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Wild Roots Shortfills

We check out some great new juices from Wild Roots, fantastic flavours with a conscience!

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I have been sent two brand new flavours from Wild Roots, courtesy of E-liquids.com.

Wild roots are juice makers with a difference. They are an ethical company who make exceptionally good juices whilst doing their bit to help make this a greener, more sustainable planet for us all. Now I have to admit, I am usually a bit sceptical when it comes to claims like this, but it doesn’t take much digging to see that these guys practice what they preach. Their boxes are all made from recycled materials, the bottles are all fully recyclable, and all their products are produced in a sustainable way. All their juices are vegan, gluten free, and lactose free too so if you have any allergies or dietary intolerances, you should check these out. On top of that, they are also partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project so for every bottle of e-liquid bought, a tree gets planted. They have a target of 1 million trees, so their e-liquid had better be good to keep people coming back for more!

The packaging is beautifully designed and really suits the brand message without ramming it down your throat. In fact, if I hadn’t done some research for this review, I might not even have realised their ethical side. Each bottle comes in a cardboard box with the flavour profile taking centre stage and with all the usual relevant information on the back. The bottles themselves mirror the boxes and carry the same information. I particularly like the labels though. They are transparent so, mixed with the clear plastic, you can see exactly how much juice you have left. The lids on the 100ml bottles are a little tight to get off but no worse than any other large bottles.

The juices come in two sizes, 50ml and 100ml shortfill (so by the time you have added nic shots, you will have either 60ml or 120ml) and are 70VG/30PG. They are recommended for sub Ohm or mouth to lung, so should work well in most set ups. My flavour testing rig is more of a loose mouth to lung, and both juices worked superbly.

Wild Roots Shortfills boxes

Passionfruit, Wild Mango, and Red Delicious Apple

Let the exotic flavours in this shortfill take you on a tropical journey. Aromatic passionfruit is complemented by smooth mango, rounded off with a crisp bite of Red Delicious apple. A rich and complex flavour that’s perfect for everyday vaping all year round” 

I love tropical flavours and mango is in my top three flavours, so on paper this ticked all my personal boxes, and on first impressions I felt confident that this would live up to my high standards. The smell is just divine as soon as you open the bottle. All three are quite strong flavours, and mango in particular can easily overpower a mix, but the sniff test felt very balanced. Fresh coil and wick prepared, I was ready to rock and roll. The sniff test wasn’t wrong, this is an amazingly well balanced blend, each flavour is strong, but none takes over from their fellow fruits. The passionfruit is deep and rich with a really pleasant tang, the mango is fresh, sweet and fragrant without being perfumed, and the apple is crisp, fruity and so juicy. The flavours are bold but intertwine together to work in perfect symmetry and it is just so good. The flavours are very natural tasting, absolutely nothing artificial here, and it is one of the juiciest e-liquids I have had the pleasure of vaping. This is a fruit lover’s dream!

Wild Roots Shortfills Passion Fruit, Wild Mango and Red Delicious Apple

Mint Tea and Rhubarb

Refresh your senses with this cool and tangy shortfill e-liquid from Wild Roots. Expect the taste of freshly brewed mint tea to surround your palette while notes of tart rhubarb chime through. A uniquely refreshing all-day vape” 

Along with mango, one of my other favourite flavours is rhubarb, so really these could have been made for me! But I have to say I was very intrigued as I would never have thought of mixing rhubarb with mint and I was excited but slightly nervous as to how this would work. But I do love it when juice makers push the boundaries a bit, sometimes it falls flat but other times can reveal unexpectedly interesting results. The sniff test didn’t give much away either, I have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell and I struggled to get much other than a very mild mint with a sweet hint which I couldn’t really place. So my levels of intrigue were still high when I took my first vape. Well if I was hoping for a full bodied rhubarb, I was in for a surprise as the predominant flavour is mint tea with a hint of mystery backing it up. Now forget about that rubbish mint tea you buy in bags from the supermarket, this is more like the fresh stuff brewed with fresh peppermint leaves picked straight from a herb garden, sweet, clean and very naturally minty. It is strong too so you won’t get vapers tongue or feel fatigued by the flavour which can happen with non-menthol mints. Then emerging from the background is a very subtle rhubarb which gives it a surprising depth and a really satisfying raspy throat feel. It is silky smooth but just has a really full sensation. I have to say that if the box hadn’t clearly stated the flavours, I would not have guessed it was rhubarb, but you can definitely tell there is something interesting going on in the background. Again, the flavours are very natural tasting, there is nothing artificial and no bitterness, and it is a very tasty juice. I would suggest you use your best flavour kit for this though as it is what I class as a connoisseur’s juice. If you like bold and obvious, you will miss the finer points and will not get everything this mix has to offer. But if you are someone who likes the finer things in life and likes to savour your flavours, this is definitely worth your time.

Wild Roots Shortfills Mint Tea and Rhubarb

Final Thoughts

I am really impressed with both these flavours but for different reasons. One is just straight up fruity gorgeousness, and the other is full of flavour and intrigue. Both are superb juices though and I will certainly check out some of the other flavours in the range as there isn’t one there that doesn’t appeal to my personal tastes. If you like natural tasting fruit e-liquids, these are a real treat, and the fact that you can vape and do your bit for the planet make these a really appealing range.

If you like the sound of these, you can pick them up from E-liquids.com, 50ml is £11.99 and 100ml is £17.99. But don’t just take my word for it as they are also offering free 10ml tasters for a limited time whilst stocks last! If all that still isn't enough, keep your eyes peeled for a very cool competition which is launching soon!

Wild Roots Shortfills Double Trouble

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