sweet one here. It’s a sweetie type strawberry, reminiscent of Haribo strawbs to my taste buds. The added sweetener enhances the flavour as well as the ice.

Pink Lemonade

There’s a lot of lemon in this, with the berries in the background that make for a nice pink lemonade. The sweetener is jacked up to make it more like a soft drink, and at first the lemon is more prevalent but the ‘ade comes in later in a good way.

Cherry Ice

There seems to be a touch of fizz in this one and it’s quite refreshing. It’s a sweet cherry with a hint of marzipan that’s not too strong so it works in well with the overall flavour profile. I found that the flavour lingers quite a bit on the aftertaste as well.

Pineapple Ice

A decent pineapple that flirts between the fruit itself and a pineapple juice. The added sweetener elevates this to a more sweetie like flavour, and the cooling additive gives a nice blast.

Lemon Lime 

I found the lime was leading for once, but the lemon is definitely there as well. Again, it’s very sweet, and the two flavours mix in really well to give a nice mellow interpretation of the two.

Double Apple

Now this is a decent apple flavour as I always find them to be quite subtle. The sweetener brings on the apple and it’s a nice mix of red and green apple with a tiny bit of sour right at the end to give an  juice type tang.

Triple Mango

This one is a banger. It’s a really sweet juice, but the mango is super strong and left me wanting to just sit and vape it all day long. I’ve had to settle for sitting in the cloud of my wife’s exhales whilst pining for a taste of it myself.

Final Thoughts

Lost Mary have done their usual brand of flavours in a different way here, and it works. Having four different pods to rotate through extends the vaping time with them, and the fact that the extra pods come in packs of two of the same flavour means you could just buy two packs and sit with the same flavour in all the available slots if you want to, or you could have four different flavours on the go at once if you like, or two or three and one other. It’s up to you really.

You can recharge the device, and it’s cheap enough to save a lot of money if you’re a disposable only type of person. It’s a little sad that it’s taken legislation to push manufacturers towards this, but it’s driven them to do things a little differently, so that must be better.

For the rest of us, the juice is probably too sweet and too cold, but I’m finding myself acclimatising to this and enjoying the odd toot throughout the day to supplement my own mixes. 

Overall, it’s a cheap device, you can buy prefilled pods, and it’s easy to use. I like the power display, and really like the eco mode as I find the ice a bit too harsh for my poor wee throat. It is packed with cold.

The Lost Mary 4 in 1 kit can be picked up from our friends at Vape Club for £12.99 for the main kit, and the prefilled pods come in at £4.99 for a pack of two.

Many thanks to Vape Club for sending the Lost Mary 4 in 1 kit for us to try.

  • Mix and match flavours at will
  • Rechargeable with a power display
  • Eco mode is basically a power setting
  • Strong flavours
  • on about the fact you can’t see the juice level
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