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Titan 10K Disposable Pod Kit

We got to try out the new Titan 10K Disposables, a compact kit with loads of juice!

Share on: sent a two of the Titan 10k Disposable Pod Devices over for us to try out and report back on.

I have had a cursory trawl of the internet and can’t find an official website for Titan, but I managed to find that they do use a Chinese company as the manufacturer for these devices. It’s not an issue whatsoever as I do know some companies outsource their manufacturing needs, but I was interested to see who had designed the kit as it’s a new one on me, albeit based on a concept that’s already used by some companies to be able to make bigger capacity disposable vapes for the UK market. I’ll go into the design in a bit, but will let you know about the basics for a moment.

The Titan 10k is an auto-draw only disposable vape with a 2ml tank, but has its own way to ensure you get that approximate 10k puffs. It’s a rechargeable MTL device with a 1000mAh battery to allow you to use it pretty much all day. The flavours are mixed with the usual combination of sweetener and ice effects to bump up the taste that so many disposable users enjoy, and there are fifteen flavours in the range so there are plenty to try out if you find you enjoy them too.

It’s the design that’s intrigued me. I think it looks really cool, with a steampunk vibe to it when you take off the magnetic cover and see the four little rounded capsules sticking out. I’ve already used a disposable that gives more than the standard advertised 600 puffs, but the liquid was included in a 10ml bottle, and you would fill the tank by upending the device itself. This one has 2ml pod capsules that you click in, use, then replace with another that’s stored under the magnetic cover at the back. You are provided with eight of these capsules, so you can run a maximum of 16ml of juice through it before discarding it like a normal disposable device. 

I’m a little disappointed that you have to throw everything away as I’d really like to be able to buy the capsules in packs to allow me to use the device more, but I realise it’s an all-enclosed device with non- replaceable coils and is not designed to be used again once the juice is finished. It’s a shame as the design really lends itself to being even more environmentally friendly than it already is, but then you’d also have to buy coils, adding to the expense, and the tank might not work as well so it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

When you open the box, the device itself if in a little sealed bag as all disposables are. There are three capsules already stored in the device, a cardboard insert with four more, and a singular capsule for you to fit in and start vaping. There’s a wraparound sticker on the main body that very clearly shows you how to fit the pods. You take out the little rubber stopper that’s sticking out of the top ring, pop your capsule in, then turn clockwise to set it. Take the rubber stopper out of the mouthpiece, then vape away. Simple!

The flavours I was sent are Caribbean Cooler and Watermelon Ice.

Caribbean Cooler

On my first draw I got a really nice rush of the ice, it’s quite strong here. The sweetener is at that usual strong level and accentuates the flavour itself which is a lovely tropical mix. I get pineapple leading for sure, and a bit of mango, but the rest is just a strong tropical sweetness that mixes in very well. As always, I got the wife to have a blast as well and she says that she gets a bit of fizz too. I’m not sensitive to fizz in liquids but she definitely gets that, so I’ll take her word for it. I really like this flavour; it evokes a summer breeze… (STOP!). But honestly it’s a good flavour for a nice day, and I have been using it a lot more than I would normally, even on the recent crappy days we’ve had, as it’s just really pleasant to vape on with a good level of additives. The photos I’ve added will show that I’ve almost finished all the juice included with it, so I must like it.

Watermelon Ice

Again, the ice is strong on this, but it works. It’s a nice, very sweet watermelon with plenty of water and loads of flavour. There’s an underlying sweetness that reminds me of a honeydew melon, but also has the hydration of a watermelon. I’ve not much more to say about it, but it’s really quite nice.

Final Thoughts

Aside from my usual moans about them not being reusable devices, I’ve enjoyed my time with the Titan 10Ks. The flavours are pretty good and are in line with most disposable type liquids while having a bit of depth in them as well. POTV has ruined me now, I’m starting to really enjoy this kind of flavour despite decrying sweeteners for my whole vaping life. I will still stick to my own mixes in the main, but now have a taste for the sweet, sweet bar style stuff as well on occasion.

You have the added bonus of the amount of juice you get here for the price, and it keeps you going for a while. The design is what I like the most personally, those wee capsules sticking out just look funky, and I also quite like the understated dark blue/black colour of the overall thing, they’re not bright neon and eye-catching on the outside so the ‘think of the kids’ people (and there’s nothing wrong with that I must say) will have nothing to worry about in that regard. 

There’s one niggle I have, and it is a very small one. The design means you have to recycle the eight plastic pod capsules rather than just one bottle or as part of the whole device, but it’s a niggle I’m happy to put up with for the way the thing looks with the magnetic cover off.

Thanks again to for sending these over for me to test out. You can buy a Titan 10k from them at £17.99 per box and they seem to have all fifteen flavours.

  • Lots of sweet cold liquid to vape on
  • Funky and quite unique design
  • Understated colouring
  • Have to throw it away when done
  • A little bit of extra recycling with the eight capsules
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I was a very militant smoker for many years…why would I stop doing the only thing I had left that I liked doing?  Then I fell into vaping in 2017.  My wife bought a cheap kit off from Amazon that stopped working and I took it to a local vape shop to see what they could do with it.  An hour later and full of new knowledge about watts, ohms, and juice strength, I headed home with a new nautilus mini tank for her and raved to her about the helpful guy in the shop. I must have bored her with all my new found information.  I tried her vape that night, and a week later bought my own kit. Then I found POTV and the amazingly helpful and generous people on it. A month later I was making my own (disgusting) vape juice, and a month after that I was winding coils for my new RDA.  Six years on and I'm much better at making juice, and I now have no money but lots of shiny mods and tanks

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