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Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes

Elf Bar are back with another disposable range with the Crystal CR600 series, great looks and great taste!

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The ban on disposable vapes is coming, it seems there is no way back now as our politicians fix their sights firmly on empty promises and blatant cheap electioneering tactics to try to pick up easy votes with catch phrase politics and lazy ideas. Now I have never been the biggest fan of the concept of disposable vapes, but anyone with half a brain can see that they have been an amazing success story when it comes to offering people an easy path to a smoke free future, and now that freedom of choice is set to be taken away from people who simply want to stop smoking. Of course there are still many options when it comes to amazing vape kits, but there is nothing that comes close to the pure ease of use that you get with disposable vapes. So it may seem a little strange to still be reviewing disposable vapes, but at the moment, you can still legally buy them, and one thing us old vapers have learned over the many turbulent years that vaping has been around is that it never hurts to stock up if you find something you love.

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes boxed

Our good friends at TECC have sent us over the latest range from one of the biggest names in disposable vapes, the Elf Bar Crystal CR600 series. Now it is not often I find myself saying this about a single use vape, but these are some classy looking little doodads, combining perfect user friendliness with some seriously sexy style. They remind me of high end designer perfume bottles with their glossy outer cases and shiny silver accents, and if you were going for a nice night out to a posh restaurant, these wouldn’t look out of place at all.

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes rainbow

The packaging is your standard fare, a cardboard box showing what you have got and your flavour option. Inside you will find the device sealed in a tear top bag for hygiene, simply rip the tab and you get to the good stuff. The next step is to remove the bung in the mouthpiece and remove the sticker from the base and you are ready to vape. The Elf Bar Crystal CR600 is a box style disposable, and the width is perfectly designed to feel comfortable even if you have tiny hands like I do. The sides have all been rounded off and feel very smooth, and the base is flat so you can safely stand it up when you aren’t using it. One of my personal gripes is vapes that you have to lay down, I don’t know why but it just bugs me, so this scored some brownie points from the off.

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes unboxing

Each Elf Bar Crystal CR600 contains 2ml of 20mg salt based e-liquid which should provide a near instant hit when you need it. Elf Bar are already known for their fantastic flavours, and they have a wider than most selection to choose from. There is a great variety of classic disposable greatest hits and a few more unexpected flavours to try if you feel a little more adventurous.

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes vape ready

The Flavours

Blueberry – Thick and sweet but with a very slight hint of ice to break things up a bit, it is a bold blueberry that has a surprising richness and depth. This was definitely a promising start.

Pineapple Ice – A wonderful mix of fresh juice with a raspy tang of real pineapple. The Ice wasn’t as strong as I thought it might be and it really helps to balance the flavour. It is a refreshingly realistic flavour.

Cola – I love cola flavour, but it is a pig for burning coils in regular vape set ups. Disposable vapes are the way to go if you want to savour the pure cola flavour. This isn’t shy either, it is super strong. No need to worry about any stupid sugar tax here.

Classic ice Coffee – I’m not sure that I have tried a coffee disposable, and if I am honest, I’m not too sure I want to again. It is a very sweet coffee, more sugar than bean. I love coffee, but this didn’t do anything for me. But it did make a change!

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes round 1

Blue Razz Lemonade – This is one of the nicest blue raspberry flavours, it has a surprisingly layered taste with the sweetness of the raspberry/berry beautifully married with the sharper lemonade.

Alps Ice – Very strong menthol and ice with enough sweetness to avoid any bitterness. It was a little strong for me, but if menthol flavours do it for you, this is sure to hit the right spot.

Pineapple Lemon Lime – This is a killer combination. I was already impressed with the pineapple ice, but the addition of lemon and lime elevate things to another level of juiciness.

Triple Mango – It seems there is a theme here, anything tropical is a sure fire winner. Whilst disposables are by nature sweet, this surprisingly isn’t too sickly, and it really lets the mango flavour shine.

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes round 2

Strawberry Ice – Very sweet and not so much strawberry, this was a bit disappointing compared to the other fruit flavours so far.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry – Finally a sour flavour that manages to capture some of that cheek pulling sensation that you get with sour candy, although it isn’t as strong. Both the blueberry and raspberry flavours come through well too.

Banana Ice – Very sweet candy banana, which is how I like it. The ice was subtle and smooth. It may be a bit too sweet for some, but I liked it.

Watermelon – Strong mix of refreshing melon with a healthy dollop of sweetness. It is a shame real watermelon isn’t as strong as the vapes!

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes round 3

Lemon Lime – Classic disposable flavour done right, a really good mix of citrus flavours which get the tastebuds tingling in all the right ways.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry – After the disappointing straight strawberry, raspberry and cherry come to the rescue making this a great combination. The cherry in particular gives it a really tasty rich flavour. This is a great berry blend.

Barcelona Melon – I have no idea what a Barcelona Melon is, and after vaping this, I am none the wiser. It is a stronger, sweeter, and more fragrant melon than the watermelon, but they share a lot of similarities.

Menthol – If the Alps Ice was too strong, Menthol strikes a more mellow middle ground. It is more mint than traditional menthol and is pleasantly fresh.

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes round 4

Strawberry Kiwi – Elf Bar strawberry definitely seems better as a mixer flavour as combined with kiwi; this is a tasty combination. It has a satisfying earthiness which comes from both fruits which cuts through the sweetness well.

Pineapple Mojito – This is another one that works on paper but doesn’t quite translate to the final product. None of the flavours come through particularly clearly but it is still quite pleasant in a non-descript way.

Rinbo – This is an interesting flavour, mixing a general fruitiness with a combination of sharp and sour notes. I thought it would be more of a chewy candy flavour, so it was a nice surprise. Quite tricky to describe though.

Grape – This is a good rich purple grape flavour with a twist of ice. I like deeper flavours so it works for my tastes, and if you like grape flavours which lean more on the American candy side of things, you will enjoy this too.

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes round 5

Final Thoughts

As you would expect from Elf Bar, the flavours in the Crystal CR600 range are mostly exceptionally good, and the ones that I didn’t enjoy as much will still find their own fans. Taste is a very personal thing so we won’t all like the same things so take my little notes as just a basic guide and go with your gut.

I found the vape to be consistently good across the range and each individual device seemed as good as the last too. They look great, feel great and, most importantly, taste great, and you can’t really ask for any more than that.

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes choice

If you would like to try the Elf Bar Crystal CR600 range, TECC sell the range for £4.99 each. If you spend over £15, you will also be eligible for free deliver, and as I said earlier, with the upcoming changes in Uk law, you may seriously want to consider stocking up on all your favourite disposables whilst you still can. If that sounds like a sensible plan, TECC also off a couple of multi buy options, either 3 for £12 or 5 for £19.

Many thanks to TECC for sending over the Elf Bar CR600 range for review.

Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Disposable Vapes handcheck

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