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WFFL E-Liquid is mixed and produced in the UK, and offers a fresh and unique line of eliquids that have a Belgian waffle base. On top of this waffle base, blueberry, lemon curd, strawberries and cream as well as almond and caramel flavours are available, sandwiched in between sweet and doughy vape waffles.

WFFL E-Liquids are available in a 70/30 VG/PG mix ratio, and are available in 30ml unicorn bottles and TPD compliant 10ml bottle sizes. The bottles feature twist off childproof caps, and the labels feature some very eye catching branding, with the relevant safety information printed on the label alongside a tactile warning triangle.

WFFL is the first UK based eliquid range that I am aware of that features solely waffle based eliquids, and I’ve not tried a whole lot of waffle eliquids before in the past, so let’s see what the WFFL range has to offer...


Pure Eliquids

Blueberry eLiquid by WFFL has a sweetened breakfast Waffle basis, along with a smattering of Blueberries for a super-food breakfast treat.

I found that Blueberry WFFL had the strongest waffle taste to it out of the range, with the blueberry flavouring almost a light undertone found on the inhale, with a crisp and sweet waffle flavour dominating the flavour profile. I’m not the worlds biggest fan of Blueberry based eliquids, despite being a fan of the fruit, as I find many of them to be too heavy on the blueberry flavouring, but I found Blueberry WFFL to be extremely enjoyable indeed, thanks to its subtle blueberry tones mixing in with a delicious waffle base.

Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd eLiquid by WFFL is all about tart and creamy deliciousness, featuring sweet Belgian Waffles with a topping of biting citrus Lemon Curd to finish.

Lemon Curd features a delicious zesty lemon inhale, which is almost akin to the lemon found on a lemon drizzle cake, and present right through to the exhale, leaving you with a delicious sweet lemon aftertaste. The waffle undertone is present throughout the vape, and I also get a hint of maple syrup and a touch of cream on the exhale too, which all come together to make for one seriously tasty vape!

We Vape

Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and Cream eLiquid by WFFL features a sweet breakfast Waffle, with a side-helping of fresh Strawberries, and smooth cream to finish.

Both the syrupy strawberry flavour and the smooth cream are very dominant here on the inhale, however they aren’t too strong so as to overpower your taste buds and ruin the experience. There is just the right mix of strawberry and cream with a dusting of sweetness on the inhale, with that tasty waffle base present, and a sweet and creamy exhale to finish off proceedings.

Almond and Caramel

Almond and Caramel eLiquid from WFFL features a classic breakfast Waffle as its basis, with sweet Caramel and nutty Almonds as a delicious finish.


The Almond and Caramel combine with the waffle base to give this E-Liquid a very rich feel to it, with the caramel providing a smooth undertone to the robust almond flavour. The three flavours combine together for an exquisite vape, that although rich and heavy on the flavour, is actually very moreish indeed. That being said, I actually received two bottles of Almond and Caramel to review, and both were quickly devoured by myself and mrsdw1986, both of us enjoyed this liquid immensely!


WFFL E-Liquid sets out to capture the flavour of authentic waffles with different toppings and in my opinion, they really nail this with each flavour present in the range. Like real waffles themselves, WFFL can be enjoyed at any time of day, and each one of these four flavours on offer produces an incredibly tasty vape, with plenty of vapour too. If there is one downside to the WFFL range it is that I found the juices to be very heavy going on my builds, requiring regular rewicking, this may be down to the consistency of the juice and the level of sweetener present.

On the whole I was hugely impressed with the WFFL range, I found that the flavour balance on each juice is perfect, replicating that taste and feel of a waffle with different flavoured toppings. WFFL is a delicious range of E-Liquids I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

Many thanks to Vape Base for sending the WFFL range in for review, wholesale and trade customers can purchase WFFL from, the WFFL range is also available from


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