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ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vapes

Following on from our earlier review of the ICEWAVE T600 range, we are back to check out the B600 disposable range!

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A few days ago, we took a look at the new ICEWAVE T600 range and now we are back with its sister range, the ICEWAVE B600. As you would expect, there are some similarities as they are from the same overall family of products, but there are also some striking differences, and we will be exploring both in this review.

As these are available in the UK markets, the ICEWAVE B600 range contains 2ml of e-liquid at a strength of 20mg so they are fully TPD compliant. Like their T600 counterparts, they feature upgraded 1.2ohm mesh coils which have been designed to produce the best flavour possible and impressive amounts of vapour for disposable devices. The actual details of what has been upgraded is a bit of a secret but whatever magic they have going on under the hood, it works well and delivers on the sales pitch.

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vapes front and side

The obvious differences between the two ranges are cosmetic, they really couldn’t look and feel any more different. Where the T600s are long and slim, the B600 range are more of a small box design which has been designed to really fit comfortably in the hand. Personally, I prefer this form factor, but that will be an individual preference, I just like your classic box shape. I only have small hands and found these fitted really comfortably with their contoured edges. 

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vapes side

The branding is quite bold with ICEWAVE emblazoned across the front along with the flavour, and one side features the range B600 logo. But the really eye catching thing is the oh so shiny design which looks almost like a cut diamond in the light with every facet catching glimmering. I am such a magpie, I love anything sparkly, so this really appeals to me. 

Up top is a duck bill style mouthpiece which is very comfortable. Even though it is offset to one side, it is still very natural feeling and I never really noticed that it wasn’t centred. On the bottom, you will find two small holes, one for the airflow which I’d say is a relaxed mouth to lung draw, and the other is where the LED shines through. Around the base, there is also a front facing LED so you can see it illuminating when you take a puff. I am not too sure what the point of the one on the base is though as you can’t see it when you are vaping. 

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vapes shiny

The Flavours

As with the T600, there are ten flavours to choose from. Cleverly there is very little crossover so you are getting more choice which can only be a good thing. With the impressive performance of the upgraded coils, as far as I am concerned, the more flavours there are to choose from the better!

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vapes boxed

Blueberry Raspberry – Tangy raspberry mixed with a sweet mellow blueberry, very fruit with a real juicy burst finished with a light icy feel which keeps things fresh and easy. It is surprisingly rich for a disposable flavour, something that seems to be a bit of a feature of the B600 range.

Pineapple Ice – Very juicy, ripe pineapple, absolutely delicious. This is one of the best pineapple flavours I’ve had to date. It is very smooth and seems to have a hint of coconut which just boosts the smooth feel. This is top quality stuff.

Berry Cherry Ice – I always say that cherry is a great leveller, it can be amazing or it can be a disaster. Thankfully this one is a winner, rich and syrupy. The ice is light again which really vibes well with the richer flavours on offer.

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vapes round 1

Banana Ice – I know this is one of Si’s favourite disposable flavours, but I can’t say it is something I would choose from the shelf but after vaping this, I get it. This is a super sweet foam banana flavour, but it just manages to avoid being too much thanks to the delicate balance of the ice. If you like banana flavours, you will love this one.

Grapefruit Berries – From one extreme to the other, here we have a sharper contrast. This is a really interesting combination as you have the citrus tang going head to head with some really sweet berries. It really shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. It is one of the more adventurous blends and I really enjoyed it.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava – This is one that crosses over both the B600 and the T600 ranges, but it does seem to taste different here. It isn’t so tropical heavy; it feels a little mellower but still packs a lot in. I think it accentuates the kiwi a bit more and mellows the passionfruit down a bit.

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vapes round 2

Watermelon – Classic disposable flavour, this is light and refreshing although there is a slightly odd floral note which didn’t quite work for me. I think it is possibly that it is a surprisingly strong watermelon, a flavour which isn’t known for being that strong. It still manages to offer something a bit different though so is a good alternative when you want a break from some of the more intense flavours.

Spearmint – Ooh that’s fresh! You don’t really see that many minty flavoured disposables, plenty of cool ones but not straight mint, and vaping this makes me wonder why as it is a wonderful combination. It is super fresh but with that sweet note that you get with classic spearmint. This was the surprise hit for me. 

Apple Peach – Another interesting combination and boy does it work. These are two flavours that were born to go together. The balance is perfect with both flavours coming through equally. It is super juicy and I can’t find anything negative to say. It is close to perfection.

Fruit Shake – Another winner, this one is so creamy which again is something you don’t really see in disposable vapes. It is just a wonderful full bodied milk shake, full of fruity goodness, another winner!

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vapes round 3

Final Thoughts

I loved the T600 range and had high hopes for the B600 range off the back of the first lot, and I am really happy to say that my expectations have quite easily been surpassed. The shear choice of flavours is fantastic and will appeal to a lot of vapers. I know this is something Si has said when he has reviewed particularly tasty disposables before and I have to 100% agree with him, and that is that it would be amazing if ICEWAVE brought out an e-liquid range based on their fantastic disposable ranges as the flavours are simply outstanding and I think it would only be a good thing if non disposable users got the chance to try them too. 

Many thanks to ICEWAVE for sending over the B600 disposable range in for review. 

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vapes handcheck

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