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ICEWAVE T600 Disposable Vapes

Ice Ice (wave) Baby.....we check out the ICEWAVE T600 series of disposable vapes

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Our good friends at ICEWAVE have been very busy lately, bringing out two fresh new ranges of disposable vapes. We will be trying out both of them, but today we are going to focus on the first of them, the T600 series.

ICEWAVE are a relatively new brand, but they have an exceedingly good pedigree as they are part of the larger VOOPOO family. If you know anything about vaping, you will already know that VOOPOO have built a really sold reputation for releasing incredibly reliable devices with great attention to detail and they are normally at the forefront of vape technology and innovation. All of these attributes have been carried over to their ICEWAVE sister brand. ICEWAVE are a disposable only brand, but you can definitely sense the heritage. On top of that, they have a strong brand identity which focuses on street culture and pop culture designs.

The T600 has a very cool look to it. Each device is a simple cuboid design set in a very fresh looking silver sleeve. But ICEWAVE have stepped up the simple design by giving it a textured, wavy hammered effect. At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, if I am being honest, but the smooth curved edges and the ever so tactile bumps and dips just feel so nice to hold. I couldn’t help running my thumb up and down the ridges as it felt so nice. I found it strangely relaxing, especially if I was feeling a little stressed. The long, thin shape also means that it is highly pocketable too.

Underneath the flashy exterior, there is an upgraded mesh coil which offers fantastic flavour which I found remained consistent from start to finish. The coil is rated at 1.4ohm which is perfect for a comfortable mouth to lung draw, paired with the duckbill mouthpiece, and you have a very natural feeling vape. I also found the temperature of the vape was perfect, cool but not cold. Each T600 contains the TPD standard 2ml of e-liquid, and this should last for the duration of the battery comfortably.

ICEWAVE T600 Disposable Vapes vape ready

The Flavours

There are five flavours in the T600 range, and these have been specially chosen to appeal to British tastes. Sadly, this doesn’t mean fish n chips, roast beef dinner, or bangers and mash, but it does mean there is a great selection of sweet and juicy flavours which any disposable vape user will immediately feel comfortable with.

These are not complex or challenging flavours, so I won’t go too deep, but I’ll just give a brief description and my personal thoughts on each of them.

ICEWAVE T600 Disposable Vapes boxed

Cola – This is quite a dry cola, I thought is tastes more like a diet cola than a full sugar variety. The ice element really works well and has been perfectly balanced to enhance the flavour.

Grape – Purple grape candy is the best way to describe this delicious flavour. It is one of the richer flavours in the range, quite heavy but in a good way. It is lifted by the ice which is very welcome and makes this flavour very easy to vape.

Strawberry Banana – Super sweet and silky smooth. It tastes very much like a fruit salad style chew sweet and is right up my alley. Some people may find it a little too sweet, but not me, the sweeter the better in my opinion.

ICEWAVE T600 Disposable Vapes flavours 1

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava – Normally I am not that keen on kiwi in disposable vapes, but this is a really well done recipe. There is a sharp tang, with a sweet chaser and a tantalising tropical burst of flavour. Delicious stuff!

Pink Lemonade – Very juicy and refreshing, it has a sharp citrus flavour with a sweet fizzy aftertaste which lingers nicely. It wouldn’t be a flavour I would pick form a shelf, but then I would be missing out on a really nice vape.

Blue Razz Ice – Again, I have made my thought on blue raspberry flavours well know in my past reviews, but this bucks the trend. It is fresh and cool but still bursts with a hit of fruit that hits hard. It has a sharpness that would be more suited if you don’t like the super sweet flavours on offer.

ICEWAVE T600 Disposable Vapes 2

Blueberry – This is one of the more subtle flavours, making it a light alternative when you don’t want anything too heavy. It isn’t the most authentic blueberries, but it has a charm of its own. It is another one that really works well with the icy touch.

Lemon Lime – Sharp and fresh. Interestingly you really can taste both lemon and lime along with the fresh blast. It is quite intense but in a good way, very full flavoured.

Strawberry Kiwi – Another highlight for me, it is a really well balanced with strawberry sweetness and kiwi sharpness in equal measure. The kiwi adds an addictive bitter note which makes it quite different.

Tropical Fusion – Very sweet but with some hints of sharpness. You can’t really pick out specific flavours, but it strongly hints at things like pineapple and banana. Whilst I love sweet flavours, it was actually a little too sweet for me, it was like vaping pure sugar. That isn’t a moan though, it just means there is something for all tastes here.

ICEWAVE T600 Disposable Vapes 3

Final Thoughts

Disposable vapes seem to be here to stay so it makes it even more important that the flavours and performance are at the top of their game and thankfully ICEWAVE have brought their "A" game with the T600 range. They all offer outstanding flavour with a great selection so you will almost certainly find at least a few that will suit your requirements. I am not hugely in to Iced flavours, but in every case here, it really added to the experience. I would happily vape any of these again.

One final, final thought, please don’t forget to vape responsibly. I was delighted when I popped in to my local vape shop to see a massive recycling bin specifically for disposable vapes and it was ¾ full, so it is great to see there are plenty of great people who are disposing of their vapes sensibly. I also spotted the battery bins in my local chain supermarket which were also filled with used disposables. It really gives me hope that disposable vaping can be a responsible option, so if you are one of those great people that recycles properly, give yourself a very big pat on the back from me….keep up the good work!

Many thanks to ICEWAVE for sending the T600 range of disposable vapes in for review, and stay tuned as we will be looking at the B600 range very soon.

ICEWAVE T600 Disposable Vapes view

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