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El Toro Minotor

It might sound strange but in the three years I have been vaping I have never actually got around to trying the El Toro range of juices or indeed any of the others from House of Liquid. That changed when I visited Harrogate Expo on the 27th June this year. I had the opportunity to try all the various flavours at the event and I quickly found my favourites were definitely Cigarillos, Eden, Puros, Cinnamon Cookie and Frozen Orange.

Georgio and Jeff kindly gave me a sample bottle of the new Minotor flavour. I have to say the packaging is excellent and you are left feeling that you have joined some kind of exclusive vape club with the dark bottles to protect against the sun and everything is well sealed in a foil packet along with a refreshing hand wipe. It may seem a little excessive to some but I feel it adds a real touch of class and it is certainly highly professional. The darkened bottles of course make perfect sense considering these juices are exported to countries with hot climates.

I loaded up my Twisted Messes RDA with Minotor the next morning after breakfast at the hotel I was staying at. Upon the first vape I was quite taken back. Minotor is strong, very strong. I checked the bottle and discovered it was 10mg strength, since I typically only vape 6mg these days, I must admit it sent me reeling with quite the head rush but I certainly liked the flavour.

I have gotten used to it since then so I can at least provide some form of review on it. It is a very dry tobacco and truly natural tasting. I am uncertain as to the orgins of the tobacco itself since it is very different to typical tobaccos such as Virginia, Kentucky, Arabian etc.

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The unusual thing about this flavour is that there is some sort of fruity notes in the mix and it is also complimented with spices. While it is apparently based on the base flavour of Cigarillo's it is altogether different. Despite having the smoothness in the initial inhale, it is a full on tobacco with the dryness you would expect, a very raw taste boosted with a fruity, spicy flavour.

This one is powerful with a strong throat hit which may of course be due to me sampling a 10mg juice. It is not at all unpleasant, quite the contary and I feel if you vape it and shut your eyes you'd find it difficult to distinguish from a real luxury brand of cigarette or a cigar. However this is of course a quality e-liquid without any smoking related nastiness.

Vapour production is excellent and I found I was putting out quite the clouds with this one. These El Toro juices do gunk your coils quite fast so I would suggest you vape them in a dripper instead of a tank.

A excellent juice from House of Liquid but be warned this one is quite potent so if you prefer something milder then look to others in the range such as Cigarillos or Eden.

If you are tempted then head over to House of Liquid because they do some truly amazing tobacco juices and the quality of service is excellent.



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