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Disposables and Pod Kits Mystery Box from

We got sent a festive treat when sent over one of their fantastic Mystery boxes for review

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I absolutely love surprises, so when got in touch to ask if I’d like to review their brand new disposables and pod kits mystery box, I jumped at the chance. They gave no hints as to what was coming so it was all a bit of an adventure, and I waited with anticipation for the postman to deliver my box.

There are many great reasons why I particularly love vaping mystery boxes. Obviously they make great presents, I mean it can be really hard to personally choose the perfect gift for the vapers in your life, and this takes all the work and stress out of the equation whilst saving you a ton of money so everyone’s a winner! 

Mystery Box from anticipation

But you don’t just have to buy this for someone else. I find it is very easy to get stuck buying the same products over and over again; it is safe, I know what I like, and I don’t have the money to waste of things I may not like. But it is good to be pushed out of your comfort zone sometimes. Many years ago, I used to subscribe to an e-liquid mystery subscription service, every month I would receive a carefully curated box of gourmet e-liquid and discovered some fantastic products that I would have missed if I was specifically shopping. This mystery box from has the same magic, you will get to try flavours and products that you may not have picked for yourself. Whilst disposables are cheap enough if you are just buying a couple at a time, but it soon mounts up so getting a large box full of great quality products at almost half the price of the individual items is a really great idea.

Finally, there is a practical reason I love this box, specifically at this time of the year. As Christmas draws ever closer, I am crazy busy prepping to make sure I can make the festive season as special as I can for my family. I love doing it, but I am usually so busy (and stressed) that I don’t have the time to focus on stuff for me. The number of times I’ve got to Christmas eve just to realise that I hadn’t stocked up on vaping supplies to see me over the holidays. But by sticking a mystery box in my shopping cart, I would be guaranteed to be vaping well into the New Year. God knows I will be needing my nicotine hit to see me through! 

Mystery Box from first look

The Box

My Mystery Box arrived inside a packing box which was filled very amply with packing material, so the real box was fantastically protected, and the presentation box arrived in perfect condition. It is a lovely quality box too, really looks the part so you can feel assured that if you have bought it as a gift, the recipient will be very impressed.

Opening it up, I had no idea what to expect other than there would be fifteen items. The sales blurb states that you will get £80 worth of goodies, but that was hard to visualise. Lifting the lid was an impressive experience, it was chock full of boxes, and I almost didn’t know what to look at first. That didn’t last long though and I got stuck in. This was fun! Obviously I could roughly see what was there, I recognised all the brands, and it was all top quality stuff, but the treat was going through it properly  and seeing exactly what flavours I have been sent.

Mystery Box from unboxed

There was a great variety, some classic flavours mixed in with some curveballs which is where mystery boxes really come in to their own. I would never have picked “mineral water” for example, but I would have missed out on something delicious and unique. There was also a wide selection of device types. Most were standard disposables, but there was also a couple of kits designed for prefilled pods along with refills to go with them which shows that care had been taken in compiling the contents. I have been wanting to try one of the large semi disposables that holds multiple flavour pods, and low and behold there was one in there from Happy Vibes! 

I was pretty blow away by the contents, but there was a nagging voice in the back of my head which was telling me that really this was just a sneaky way for to clear a load of stock that was coming to the end of its shelf life. But checking the batch info which is printed on each box soon dispelled that, these were all very recently produced and that means everything was fresh and new! 

Mystery Box from contents

Value for Money

After I’d gone through the contents, I thought I’d check up on how much this would have cost if I’d bought all these items at full price and to really make sure that this was the bargain that it seemed at first glance. It certainly looked good for £50, but armed with my calculator I started to tot up the total and was very impressed. As said above, it is advertised as containing £80 of stuff, my personal total was £86 so that is a saving of £36! If that wasn’t good enough, you also get free shipping too! 

But what if you are not into disposables? Well worry ye not as there is also another mystery box specifically for e-liquids. If you go for that option, you will get a selection of 10 best-selling e-liquids for £40. Now carry some of my all-time favourite vape juice brands so although I didn’t get this box, I can say very confidently that you will be getting another fantastic selection of top draw vaping goodies.

 Mystery Box from kits

Final Thoughts

This Mystery Box has been a delight, and I would be very happy to see one of these waiting under the tree for me on Christmas morning. If you want to treat that special vaper in your life but don’t know where to start, let take the stress and strain out for you, you will definitely earn yourself some big brownie points! Or if you just want to treat yourself, well go on! You deserve it!

Many thanks to for sending this over!

Mystery Box from treats

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