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Innokin Cool Fire Ultra TC150 Kit

The Cool Fire Ultra TC150 is the latest version of the popular Cool Fire featuring the Aethon chipset. The device features a 4000mAh internal battery which supports 2amp charging and offers both Variable Wattage and Temperature Control Modes with full support for all major wire types.

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While I cannot fault the performance or the build quality of the Cool Fire Ultra TC150 it unfortunately isn’t perfect but then let’s be honest very few mods are. The slightly crooked 510 pin which can lead to a minor Leaning Tower of Pisa appearence with certain atomizers seems sloppy given Innokin’s typically high standards and definitely needs addressing. In addition the fact that there is something of a gap when using certain tanks and RDA’s I am sure will certainly annoy the more OCD vapers out there.

The 4000mAh internal battery is certainly an improvement but in my opinion it simply isn’t a large enough capacity for regular high Wattage vaping and becomes something of a limitation unlike a dual 18650 device which allows you to quickly swap the batteries out and continue vaping. Of course if you are more of a modest user the device becomes more viable but given that the kit includes the Scion Tank which requires very high Wattage for best performance it does seem to be something of a misstep. Personally I would be tempted to use the Cool Fire Ultra TC150 with a Kayfun 5 or an Innokin iSub VE at low Wattage because then the battery would certainly last you all day long and be very worthwhile but I think maybe it’s about time Innokin brought out a dual 18650 device.

The included Scion Tank is extremely good providing you only use the 0.28ohm coils but keep in mind you need 85-120W for the best results so in some respects this kit will only really appeal to those of you who like that style of vaping.

At the end of the day despite the device having some noticeable build flaws they thankfully don’t affect the excellent performance so I think if you simply wanted to purchase this device on its own or just get the kit for some occasional high Wattage cloud chasing fun then it might be very worthwhile but it will depend entirely on your requirements.

Many thanks to Innokin who kindly sent this product to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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